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  1. 1. 4 Most Popular College Football Teams
  2. 2. Do you like watching college football? You may be wondering where your squad ranks on the list of most favored teams. Check out the top 4 most popular college football teams to see if yours makes the list. 1. Michigan The Michigan Wolverines have been ranked as one of the most popular college football teams as a result of an attendance average of 91,321 people over the period of 12 games. Although they may not have the most wins, they certainly have one of the largest fan bases.
  3. 3. 2. Ohio State With the third-largest stadium of any college football team, its no surprise that the Buckeyes have a lot of fans. Ohio Stadium holds almost 105,000 people, with an attendance average of 86,943 over 15 games. 3. Texas A&M The Aggies had the highest increase in attendance for home games from 2013 to 2014, with an average of 105,123 this past season. All of their home games had more than 100,000 fans attend, earning them a spot as one of the most popular teams.
  4. 4. 4. Alabama The Alabama Tide also ranks near the top, as their stadium holds almost 102,000 fans and they often come close to selling out. Their least attended game in the 2014 season was a sellout at Ole Miss. If your favorite college football team didnt make the list, dont worry. With each new season, you have the opportunity to prove yourself as a fan and hopefully push your team up to one of the most popular in the nation. To buy college football flags in Corpus Christi, please visit this website www.btrents.com/football-flags


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