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Five classic alcoholic drinks that just might be the perfect choice to wrap up your daily fishing adventures at Aikens Lake


  • 1. Top 5 Cocktails to Enjoy After a Day of Fishing By - Aikens Lake Wilderness lodge

2. After a long day of fishing, almost nothing tastes better than a well-prepared cocktail made of high-quality alcohol. At luxury fishing lodges, you might find a bar and bartender to make your chosen cocktail, but it never hurts to know how to make it yourself. Here are five cocktails that will hit the spot as you wrap up a long day of fishing. 3. Fish House Punch. This classic drink takes just five minutes to mix before you can sit back and enjoy. Youll need a punch bowl, ice and these items: 750 ml dark rum, 15 oz Cognac, 7 oz peach brandy 7 oz lemon juice and 7 oz simple syrup. Fill the punchbowl with ice. Add in alcohol varieties, lemon juice and simple syrup, then stir. This drink is commonly served in punch cups or wine glasses. 4. The Flying Fish For individuals who like strong drink with a bit of fizz, the Flying Fish is a great option. Combine two parts gin with one part each orange flavored brandy, peach liqueur and lemon juice inside a shaker filled with ice. After shaking, this drink is best served in a chilled highball glass with ice. Then top with soda. 5. Bourbon. Whether served on the rocks or not, a glass of bourbon will warm your insides and mellow you out after a day of fishing. With Templeton Whiskey as the base, the Templeton Highball is quite enjoyable. Templetion Highball. 6. Irish Coffee If youre a coffee lover whose trip has left you chilled to the bone, an Irish Coffee will warm you up (and wake you up). For this drink, youll need 4 oz freshly brewed coffee, 1 oz Irish whiskey, 1 tsp. brown sugar and whipped cream. Combine all ingredients except the whipped cream, stirring well. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and enjoy 7. Conclusion If youre looking for luxury fishing lodges that offer unforgettable experiences, at Aikens Lake, we may have just the experience (and the drink) youre looking for. 8. www.facebook.com/aikenslake https://twitter.com/aikenslake https://www.youtube.com/aikenslakelodge