49ers rebrand

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  • 1. The 49ers Story

2. Folks hauled from all corners of our nation for goldgold. 3. A Californian voyage, uncomfortable and uncertain, forged the 49ers history. 4. Their journey isnt easy but if anyone can take it, for a 6th victorious time, its the 49ers. 5. More than hope drives a 49er. It takes determination to strike gold. 6. You dont become a 49er by breaking down, giving up, and going home. 7. For the 49ers the field is home. 8. Theyre a team you can depend on when conditions are harsh. 9. Theyre a team that knows what it means to meet their goal. 10. Built on victory, expecting nothing but gold. 11. This is your team, California. They were the first to come, and theyll stick it out till the end.