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  • 8/11/2019 460 Mr. Abhijit Gadekar


  • 8/11/2019 460 Mr. Abhijit Gadekar


    Sr. No. Items Qty Amt


    19Wire Cutting Machine

    (2000 x 2000 x 1950mm)3 No.

    20Mould Opener

    (2000 x 2000 x 2550mm)1 No.

    21 Mould Trolley (1300 x 1300mm)1 No. (Sample)

    111 Require14,100.00

    22 Mould Cover (1200 x 1200 x 625mm)1 No.(Sample)

    56 Require11,900.00

    23 Transfer Trolley (1500 x 1500mm)1 No. (Sample)

    3 Require17,500.00

    24 Track to be executed by customer

    25 Trolley Pulling System 1 No 78,000.00

    Sr. No. Items Qty Amt




    Steam Boiler:

    Capacity: 1000 Ltrs/ Hrs, Design & safety valve set pressure up

    to 10.54 kg/cm2

    Fuel: Agro waste, briquetted fuel

    Hydraulic test pressure: 15.81 kg/cm2

    Grate area: 1.4m2

    Furnace volume: 2.06m3Heating surface: 38.5m2

    Water holding capacity: 3.58m3

    Steam space: 0.88m3

    Fuel consumption: 170 kg/hr

    1 Set 1,399,500.00

    27 Transport Trolley 3 No.

    28 Trolley Pulling System 1 No

    29 Door for curing chamber both side doors 12 No.



    Pipeline work from Boiler for curing chamber

    (6 chamber)1 Set

    b)Automatiom for chambers with control panel for auto on/off

    steam in chamber for desire temperature

    2 Set

    c) Safety Valve for chambers 12 Nos.

    d) Chimney 2 No.

    Total 6,500,000.00


    * 24 hrs Cycling Time

    * Based on Layout Chamber to be Finalised

    * Site infrastructure need to be done locally by customer & raw material



    to be executed by


  • 8/11/2019 460 Mr. Abhijit Gadekar


    Terms and Conditions :

    1 Taxes :12.5% VAT Extra or 2% CST against C' form.

    Packing & Forwarding : As applicable extra

    Insurance : As applicable extraOctroi : As applicable extra

    Transport : As applicable extra

    Excise Duty : No excise Duty right now.

    2 Price: Price quoted is Ex - works

    3 Installation: Erection & Commissioning charges Extra @ Rs. 500000/-

    4 Payment Terms :

    1. 30% of the order value as advance along with the signed purchase order

    2. Gubbi Enterprises shall send a Proforma Invoice for the further 40% payment along with the

    taxes and duties applicable to the client.

    3. Gubbi Enterprises shall dispatch the goods to the client as per the purchase order on the receipt

    of the complete payment.

    4. Bank Details:

    Gubbi Enterprises,HDFC Account no. 01462020000763, RTGS No. HDFC0000146,

    Branch: Talao Pali, Thane

    5 Payment Terms Erection portion:

    1. 50% of erection value as mobilization advance before mobilizing the erection team.

    2. 50% of erection value after erection and commissioning at site.

    6 Schedule of erection work & Training:

    10 days after confirming site suitability, subject to site readiness and raw material.

    7 Delivery:

    1. 6 weeks lead time after receipt P.O. and advance2. All deliveries shall be ex-works' company's facility at Rabale. Gubbi Enterprises shall make

    reasonable efforts to deliver equipment to a carrier at the delivery point on the estimated delivery

    date for transportation to the locations specified in the clients P.O.

    3. Deliveries shall be in quantities specified in the P.O. Part deliveries shall be allowed

    after acceptance on both sides.

    8 Acceptance:

    1. The client shall accept the deliveries of equipment received from the Gubbi Enterprises and will

    notify them of any defects within 2 days of receipt of the material to the company. If any such

    defects within the given period, the deliveries shall be deemed to have been accepted complying

    with all the terms and conditions in the P.O.

    2. The Client will allow inspecting any defective equipment at the site.

    9 Validity: The quotation is valid for 30days from the above date.

    10 Warranty:

    1. The warrant remains in effect only if full and timely payment has been received by Gubbi Enterprises

    against supply of the equipment.

    2. The warranty shall not cover any damages during transit, bad storage, misuse or mishandling of

    equipment at the Client Side

    3. The warranty shall not cover any damages resulting from adaptations or adjustments made to the

    equipment by the Client without specific approval by Gubbi Enterprises.

  • 8/11/2019 460 Mr. Abhijit Gadekar


    11 Demurrage charges:

    We have noticed several times that the material is ready after inspection and testing at our works

    and there is a delay from the client side to pickup the material due to non readiness of site or some

    other reason. The material lying in our shop occupies expensive floor space. Once the inspection

    and testing is done and we have issued a ready to dispatch note to customer, if the client does not

    pick up the material in 7 days, we will charge a demurrage of 0.5% of order value, per week. This

    payment needs to be made before the dispatch.12 Customer Scope:

    1. A clear, level and freely accessible site suitable for all forms of access and mobile crane age.

    2. Power available to operate erection tools and commission of crane.

    3. Any civil work.

    4. Unloading of the crane components close to the actual erection site

    5. Loading in our scope & unloading in clients scope.

    6. RFI check list need to adhere.

    13 Advance & Sale: Once advance paid it will not be returned. If the customer is not paying balance

    amount and not lifting the machinery advance will be forfeited and all the lose shall be born by the


    Once Goods sold it will not be taken back.

    We hope you will find this offer convincing, awaiting for your reply.


    SMITA 09322451475