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Social media has changed the way journalists reach their audience. Google Plus is the next rising social media website for journalists to connect to their audience. Watch this presentation for a crash course in Google Plus and the benefits available to you as a journalist.



2. GOOGLE PLUS AT A GLANCE A Google product that initially spread solely throughinvite Would serve as Googles social network with avariety of features similar to Facebook, Twitter andSkype Numerous features that offer a variety of options foruser interaction 3. FEATURESProfile: If you use Googleproducts, you have aGoogle Plus profile Picture and coverphoto Post section About section Photos, Albums +1 4. FEATURESCircles: Separate your friends, followers and who you followinto different groups. You can combine all of your circles into onenewsfeed or create separate feeds based on yourcircles. Circles can include: work, family, friends, etc. New public circles linking people by their interests 5. FEATURESHangouts Provides a placewhere your circle or aselect group offriends can videochat all in one place. Hangouts can be livestreamed for GooglePlus users to watch aswell. 6. FEATURESPosts Text Photos Videos Hangouts Chat +1 7. EVA CHEN Fashion writer/editor and Health and BeautyDirector of Teen Vogue Magazine. Uses Google Plus to discuss fashion and beauty Posts vary between long and short 8. TIPS FOR JOURNALISTIC SUCCESS Use Google Plus as your own personal newspaperor magazine application Next social media network to affect the journalismcareer and industry due to the various features itoffers. Trailblazing the way for journalists by incorporatingcitizen journalists and non-professionals 9. INTERACTION WITH AUDIENCE Google Plus provides a new and improved way tointeract with your audience Suggest that your circles play a role in thedevelopment of stories by tagging you in photos Use Google Hangouts and stream them publicly tonot only discuss stories and developments but alsoconverse with circles about various topics Enable chat when using social media for researchpurposes 10. POSTSUSE MULTIPLE CONTENT TO ACCOMPANY TEXT POSTS 11. POSTSENCOURAGE CITIZEN JOURNALISTS TO SUBMIT CONTENT 12. GOOGLE HANGOUTSUSE HANGOUTS TO CONVERSE WITH A VARIETY OF USERS 13. GOOGLE HANGOUTSNEW YORK TIMES HOSTS HANGOUT WITH BASKETBALL FANS ANDOLYMPIANS 14. GOOGLE HANGOUT EXPERIENCE Hangout Host: Coordinates the Hangout, invitesguests/participants and viewers. The Hangoutstreams from the hosts profile. Hangout Guest: Actively participates in theHangout, usually a featured guest relative to thecontent in discussion Hangout Viewer: Watches the Hangout 15. GOOGLE HANGOUTSADVERTISE YOUR HANGOUTS IN ADVANCE FOR MORE INTERACTION 16. HANGOUT OPPORTUNITIESDISASTER IN THE PHILIPPINES 17. HANGOUT OPPORTUNITIES FASHION SHOW 18. CITIZEN JOURNALIST INTERACTION Encourage other journalists to help you developstories by encouraging them to tag you in photosand use chat to give you updates 19. DO Use all of Google Plus features to your advantage Make yourself accessible to your circles and followers Communicate with your circles and followers and thankthem often Update your profile with news content on a consistentbasis Be a team player, join forces with citizen journalists andother journalists Use interns and ground reporters to fact-check Use various ways to encourage conversation on yourposts 20. DO NOT Make your profile into a personal blog, you have ablog for that Only share content that was posted by anotherjournalist Send spam Use Google Plus exactly how you would useFacebook and Twitter Only ask a question at the end of your post 21. CONCLUSION Google Plus features will allow professionaljournalists and citizen journalists to join forces forbetter stories Google Hangout, Chat and Tag options will betterconnect journalists to their circles, audience andeven competitors More access to large groups of people sinceGoogle Plus already has 400 million users. Have any questions? Contact me on My GooglePlus profile