4 career change resume mistakes to avoid

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4 Career Change Resume Mistakes to Avoid


1. Not Speaking the Language

If youre taking a whole new turn in your career, its up to you to re-vamp your resume with a career switch in mind. Make clear that you understand your targeted new industry, and spell out how youll be a real performer if youre hired.

2. Appearing Unfocused

If its been a while since you made changes to your resume, dont hesitate to take a red pencil to your CV to make it sharper, more focused, and individually tailored to each job opening.

3. Looking Outdated

If youve always had a paper-only resume, its probably time to craft an online resumeto demonstrate your technological know-how, and to showcase your experience in a more immediately accessible way.

4. Overloading with Details

Be selectivedont stuff your resume with every single accomplishment of your career. If you have many years of experience, youll likely need to omit some past achievementsespecially those that are more than 15 years old.

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