5 easy tips to boost child development

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  1. 1. Child Development 5 E A S Y T I P S F O R P A R E N T S
  2. 2. The great outdoors is an ideal learning environment for children. Getting out in the fresh air and exploring the world around them is a good way to boost physical and cognitive development. Lots of outdoor play time!
  3. 3. Dressing up games and role play help children to develop their social skills. Whether they're playing mum in their mud kitchen or Robin Hood in their tree house, they are exploring different roles. Encourage pretend play
  4. 4. Develop fine motor skills through play. Activities that require your child to grab, grip and squeeze strengthen hand muscles. These can be anything from using play dough to finger painting. Work on fine motor skills
  5. 5. Water, sand, mud, play dough, goos, gels and whatever else they can get their hands on! Sensory learning helps children to learn about new concepts and boosts cognitive development. Use all the senses
  6. 6. Children should be given time for unstructured play where they are free to choose their own activities. This promotes independent thinking and encourages creativity. Give them freedom


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