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  • 1. IRONYLanguage or situations that seem to reverse normalexpectations.

2. VERBAL IRONYWhat is meant is usually the opposite of what is said I love your skirt! Where did you get it? It was my moms in the 80s.That is the ugliest skirt Ive ever seen. 3. VERBAL IRONY is not the same asCOINCIDENCE. 4. Its ironic that she fell down the stairs on the first day of both junior and senior year! NO. ITS NOT. Its coincidental. 5. SITUATIONAL IRONYWhen the outcome of actions or events is differentthan the expected or desired results.The Sixth Sense 6. SITUATIONAL IRONYAnother example: 7. DRAMATIC IRONYWhen the audience or reader has a full understandingof a situation while the characters do not.Modern examples:Every horror movie ever Pranks on Punkd 8. DRAMATIC IRONYClassic example: Oedipus Rex, by William Shakespeare The audience is clued in on the fact that Oedipus accidentally fell in love with his mother, but he doesnt realize it until the very end. 9. Are the following examples of verbal irony, situational irony,dramatic irony, or are they not ironic at all?1. I failed the test because I didnt study.2. Batman doesnt know the Joker is waiting for him, but the audience does.3. The passengers airbag killed him when it deployed.4. Thanks for the ticket, Officer. You just made my day.5. Daves blood pressure medication gave him a heart attack.6. Mr. Freeze: Lets kick some ICE!