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  • 8/14/2019 3rdway Progressive Leadership Council


    3rdway progressive LeadershipCouncil's ( 3wplcSLK) Sri Lanka

    We are a consortium of elected officials andpolitically and vocalically active citizens workingtogether to develop new and effective policysolutions for our country's most importantchallenges, at every level of government. Theseideas are grounded in the great progressivepolitical tradition that has given Sri Lanka its bestpossible leaders and most enduring


    Like lot of our past and presents Leaders such asLiberals, Republicans, Democrats Lefties, Centreleaders & independents we believe that there arefour overriding challenges facing Sri Lanka today:

    Continue to implement policies &procedures which will benefits that Sri

    Lanka safe in the midst of a national andglobal war against terror;

    Building an opportunity society at a timeof great economic insecurity;

    Providing a cultural atmosphereconducive to working families;

    Reforming a broken and corrupt politicalsystem.

    In this election year, 3rdway progressives arefacing a rare opportunity: the chance to build agoverning majority that can last.

    While much of the attention is understandablyfocused on the presidential race, there will also bevital elections at the General elections nationwide.

    It is in Government that progressives can deliver alegislative program that helps working families,

  • 8/14/2019 3rdway Progressive Leadership Council


    promotes our national security, and builds aprosperous and healthy future for our children andgrandchildren.

    This process need to develop a version of the3rdway progressive Leadership Council's 3wplc SLforward vision (Edirie Dakme) Agenda. We candevote to help 3rdway progressives to make themost of this opportunity.

    The proposals that follow represent some of themost promising ideas for modern solutions

    grounded in the 3rdway progressive movement'scommitment to opportunity, responsibility,security, and reform.

    Please lets discuss and inform me that if youwould like the ideology develop here, in order forus to move away from personalise abuses andthreats against each others believe and Pathumsfor Sri Lanka. Policies do not need to be colourcoded political values as we all need to be part ofSri Lanka. I am sure none of you will go there aresettle for ever. Therefore running politicalconvictions from our email boxes need to be focuson a real vision and working to deliver a realisticmodel of good governance for New Sri Lanka. .

    Things I thought that we should be considering

    National Security:

    We need to spell out clearly the convictions thatunderlie their vision of Sri Lankan leadership in

    the post Eelam War world. (Sri Lankan CivilWar) It's imperative that we recapture the

  • 8/14/2019 3rdway Progressive Leadership Council


    muscular, progressive internationalism of ourpast leaders, intelligentsia and her citizens, inorder to assuage voters' doubts that nationalsecurity is our movements first priority. Not justsomething we talk about until we can changethe subject.

    For more on Security, please add more commentson policy areas: so we can formulate valuableroadmap.

    National Defense & Homeland Security

    Foreign Policy

    Economic Opportunity:

    3rdway progressives have to write a new economicstory that makes upward mobility once againpossible for hard-working Sri Lankans. In the past,if you wanted to get ahead you were a SLFPer orUNPer. If you wanted to join the ranks of a growingmiddle-class you were UNPer. But Sri Lankans willnever know we're the opportunity party unless weoffer a bold, clear vision of economic growth thatwill help them get ahead.

    For more on Economic Opportunity, please addyour ideals on to policy areas: I think for thebeginning we can look at

    Economic & Fiscal Policy

    Trade & Global Markets

  • 8/14/2019 3rdway Progressive Leadership Council


    Energy & Environment

    Health Care

    Technology & Innovation

    The New Economy

    Common Values:

    As modernisers we have long sought to findcommon ground by promoting big ideas rooted inthe values that most Sri Lankans share. Winningthe cultural debate doesn't require compromising

    our values but it does require offering a positiveagenda of our own that strengthens families,empowers parents, couples rights withresponsibilities, and asks for everyone to give backto their country.

    For more on Values, please do add on to thesepolicy heads areas:

    Work, Family & Community

    National Service & Civic Enterprise

  • 8/14/2019 3rdway Progressive Leadership Council


    Quality of Life

    Crime & Public Safety


    We have always spoken to Sri Lanka mosteloquently when, as reformers, we confront thestatus quo with a positive agenda for change. We

    need to reclaim the mantle of reform andinnovation.

    For more on Reform, please add on to thesepolicy areas:

    Political Reform


    The Sri Lankan people deserve a political party orPolitical movements that are champions thevalues, interests, and safety of the broadercitizenship and all who aspire to join it. We canbuild a lasting legacy, but only if we do the hardwork to earn our peoples that is our voters' trust.