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4 Great Birthday Cake IdeasIf purchasing a birthday cake is outside your budget this year, or your local bakery simplylacks the creativity to come up with something new, then delving into the kitchenyourself can be simpler than you think.In fact, experiment with any of the following birthday cake ideas, and you can ensureyour birthday girl/boy benefits from an original and inventive cake design.#1.CupcakesThe hardest thing about baking a cake is making sure there is enough for everyone. Toomuch and youll be munching on cake for days. Too little, and you could potentially sendguests home with nothing.Using individual cupcakes is an incredible way to overcome this problem as you canprepare 1 cupcake per confirmed guest (preventing waste), but also get creative withyour designs. Popular childrens cakes include using cupcakes to make the shape of acaterpillar, snake or bugs, or layering them within a tier stand. Simply add some frostingand sweets, and you can immediately prevent wastage.#2.Get creative with your shapesNumbers, animals, bags, purses, castles or pirate ships youd be surprised by how easyit is to carve rectangle/circular sponges and shape them into your favourite things.Even novice cake makers can have a go at this, as there are hundreds of template designsand tutorials on the web which can assist you during the carving and assemblage stagesof the cake.#3.Rainbow cake:A growing phenomenon, rainbow cake looks fantastic yet is incredibly easy to make. Justtake a traditional sponge recipe, add some food colouring and you can create layersupon layers of delicious cake that you can order as you wish. For instance, you couldfocus solely on your childs favour colour (making each layer a different shade); youcould concentrate on a small collection of colours they like or you could go for the fullrainbow effect.Top Suggestion:Alongside these rainbow layers, you could also try cutting out the centre of severallayers, and filling them with their favourite sweets and chocolates to create the illusionthat they are bursting out.#4.Think outside the boxSimilar to the cupcake idea, instead of opting for traditional layers of sponge cake, whynot create a cake from your favourite foods? From shaping piles of profiteroles toresemble a cake, to tiering wheels of cheese; you can get creative with your birthdaycakes and ensure it is something the birthday girl/boy will always remember.About the Author:David has a keen interest in the food industry and associated with CaterLine Ltd a leadingUK catering equipment supplier for restaurants, hotels, bars, kitchens.Source URL:http://cakejournal.com/cake-lounge/4-great-birthday-cake-ideas/http://www.caterlineltd.co.uk/http://cakejournal.com/cake-lounge/4-great-birthday-cake-ideas/