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This is a great guide if you want to get started making money online. I personally use this method as one of my own income streams. This guide also contains a mini guide that will show you how you can make $100 today! It's actually very easy to make money online, just follow this simple guide!


  • 1. 5 Days to Sales Training Guide for Affiliates By: SoloAcademy (Feel Free to replace links in this .pdf with your SoloAcademy affiliate link) Earn Some Extra Cash and Join the SoloAcademy Affiliate Network for free Make an Easy $100 right now Step 1: Become a SoloAcademy Affiliate - Click Here Step 2: Get your aff. link and replace it with all links in this ebook Step 3: Share it with everyone you know (facebook, forums, blog) For more details on making $100 right now go to: http://soloacademy.com/make-100-today
  • 2. Day 1: Create a Targeted Article Welcome to Day One of the SoloAcademy Affiliate Guide: 5 Days to Sales If you are reading this you are on the right path to generating a steady flow of traffic by a completely free traffic source. And yes, this is very profitable traffic that will turn into sales! Many people new to the concept of making money online try all sorts of crazy tactics to bring traffic to their offer. 99% of them will fail miserably and think there is no possible way that people can actually make money online without either spending a lot of money or learning for years Dont be one of those people! Let me give you a little history about us and the SoloAcademy team! We are a community of internet marketers, guided by a team of very successful marketers and developer that can point out what works and what doesnt in todays online world. The
  • 3. internet is constantly changing and we are constantly adapting to always stay on top of the game and maximize our earnings. Being a member of soloacademy is great, you get access to tons of guides, tools and software that will teach you everything from building your website to generating traffic and sales. The step-by-step SoloAcademy tutorials will teach you what the pros know. Everything from mass email marketing to simple SEO methods that will rocket your traffic through the roof! We even have guides that teach you how to build your own product and then successfully launch it! Unlike most networks out there, built around hype and promises of becoming an overnight millionaire, SoloAcademy is built on real value and teaches marketing skills in easy to follow guides written by our very own team of highly successful internet marketers But wait! I have even better news! Did you know that you can be an affiliate with soloacademy for free? If you are not already a soloacademy affiliate sign up now to push one of the highest converting products online, it literally sells itself: Become an Affiliate Today This 5 day training guide will show you exactly how to generate a super profitable recurring income stream as a SoloAcademy Affiliate. All the big guys here at SoloAcademy use this same method, written by our very own team that have been doing this for many years with huge success! Soletsgetstarted! This guide is broken down into 5 separate parts. You will be completing a new section every day. It is very important that you completely finish one section before moving on to the next, this will ensure that you succeed and dont run into any confusion. Today you will be writing a targeted article promoting SoloAcademy. Think of this article as your home base. It is your landing page, and if you follow these next guides closely this article will soon have tons of free traffic coming to it daily!
