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Download 4x4 Sprinter - Rossetts Commercials - Mercedes-Benz Van ... without getting stuck, the Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Sprinter has you covered. The 4x4 Sprinter version uses a development of the

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  • Keeping you on the road and in the field!

    Whether you are on the road in winter with snow and ice or trying to cross a muddy paddock without getting stuck, the Mercedes-Benz 4x4 Sprinter has you covered.

    The 4x4 Sprinter version uses a development of the existing Mercedes-Benz 4-RTS (electronic Traction System) technology, which is functionally integrated with Adaptive ESP offering unrivalled traction management in operation.

    All 4x4 Sprinter models models use a fully developed and integrated factory assembled driveline and are built alongside 4x2 models; they are not aftermarket conversions and are covered by full Mercedes-Benz Warranty and supported by the Dealer Network. 4x4 vehicles work to the same production lead time as conventional models.

    Although they have an increased ride height in comparison to normal models, the ground clearance beneath the axles remains the same as a normal 4x2 vehicle. The 4x4 technology is designed to improve traction in adverse ground conditions, and is not intended to offer severe off road capability.

    4x4 Sprinter

  • Selectable 4x4 with low range

    The 4x4 Sprinter model features the selectable low range transmission previously available as option code ZG3. This enhances the traction and gradeability of the Sprinter range even further. Building on the selectable 4x4 system the addition of a selectable low ratio gear set increases the climbing ability of the Sprinter 4x4. Major features of the system are as follows:

    The 4x4 system is turned on and off electro-hydraulically. Ideally the system should be engaged or disengaged when the vehicle is stationary. It is possible to select at vehicle speeds up to 6mph/10 kmh if conditions demand.

    The system is operated by a dashboard mounted rocker switch with integrated indicator lights to show selection and full engagement.

    4x4 operation is switched off automatically when the ignition is switched off.

    Standard UK specification on all 4x4s:

    100 litre fuel tank KB0 Entrance grab handles on both front doors T75 Exterior mirrors without indicator repeater lamps FU5 Indicator repeater lamps in front wings L44 Rear fog lamp integrated in rear bumper instead of tail lamp cluster (Van) Mixed use tyre (M+S - Mud + Snow - tread pattern) for optimum all round suitability

    3-Series: Continental Vanco Winter pattern RM1 5-Series: Continental Vanco Winter pattern RM1

    Tyre size: 3-Series @ 3.5t GVW = 225/75R16 (Sales Code RG8) 5-Series @ 5t GVW = 205/75R16 (Sales Code RG3)

  • Comments relating to the 4x4 systems:

    When using alternative (aftermarket) tyres for these models please ensure that the tyre capacity is adequate for the axle weights of the relevant vehicle.

    The axle ratio fitted to 4x4 models will be one step slower than the equivalent standard 4x2 vehicle it is based upon (e.g a 313CDI medium has an axle ratio of 4.182, a 313CDI medium 4x4 has an axle ratio of 4.364). Optional ratios are available depending on model.

    All 4x4 models are speed limited to maximum of 75 mph/120 kmh (where a lower legal limit does not already apply) due to driveline configuration.

    Model and engine availability


    129HP CDI Diesel163HP CDI Diesel190HP CDI Diesel

    Chassis Cab & Chassis Crewcab

    129HP CDI Diesel163HP CDI Diesel190HP CDI Diesel

    Traveliner TL7 and TL9

    129HP CDI Diesel163HP CDI Diesel190HP CDI Diesel

    Yes Yes

    Yes Yes

    3.5t/5t Medium 3.5t/5t Long

    Yes YesYes Yes

    Yes YesYes Yes

    3.5t/5t Medium 3.5t/5t Long

    Yes Yes

    3.5t/5t Medium 3.5t/5t Long

    Yes YesYes Yes

    Technical Data




    Power Output / Torque 120 kW163 HP360 NmEURO 5, 6


    Wheel base1

    Rear axle drive ration1


    Fuel capacity

    Panel Van/Combi/Chassis with single or double cabin

    3,000kg / 3,500kg 5,000kg (Double tyres)

    6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic

    6-cylinder diesel engine

    5 speed auto only

    Medium wheel base 3,665mm Long wheel base 4,325mm

    AR1 = 3.692 / AR2 = 3.923 / AR3 = 4.182 / AR4 = 4.364 / AR5 = 4.727 / AR6 = 5.1001

    95 kW129 HP305 NmEURO 5, 6




    4 -cylinder diesel engine

    1Depends on model and variant.

    Maximum overall gross weight

    140 kW190 HP440 NmEURO 5, 6

    Dual circuit hydraulic brake system with vacuum booster. Disk brakes on all wheels, ESP1. Parking brake on all wheels. Anti-locking-brake sytem. ADAPTIVE ESP.

    100 litres

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