4 wonderful apps to easily manage your money

Download 4 Wonderful Apps To Easily Manage Your Money

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4 Wonderful Apps To Easily Manage Your Money

4 Wonderful Apps To Easily Manage Your MoneyBy Adam Greene CPA

As we are all well aware, every single aspect of our daily life requires money. Everything from feeding ourselves to even enjoying our free time, requires at least in some amount, the expending of our capital.

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This is the reason why, it is important to be in total control of the way we spend our hard earned cash, especially since the true need to be careful with financial planning goes beyond reaching goals and aspirations we have set for ourselves. Having a sound control of our finances, allows us to determine the source of our expending and the where, when and how we use our money. This is crucial if we want to understand our consumption patterns and saving capacity.One does not have to be a financial guru to start taking steps in the right direction. Efficient financial planning can be done right from your phone, something you use every day and that will allow you start becoming financially savvy in no time. These are some of the most useful and complete apps you can get on your phone to help staying on top of your finances in an easy and organized manner.

Mint.Mint is one of the best personal finance applications available today. It allows you to see all your personal accounts, credit cards and 401k in one single app. You can set bill reminders and alerts to help you stay on top of your payments and bills due. Budgeting and tracking your expenses is where Mint really shows its worth. The app arranges your expenses into categories automatically after you initially sync your accounts, it also allows you to edit transactions afterwards and create expense subcategories. Another prominent feature allows you to set goals and budgets limits depending on your specific needs. The interface is friendly and quite intuitive. Some extra features allow you to track your credit score, receive email updates and alerts and weekly summaries.Mint is an app that can be used by people who arent too knowledgeable in business matters, and by experts alike. The features are abundant enough to allow you to virtually explore it and tailor it to meet all your needs.Available for iOS and Android for free.

Wally.Wally is a powerful and beautiful free application thats able to hold its own against its paid peers. The user interface is clean and attractive, so it gives a great feeling of organization and neatness. The app allows you to record date, amount, time and location of your transactions as well as filing them under categories, make notes and take pictures of the receipts. This last part can also be used to activate an optional featured called InstaScan, which allows you to take a picture of your receipt and have all the important information downloaded to the app automatically. The app has many other amazing features that make using it, a breeze. It uses the location services on your phone to identify the venue where you make a purchase, and it places your transaction in the specific category that best describes the place. It also exports your data to cloud services for back up, gives you the option to set alarms and notification and it very easy to customize features.Available for iOS and Android for free.

Spendee is an app for those who are looking for a simple and straightforward way to track their expenses without getting too deep into details and intricate financial specifics. If you are worried about securing your information, this may be the app you are looking for, since Spendee doesnt require you to sign up with an account or register your financial information; it simply tracks what you input on the app and thats about it. Available for iOS and Android for free.

SpendeeSpendees motto says a lot about how its used: See where your money goes. This app is more focus on tracking expenses than anything else, but it does it in a clean and organized manner. The interface is friendly and easy to customize, it allows you to set different categories with colors and corresponding icons so you can see not only how you are spending your money, but where is coming from. Image courtesy of Ota Photos at Flickr.com

YNAB (You Need a Budget)You Need a Budget is an entire experience, not just an app. This software supports multiple platforms and allows you to track you budget using your computer and your phone as well. YNAB helps you take control of your finances and focuses on that precisely; allowing you to manage your budgets in a way you see fit with categories that tell you how much you are spending on a specific preset area and keeps your from going overboard.One of the nicest features of YNAB, is that it doesnt stop at tracking expenses and helping you keep your budgets under control, but it also gives you advice and helps you analyze the roots of possible financial distress.


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