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The 49ers Story

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Folks hauledfrom all cornersof our nation

for goldgold.

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A Californian voyage,



forged the 49ers history.

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Their journey isn’t easybut if anyone can take it,

for a 6th victorious time, it’s the 49ers.

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More than hopedrives a 49er. It takes

determination to strike gold.

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You don’t become a 49er by breaking down,

giving up,

and going home.

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For the 49ers the field

is home.

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They’re a team

you can depend on

when conditions

are harsh.

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They’re a teamthat knows what

it means tomeet their goal.

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Built on victory,

expecting nothing but


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This is your team, California.

They were the first to come,and they’ll stick it out till the end.

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