4 Steps to Outrank the PPC Competition: SEMrush & WordStream

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In 4 Steps to Outsmart the PPC Competition: Analyze, Assess Apply, Adjust, WordStream and SEMrush offer a new approach to PPC advertising. Learn the four most important strategies for paid search, and how to evaluate the competitive landscape for risks and opportunities. Analyze the competitions performance and strategy; Assess and optimize your campaign performance; Apply PPC best practices; And repeat, adjusting to trends and changes in your market.


<ul><li> 1. #PPCcompetitionBrought to you by:www.wordstream.com/learn4 Steps to Outrank the PPC Competition: Assess, Apply, Analyze, Adjust </li></ul> <p> 2. www.wordstream.com/learnWant to get smart in paid search?#PPCcompetition 3. Larry KimCTO and Founder, WordStream@larrykimTodays Panelists:Michael StrickerMarketing Director, SEMrush@RadioMS#PPCcompetition 4. PPC Competition: Internal vs. External View 5. PPC Competition:Internal vs. External ViewInternal: Are my Key Performance Metrics any Good or Not vs. my competitors?External: What are my competitors doing?#PPCcompetition 6. Google Keeps Advertisers in the Dark#PPCcompetition 7. Not Much Transparency Around How Things Really Work#PPCcompetition 8. Example: Which Ad Wins?Ad A2,423 Impressions453 clicks (1.4% CTR)Average Position: 2.8Ad B36,223 Impressions760 clicks (2.1% CTR)Average Position: 3.0#PPCcompetition 9. Neither ad is worth declaring a WinnerNot even the 2.1% CTR in the 3.0 Avg. PositionTrick Question: They Both SuckWhy??#PPCcompetition 10. Because Competitors are Kicking Your Butt#PPCcompetition 11. Even Your Winning Ad is a Loser!#PPCcompetition 12. Because Competitors are Kicking Your ButtForest vs. Trees 13. So What is a Good CTR These Days?#PPCcompetition 14. Higher Than Most Would Expect#PPCcompetition 15. Some Competitors Doing 2x, 3x, 6x Better#PPCcompetition 16. Unicorn vs. Donkey PPC AccountsPercentileVs. ExpectedCTRNameBottom 50%Below Expected CTRDonkeysTop 15%2X HigherGoodTop 5%3xHigherReally GoodTop 1%6x Higher!!Unicorns#PPCcompetition 17. Why Should I Care About High CTR?#PPCcompetition 18. Because Quality Score is Calculated Based on Beating The Average.Its Graded on a Curve.#PPCcompetition 19. Why Should I Care About High Quality Score?#PPCcompetition 20. Quality Score Impacts CPC[graphic]#PPCcompetition 21. QS Impacts Ad Position[graphic]#PPCcompetition 22. QS Impacts Cost Per Conversion[graphic]#PPCcompetition 23. QS Impacts Impression Share[graphic]#PPCcompetition 24. [graphic]QS Matters 2x More on Mobile#PPCcompetition 25. Whats an Average Quality Score?#PPCcompetition 26. Its Been Falling. Today: 5/10[graphic]#PPCcompetition 27. Winners and Losers in the AdWords GameLower CTR vs. Competitors = Low Quality ScoreLow Quality Score meansLess prominent ad positionsVery low impression shareHuge CPC penalties (+400% Tax)High Cost Per Conversion (+64%)#PPCcompetition 28. Beating Your Competition is the Key to Everything*Be Very Picky. Bid on Only High Commercial Intent Keywords and Get HIGH CTRs.Delete Junk Keywords (Bottom Third of your Account)PRO TIP: Use impression weighted average quality scores for Campaigns &amp; Accounts (ignore keyword-level QS)#PPCcompetition 29. Is My Conversion Rate Any Good?#PPCcompetition 30. Typical Conversion Rate for PPC#PPCcompetition 31. Donkeys vs. Unicorns 32. Donkeys vs. UnicornsDistribution PointConversionRateVsAverageCommentsAverage2.35%DonkeysTop 25%5.31%2xGoodTop 10%11.45%3-5xUnicorns!!#PPCcompetition 33. Top 10% of Accounts have 3-5x Conversion Rate!Distribution PointAll accountsEcommerceLegalB2BFinanceMedian ConversionRate2.35%1.84%2.07%2.23%5.01%Top 25% Conversion Rate5.31%3.71%4.12%4.31%11.19%Top 10% Conversion Rate11.45%6.25%6.46%11.70%24.48%#PPCcompetition 34. Aim For 3-5x Increases! (not 3-5%)#PPCcompetition 35. Am I Doing Enough Work?#PPCcompetition 36. What PPC Marketers Say They Do vs. What They Actually Do!#PPCcompetition 37. Exhibit A: Self Reported PPC Management Activities#PPCcompetition 38. Exhibit B: What Theyre Really Doing#PPCcompetition 39. The Bar is Very Low#PPCcompetition 40. Whats an Average CPC?