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Cultural Identity & Nationalism: Vietnamese Propaganda Art in Context Deborah Salter

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Cultural Identity & Nationalism: Vietnamese Propaganda Art in


Deborah Salter

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Le M Son, Protect the children and maintain the peace, 1956-64, gouache on paper


•The conflict with France 1945 –1956• The interwar years

1956-1964• American-Vietnam War 1964 – 1975• Post-war reconstruction period 1975-1986• Renovation (Doi Moi) 1986

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Truong Sinh, “At present against the American.save the country, the priority of everyody”,1966gouache on paper, Art Gallery of New South Wales

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Unknown, Recruiting youth to fight the French”, 1946-54,

Two coloured wood block print. Private Collection

Evolution and characteristics of propaganda posters Posters 1946 - 56

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Unknown, untitled, c. 1960, gouache on paper

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Unknown, Kill the flies and clean the streets, c. 1956, gouache on paper

Interwar Years 1956-1964

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Unknown, Bravo our heroic troops of the people’s army, 1954-56, gouache on paper

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N G Thai, Join the cooperatives young and old everyone has a job to do, 1959, gouache on paper

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Quang Lac, Advance speedily, advance vigorously, and advance steadily, 1960, gouache on paper

First Five Year Plan 1961-1965

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H Lam “Our party has brought spring to the country” 1961 gouache on paper

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Minh Phuong ”Don’t wait for the sun to shine, or the rain to fall.

We people make the water. Our strength is greater than the high sky.” 1960s gouache on paper

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Thanh, .All working together to improve the collective economy and increase agricultural productivity, 1960s, gouache on paper

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Tan, “Shoot hard and win. Be prepared to protect the capital’s skies” 1972gouache on paper, National Gallery of Australia

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Lo Loc, A courier never in fear of danger, determined to overcome high mountains and jungle,1972. gouache on paper

American – Vietnam War: 1964-1975

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Unknown, Untitled, c.1970, gouache on paper

Soviet Influences

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Hi Than, Towards unification husbands and wives from the South and North strive hard for victory.” 1970s, gouache on paper

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Nhang Tuyen, 11:30 am 30 April 1975 Liberation of the South. 1975gouache on paper, National Gallery of Australia

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Trung, Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom, 1975, gouache on paper

Reunification 1975

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Tan, Long Live the Glorious Vietnam Communist Party, 1980, gouache on paper

Post War Nation Building

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Minh Phong, In celebration of the 100th International Labor Day, 1986, gouache stencil

Renovation (Doi Moi) 1986

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Unknown, “50 years under the Party’s leading light”, 1995, watercolour on paper