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New Concept of Call Center operations developed by Digitizer Group - your innovative Business Solutions Company


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2. 1st Generation of Buying
Supply Chain Model
The Customer has the need.
They would either go to a Retailer or contact and select a particular Vendor whose Sales Team attempts to push them through their Sales process, and get their product or service delivered to them via a certain supply chain.
Even these days, most of the
Commodities are still being
Sold this way
3. 2nd Generation of Buying
Social Marketing Model
The Customer has the need.
Theyresearch the Internet and/or ask their friends or peers opinion on what product or service to buy.This generation is characterized by increased level of confusion amongst Buyers and frustration amongstSellers trying to outbid each other fighting for buyers attention
4. Quote
BuyersConfusion: ...a burgeoning supply of service providers create a plethora of similar-sounding, but confusing claims that keep B2B buyers running from demo to demo and scratching their heads over which offering will best meet their needs.
Sellers Confusion: This forces vendors to compete primarily on price and accelerate margin erosion instead of investing in buyer education and substantiating investment returns.
- Laura Ramos,
Marketing Professional
Forrester Research B2B Lead Management Automation Market Overview, 2009
5. 3rd Generation of Buying
Integration Model
Effective Buying
Effective Sales and Marketing
Integrated approach to Buying and Selling
6. 3G Concept
3G Concept derives from our free report Buying Model 3G that describes how the customers make buying decisions in the new millennium and how you can gain instant and unfair advantage over your competitors if you understand and implement this concept in your own business.
7. 3G Call Center Projects
8. Our 3G Virtual Offices
9. 1st Generation of Virtual Office
Business Entity Model

  • Business Presence

10. Mailbox Rental 11. Shipping/Receiving 12. Phone/Fax Forwarding


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