#PPCcompetition 41. Average Cost Per ClickIndustryGoogle SearchDisplay NetworkFinance$3.09$1.03Travel$0.29$0.28Shopping$0.25$0.27Jobs &amp; Education$1.80$0.34Internet &amp; Telecom$1.11$0.40Computers &amp; Electronics$1.29$0.44Business &amp; Industrial$1.67$0.97Home &amp; Garden$0.76$0.83Autos &amp; Vehicles$0.97$1.03Beauty&amp; Fitness$1.11$1.01#PPCcompetition 42. Whats an Average Conversion Rate?#PPCcompetition 43. Average Conversion RatesIndustryGoogle SearchDisplay NetworkFinance6.12%5.12%Travel1.45%2.99%Shopping3.58%2.19%Jobs &amp; Education6.09%2.09%Internet &amp; Telecom6.27%8.59%Computers &amp; Electronics4.79%2.96%Business &amp; Industrial4.23%4.10%Home &amp; Garden2.21%3.43%Autos &amp; Vehicles4.29%6.15%Beauty&amp; Fitness4.56%2.27%#PPCcompetition 44. Whats an Average CPA?#PPCcompetition 45. Average Cost Per ConversionIndustryGoogle SearchDisplay NetworkFinance$50.49$20.12Travel$20.00$9.36Shopping$6.98$12.33Jobs &amp; Education$29.56$16.27Internet &amp; Telecom$17.70$4.66Computers &amp; Electronics$29.02$14.86Business &amp; Industrial$39.48$23.66Home &amp; Garden$34.39$24.20Autos &amp; Vehicles$22.61$16.75Beauty&amp; Fitness$24.34$44.49#PPCcompetition 46. Dont Settle For Average. Be The Unicorn Among a Sea of Donkey Advertisers. 47. www.wordstream.com/google-adwordswww.wordstream.com/landing-pageGrade Your AdWordsAccountGrade Your AdWordsLanding Pages#PPCcompetition#PPCcompetition 48. Analyze From Without(Look externally) 49. Googles 2013 revenue exceeded $57 billion__________90% of that from Ads#PPCcompetition 50. PPC Advertising is a key component for 48% of Marketers**MarketingSherpa2012 Lead Generation Benchmark Report#PPCcompetition 51. ..66% of those marketers were dissatisfied,finding their ad campaigns only somewhat effective to not effective..at all#PPCcompetition 52. We could all learn a lesson from the 32% who labeled their PPC as very effective. 53. Harness the power of competitive intelligence for your PPC campaignRelevant keyword researchTraffic estimations at domain and keyword levelSpend trendsBudget comparisonsReal-world, crowd-sourced campaign ideas.#PPCcompetition 54. Whatever tool you use, the data must be:Big (106M U.S. keywords)Fresh (popular terms daily)Growing (add new terms)#PPCcompetition 55. Showing Ads (historical trends)Whatever tool you use, the data must be:#PPCcompetition 56. Tied to Domains (40M U.S.)Linked to Landing PagesWhatever tool you use, the data must be:#PPCcompetition 57. Estimate Traffic by keywordEstimate Level of CompetitionWhatever tool you use, the data must be:#PPCcompetition 58. Estimate Spends, domain-levelEstimate Spends, keyword-level#PPCcompetition 59. Seek Rewards While Minimizing Risk 60. Identify True CompetitorsCrush the restBusiness CompetitorsLogically Unrelated BusinessesAmbiguatedentitiesAggregators, catalogs and resellersHomographs (e.g. bar)#PPCcompetition 61. Thats the First Power of Competitive IntelligenceBut wait, theres more#PPCcompetition 62. AnalyzeAssessApplyAgainAgain and Again#PPCcompetition 63. We look at the present through a rear view mirror; we walk backwards into the future~ Marshall McLuhan#PPCcompetition 64. Bring your success full-cycleCompetitive research to periodically sample the marketDetect spend reallocationsUse trends to detect market changesKeyword research to take advantage of semantic shifts.#PPCcompetition 65. What changes? 66. How customers use keywordsNew Opportunities Open UpGrab the first-in advantageOver 15% of daily searches are for new terms.~ Google#PPCcompetition 67. How customers use keywordsOld standbys start to decayCompetitive research to prove the value of alternative keywordsTrends!#PPCcompetition 68. Pride comes before the fallThe cleverest phrases are not the smartest strategy#PPCcompetition 69. Trademark HijackingHow competitors use keywords#PPCcompetition 70. Final takeaways1.Sit at the shoulders of searchers2.Use data with broad reach across millions of keywords3.Track results historically to capture trends that can be judged for their severity and established reliability#PPCcompetition 71. There is no endBring it Full CycleIncreased revenue AND reduced risk? What advertiser cant get behind that?#PPCcompetition</p>