4 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2014

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Social media trends, such as the rise in single-service photo and video sharing networks, point toward four ways to revamp your marketing strategy for 2014.


<ul><li>1.4 Ways to Improve YourSocial Media Marketing Strategy for2014</li></ul> <p>2. Over the course of 2013, weve seen a range of social media trends emerge. The development of all-inone apps The rise in popularity for single-service photo and video sharing apps such as Snapchat and Vine. The growth of Pinterest and Instagram amongst teens and adults alike. With 2014 on the horizon, how can brands improve their social media marketing strategies to match such trends? 3. 1. Diversify Your Social Media Presence While Facebook and Twitter still dominate the social media scene, 2013 saw the rise in a diverse range of single-service social media networks. Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and others have seen significant growth. As single-service networks continue to dominate, it is important for brands to diversify their social media presence and engage with customers across a variety of popular platforms. 4. 2. Share Photo &amp; Video Content Photo and video sharing such as Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat dominated in 2013. In 2013, the best way to improve your social media marketing strategy is to both increase the amount of interactive content you are sharing across networks and to build your presence on photo and video-specific networks. Jayson DeMers at Forbes predicts that micro-video in particular is here to stay, which means that you should focus your attention on Vine and Instagram. 5. 3. Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategy While photo and video sharing are currently dominating the social media scene, content marketing is still here to stay. Research shows that businesses that have blogs generate 67% more leads each month than companies that do not. Furthermore, studies also indicate that educational content is proving very effective when it comes to building an audience. This means that you need to revamp your content marketing strategy in 2014 make sure that youre blogging regularly and providing your audience with useful, engaging information in your content. 6. 4. Focus on Local &amp; Mobile Advertising Another trend in 2013 is the massive growth in both mobile use and mobile advertising. Hand-in-hand with mobile marketing comes location based advertising. As mobile devices become more and more important in the daily lives of consumers, being able to engage with consumers in real-time has also become that much more important. Location based advertising via mobile devices allows brands to do this. In 2014, re-focus your social media marketing strategy on both local and mobile efforts to reach more customers when they need you. 7. How do you plan on revamping your social media marketing strategy in 2014? 8. Content Equals Money is a content writing service that serves a wide variety of clients with top-shelf shareable content. We cater to SEO marketing agencies as well as small business, providing content marketing strategies applicable to many fields. Whether you need content for yourself or content for your clients, Content Equals Money is the insource Writing Service to suit your needs! </p>