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  • 5to Producing an Epic

    Animated Marketing Video

    Critical Steps

    By John MoranCEO, Blue Wave Marketing

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    5 Critical Steps to Producing an Epic Animated Marketing Video

    In this eBook, we will give you some tips on how to get the most out of your experience when producing your next animated marketing video, and review 5 critical steps for epic results:

    1. Defining Your Purpose and Strategy2. Script Writing Telling Your Story3. Animation Visual Design 4. Audio: Voiceover, Music & Sound5. Video Publishing & SEO

    A strong animated explainer or demo - video is a great way to introduce your product or company. Videos are able to convey a message much better than plain text, and have even been proven to do things like increase conversion rates, lower a companys cost per lead, and increase search engine optimization. And, high quality animated videos in particular are shown to generate a greater response rates than typical talking head videos, at a fraction of the cost of traditional corporate video shoots.

    Content marketing is key for any business, but its changed a great deal over the last few years. Blog posts and text articles, formerly the main drivers of traffic to your website, are no longer viable as stand-alone content marketing options. Your content campaign must also include significant investment in video content to succeed and to drive visitors to your website.

    If your content is only text-based, it probably isnt getting read. 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on an average webpage visit. Thats probably enough time to read one paragraph, skim the article, and move on. Videos, on the other hand, grab considerably more attention. Data shows that well over half of people viewing video content make it more than three-quarters the way through.

    Why Online Animated Videos?


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    Not long ago, text content was king. Blog posts could be sourced out for pennies on the dollar, chock full of keywords, and tossed up haphazardly on your webpage. This would get you lots of hits from Google, and youd be able to trade links with other blogs to increase your traffic even further.

    Fortunately, that changed and Googles search engine optimization tactics now focus on grabbing the results that provide the most relevant and useful content. Video is a key part of this new SEO. In fact, research shows that its much easier to increase your ranking on a video than it is on a text-based content page. And, a Forrester Research study shows that with proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front page Google result by 53X!

    Clearly, video is currently the best way to drive traffic via content marketing. Its estimated that by 2017, almost three-quarters of all the traffic on the internet will be video content. This makes it imperative for businesses to start fine-tuning their video content immediately: pretty soon, it could be too late.

    A recent survey detailed in Forbes magazine found that 90% of online customers use online videos, more than any other content feature besides the traditional contact form. Another study shows that explainer videos increase conversion rates by a whopping 20% Clearly, we can gather that promotional videos are a strong marketing tool for any business, and a must-have for companies looking to attract visitors and sales.While these statistics are impressive, the animated video you create for your


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    business needs to be on-point, concise, and produced with high production values to generated the positive results youre looking for. Animated videos offer a wide range of options and creative possibilities, beyond traditional live video shoots. Following are the 5 critical steps to producing an epic animated marketing video for your business.

    When considering producing an animated marketing video for your website, you must first think about the purpose of your video and how it fits into your overall strategy. The best demo videos are short, memorable, and strategically tied in with your marketing and branding strategies. Because a demo - or explainer - video might be the first interaction many potential customers have with your company, its very important to get it right.

    1). Define your purpose and strategy


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    One of the most important things a video can do, however, is clearly get your message across. Here are four of the most important messages a video production company can help you broadcast:

    Explain What Your Business Does

    Many businesses fail because they have a phenomenal idea and service, but nobody has any idea what they do. Because youre excited about your company, its easy to believe that everybody has the same enthusiasm, knowing exactly why your services make so much sense.

    This is rarely the case, however, and the experts at Forbes.com suggest a short, simple 30-second pitch that clearly identifies the problem and your solution. The best way to get this message out? A well-produced explainer video.

    Introduce a New Ad Campaign

    The best advertising campaigns are fully integrated across multiple channels. You want to synchronize your digital advertisements, radio spots, promotions, etc., to all tell the same message. Unfortunately, if your targets arent tuned into the campaign, the advertisements wont be nearly as effective.

    The best way to introduce your brand new campaign is with a video. The majority of people are visual learners, and they tend to remember things much better if theyre able to put visuals together with text and audio.

    Demo a Product

    Its clear that showing somebody something is much more powerful than simply telling them. This is why demo videos are so effective. Making a statement that your software simplifies a process is one thing. Giving targets the opportunity to watch a video that shows the simplified process, however, is another.

    You dont need a software suite or highly technological product for a demo video to produce results, however. Zappos, a company that sells shoes, found that sales increase by up to 30% when a demo video is used.


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    Show Your Personality

    It can often be difficult to show your companys personality, culture or values with a single blog post or advertisement. Think about how tone can get lost in email or text messages. When you try to show some personality or joke around, it can often get misrepresented.

    Videos work the same way. You can carefully control the mood and tell a true story. Music, tone, and even facial expressions can convey how serious, trustworthy, or laid back your company is. Especially if youre targeting a very specific market, this can give you a significant edge over your competition. Beer company Dos Equis, for example, saw sales increase significantly after they ran an ad campaign that made their company seem more mysterious.


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    A perfect animated demo video is hard to pinpoint, since it varies a great deal with the company and target audience. In our experience, however, most successful demo videos share many similar traits. Heres some of the most important ones:

    Keep it Simple

    Especially on the internet, people have an incredibly short attention span. If your message is too long, theres a chance theyll simply click out of it or start to mentally wander away.

    At the same time, if your message is too confusing, they may not remember it. Even worse, they may remember it incorrectly. People are continuing to subscribe and watch more videos every day, so its important that they remember yours. Keeping it short and sweet is the best way to make sure that they do.

    Writing your script is the next critical step when working to produce a truly epic animated marketing video that will drive website visitors, conversions and results. Writing a high-impact, concise script is a challenge, and we have a few suggestions to help you write a video script for success.

    First, your online video has to get to the point as quickly as possible. The attention span for the average human being dropped from 12 seconds to only 8 seconds from 2000 to 2013. This puts the human attention span lower than a goldfish! (No offense to any goldfish out there.). If your video has to be lengthy, you need to grab attention immediately with a great hook or a very specific purpose.

    2. Scriptwriting Tell Your Story


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    Focus on Benefits

    Nobody cares about the technical fea

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