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Facebook is the most popular social networking site, yet when was the last time you updated your business' Timeline or posted an update to your customers and prospects? During our Small Business Marketing 101 webinar, you’ll learn five tweaks you can make to your Facebook Business Page that will make both customers and prospects sit up and take notice. They may even comment. Most importantly, it won’t take more than 10 minutes a day to complete.


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2. Session FrameworkTimelines new features, dos and donts.Examples.Close with five action points to start on today. 3. BackgroundCole Directory published in 1947.Crisscross directory of addresses & phone numbers.Invaluable information for a number of industries:TelemarketingJack ColeDebt collectionLaw enforcementToday, web-based lead generation for businesses. 4. www.colecommunity.com 5. Features: Webinars Playbookdownload Articles Buddys Blog Resources 6. Marketing has become more visual storytelling.845 million active users.Sharing more than 100 billion social connections. 7. Tag using @Like Box 8. 851 Pixels315Pixels 9. Cover PhotoImages should be: Representative of your brand Creative Updated frequentlyDont include:Price/purchase informationCall-to-actionsContact informationMisleading/deceptive 10. About SectionFor Brick & Mortar Stores: Highlight physical location Phone number Hours/days of the weekVirtual:WebsiteSpecials/discountsCall-to-Actions 11. 180 Pixels180 12. 111Pixels74 14 13. AppsApps: Below your cover photo Arrange and re-arrange 12 apps to feature in allThink about:Add Contact me AppQuote AppBlogPinterestPersonalize photos 14. Timeline TipsRegularly: Check your admin panelPost updates2/3 times a day/weekJust be consistentThink about sharing:Industry newsLike/share other business informationEmployee celebrationsBlogContests/company news 15. Post Interesting ContentPictures:Representative of your brandCreativeUpdated frequentlyVideos:1-3 minutes in lengthHow-tos, testimonials, promotionsQuestions, blog articles:Relate to your service/industryRelevantInteresting 16. Highlight PostsPins are locatedin the upper righthand cornerStays at the topof your Timelinefor up to 7 days 17. Timely ResponseAlways Respond, never delete:Be courteous, ask to talk offlineOffer a customer service numberBe representative of your brandWatch what employees are saying/postingConsider a social media policy 18. Share the loveShareLikeRespond to yourfriends content 19. More TipsConsider:Post at least once a week Ideally once/twice a dayCreate conversations/build relationshipsSchedule Facebook updates with free tools HootsuiteKeep tabs on the competitionSee how your favorite stores, brands & companies are engagingwith their friends 20. Resourcesfacebook.com/FacebookPageswww.socialmediaexaminer.com www.Hubspot.comwww.hootsuite.com 21. 8