  • 4. Before you start writing this article your must ask yourself what is the purpose of this article? In short, your article should: Explainwhattheproductis Yourpersonalexperiencewiththeproduct Whysomeoneshouldsignup I will go into more detail shortly on where you will be posting this article, but first lets discuss more about the purpose of this article. You are an affiliate for SoloAcademy, so what should you write this article about? For a moment lets imaging you are a visitor to our site and you have never heard of SoloAcademy before. What are some questions you might have? Essentially this article should tell your visitor the 5 Ws. Who What When Where Why 1. WhoisSoloAcademy:Acommunityofinternetmarketers,guidedbytheindustrystopplayers! 2. WhatisSoloAcademy:Asocialsiteformarketerscontainingguides,toolsandsoftwaretobuildyour ownonlinebusiness 3. WhenisSoloAcademy:Updatedwithnewguidesdaily,alwaysadvancingandkeepingupwithcurrent trends 4. WhereisSoloAcademy:Thiswillbeaapplytypebuttonorlinkwithyouraffiliatelink 5. WhySoloAcademy:Whyshouldsomeonesignup?Giveyourownreview,listbenefits,tellyourstory This article is a Review/Testimonial about SoloAcademy. Be sure to use your own words to create unique content, well go deeper into the importance of this later. You will also be adding a video to this article tomorrow (Day 2). Here is an example of a small part of an article like this written by one of our current affiliates:
  • 5. They go into more details on some Pros, Cons and some personal experiences they had with SoloAcademy. This article does a few great things that convert visitors into sales. 1. IttellsthevisitorwhatSoloAcademyis 2. .ItletsthevisitorknowthatSoloAcademyhasworkedforsomeoneelse 3. .ItconvincesthevisitorthattheywanttobepartoftheSoloAcademycommunity 4. .Thatvisitorsignsupviayouraffiliatelinkandyoumakeasale! This whole experience will turn cold visitors into signups. And the best part about this is that as a SoloAcademy affiliate you will collect monthly recurring commissions on this signup! Picking a Title for the Article:
  • 6. If you know anything about SEO, you know the importance of ranking keywords. You will want to do some keyword research to find a keyword with a decent traffic. We have many guides in SoloAcademy that go deeper into picking a good keyword. A great free tool to search for keywords is the Google Keyword Tool found in Google Analytics. For this article, I would not try to rank for any hard keywords. Keep in mind that just because a keyword is getting a lot of search traffic doesnt mean you should try to rank for it. If its a super popular keyword like make money online you may have to spend months of hard work to rank on the first page of google, while keywords with less competition could take only a couple days. Make sure the title of your article/page is relevant and contains the keyword you are trying to rank for. Here is a list of examples of page titles that people have had great success with: SoloAcademyReview:HowImake$400Daily MyHonestTestimonialonSoloAcademy MySuccessfulexperiencemakingmoneyonlinewithSoloAcademy SoloAcademyismyfavoriteaffiliatenetwork SoloAcademyworkedforme!MyTestimonial Tips when writing this article: Use510tags,5generalkeywordslikemarketing,onlinewebsite,affiliateand5specifickeywords
  • 7. likesoloacademyreview,soloacademyaffiliates,favoriteaffiliatenetwork 23Images(linkimagestoyouraffiliatelink)Thiscreatesshareablecontent Haveacontactlinkforpeopletoemailyouwithanyquestions Writeyourownreviewusinguniquecontent.UniqueContentisKing! So where do you post this article? If you already have your own wordpress site it is suggested to simply create a new post for this article. Some people will use a new page to write this article, but posts allow you to add tags. For more experienced marketers you can buy a domain such as soloacademyreview.comto post this article on. If you dont have your own website/blog dont worry! This is not necessary at all in order to post this article! You can use a free site like blogger.com orwordpress.com to post your article. Example: soloacademytestimonial.blogspot.com The purpose of this article is to get it to the first page of google for specific keywords. So if someone types into google SoloAcademy Review you want your site to be the first one that appears. A great example of a powerful wordpress site that you can use as an outline for your site is soloacademy.org This website was built by one of our first pre-launch members, Miguel Betancourt. In the next 4 days we will show you exactly what to do in order to get your page on the first page of google. Many of our members use this exact method to have ranked many sites on the first page generating hundreds to thousands of clicks daily! Thats free traffic! Constantly generating you tons and tons of sales! Isnt that awesome?!
  • 8. Importance of keeping your progress tidy: After this 5 day training course you will have several articles ranking for specific keywords. I cant stress to you the importance of keeping yourself organized. Create a document and title it something like SoloAcademy Affiliate and store everything in there. If you dont already use Google Drive, get it! Its like having microsoft office anywhere you go from any computer you are on. We have a great guide on this inside SoloAcademy! Every time you write an article make a note of that url and the 2-3 keywords you are trying to rank it for, this will help keep you on track and focused. Also, store all your login infos for sites like blogger and wordpress Another tool we highly recomm


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