5 Easy Steps to More Energy

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Do you want more energy in your day? If so, then follow these 5 easy steps to feel better.


<ul><li> 1. Energy </li></ul> <p> 2. HEALTH DEFINITION 3. REDEFINE HEALTH RE-DIFINE HEALTH 4. RATIONALIZATION The only thing keeping you from what youwant is the story you have about why youcant have it Tony Robbins 5. Rationalizations TIME!! Only thingthat is equalin humanity What we rankas being apriority 6. 5 Steps to Energy!WATER GOOD FATS MOVEMENTCLARITY Redefine HealthEnergy Physical body emotions NUTRIENT DENSE BREAKFAST FOOD 7. #1 The Cell Water Oxygen EfficientElimination 8. #2 Exercise for Energy 30min Daily!! 9. Exercise 4 easy ways Rebound 10min 3x/day Sit on a ball at work NET TimeWalk while kids areat practice or lessons 10. #1 Eat Breakfast Balances bloodsugars Prevents more caloricconsumption later inthe day Reduces stresshormones Provides energy,focus andconcentration 11. Eating Frequency Dont skip meals Skipping meals leads to increased production ofstress hormones that cause muscle lossEat frequently 3 small meals and 2-3 snacks daily To maintain stable blood sugar and insulin levels 12. #3 Be anEducated Eater Eat whole foods Avoid processed foodif it wasnt here 100years ago dont eat it Increase green leafyvegetables 13. Food Decisions 200/day 73,000/year5,548,000 per lifetime 14. Calories are NOT Equal Feather and RockMcDonalds vs. Whole Food DietWe need good QUALITY food to improve yourbody composition, health, vitality, energy andto fight diseaseThe Thrive Diet Brendan Brazier 15. Fake Food DietLOSE WEIGHT maybeGAIN HEALTH ? Food is NOT just Calories 16. Are they Sacrifices 320, 000 processed foods 116, 000 since 1990 $30 billion dollars is spent on marketing fast foods More money is spent on fast food per year than higher education, cars and computers combined Mark Hyman Ultrametabolism 2006 17. Educated Eater 18. Educated EaterWe can make daily food choices that create health or promote disease 19. # 3 Healthy Fats Cell Membrane Weight loss Blood Pressure/Chol Memory Growth &amp; development Skin health Joint Health99% of us are DEFICIENT!! 20. Cell Membrane What kind of fats do you want inyour cell membrane? 21. Grape or Raisin? 22. Good Fats 4-6 Servings 1/8 avocado 1 tsp olive, hemp, canola, flax oil cup nuts Fish Flax, flax oil Hemp, salba, chia 2 tbsp Olives 8-10 23. Action Step WATER 2L/day GOOD FATS MOVEMENT 4-6 servings/da 30min/day CLARITYvibrant energy150lbs calm BREAKFASTNUTRIENT DENSE WithinFOOD 30min waking 24. Over exposure tostress hormoneaccounts for 75%-90% of allprimary care visits#1 reason why people Eat poorly Quit healthy lifestyle programs Practice substance abuse(Na$onalIns$tuteforOccupa$onalSafetyandHealth) AmericanIns$tuteofStress,Americas#1healthproblem.121601.hHp://www.stress.org/problem.htm 25. Stress Questionnaire 26. TRY There is no trying to do or not to do - unknownWe need to switch languagewe are nottrying to be healthier, we are makinglifestyle changesTRY CHAIR EXERCISE!!! 27. "We are Rakowski 2008 what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. --ARISTOTLE 28. THANK YOU!Mission Statement Educate, inspire and give you the tools to make a difference in your health, your family and in yourcommunity! http://www.vibrant-living.ca </p>