4 steps to becoming a better reader

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  • 1. 4 Steps to Becoming a Better Reader
    Read. A lot.
    Read interesting books.
    Read books that are the right level.
    Think while you read.

2. How do you know if a book is the right level?
It needs to be hard enough that you are challengedbut not so hard that you dont understand it.
Read a page at the beginning and a page in the middle. Count how many words are unfamiliar to you.
0-1 word, too easy
2-5 words, just right
6+ words, too hard
3. How do you find a book?
Ask a reader - Librarians, Teachers, Parents, Friends
Browse the library, or a book store - Luck (Can you judge a book by its cover?)
Do targeted searches - The internet
4. Books you may be interested in
Think of movies you like, find books like those movies.
Think of people or historical events that you like, read nonfiction books about those people or times, or historical fiction about those times.
Read books by authors whose books you like.
Read books other people like, you may like them too.
5. A Couple of Books I Enjoyed