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    ture of about -10 degrees F., without forming ice, thereby to form (1) a gasohol blend containing about 10 wt. % ethanol and (2) an aqueous stream comprising some ethanol and traces of gasoline; extracting the gasoline-containing aqueous stream with a minor stream of the fer- mentation ethanol product in order to recover the gasoline it contains; and recovering said blend to produce a gasohol product under- saturated with water at all operating tem- peratures above -10 degrees F.


    P O L Y S A C C H A R I D E P R O D U C T I O N U S I N G N O V E L S T R A I N S O F P S E U D O M O N A S

    M E N D O C I N A

    Trevor Jarman, Andrew Hacking, Haslingfield, United Kingdom assigned to Kelco Bio- specialties Ltd

    CIDI' U i ' I : ' : ~ n '~ "

    A process for producing polysaccharide con- sisting of a partially acetylated variable block copolymer of D-mannuronic and L-guluronic acid residues comprises growing a biologically pure culture of a Pseudomonas mendocina microorganism selected from the group con- sisting of NCIB 11687, 11688, and 11689 in an aqueous nutrient medium by submerged aerobic fermentation of an assimilable carbon source and recovering the polysaccharide. Biologically pure cultures of the organisms are another fea- ture of the invention.


    P R O D U C T I O N O F E T H A N O L B Y Y E A S T U S I N G X Y L U L O S E

    Cheng Shun Gong, Li Fu Chen, Michael C Flickinger, George T Tsao assigned to Purdue Research Foundation

    Ethanol is produced by the fermentation of xylulose using yeast under fermentative condi- tions.




    P R O D U C T I O N O F E T H A N O L BY F E R M E N T A T I O N

    Kevin D Kirby, Christopher J Mardon, Lower Plenty, Australia assigned to Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization

    The production of ethanol, particularly ethanol used as a fuel, optionally in conjunction with gasoline (petrol) may be produced from car- bohydrate containing material, such as starch- containing material or sugar-containing material, by a solid phase fermentation process.


    A N A E R O B I C D I G E S T I O N P R O C E S S F O R O R G A N I C

    W A S T E S

    Masahiko Ishida, Ryoichi Haga, Tadashi Ishibashi, Yoji Odawara, Hitachi, Japan as- signed to Agency of Industrial Science & Tech- nology

    The present invention relates to an anaerobic digestion process for organic wastes with a high efficiency and an improved recovery rate of methane. This process comprises the following steps: (l) anaerobically digesting organic wastes under simultaneous presence of facultative anaerobic bacteria and obligatory anaerobic bacteria, (2) separating the anaerobically digested slurry obtained from the step (1) into a liquor fraction containing the two groups of bac- teria and an undecomposed solid fraction, (3) mixing the liquor fraction obtained from the step (2) with the surplus activated sludge slurry pro- duced by anaerobically treating organic waste water, under anaerobic condition, (4) separating the mixed slurry obtained from the step (3) into a solid fraction containing the surplus activated sludge which has absorbed the two groups of bacteria and a liquor fraction, and recycling back the solid fraction obtained from the step (4) as the sources of the two groups of bacteria and nitrogen to the step (1).


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