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For Venture Labs' Technology Entrepreneurship course, fall 2012. This demo deck discusses our team's market opportunity, introduces the market domain, comments on a marked-up prototype, shares the results of our customer testing, and directs where to go to learn more.


<ul><li> 1. Technology Entrepreneurship, Fall 2012Rock, Paper, ScissorsBrian Hart, Jon Lazar, Tony Hanberg, Joshua Maynez, Eric Chang</li></ul> <p> 2. What is 3D Printing? Turns digital files into physical objects Builds objects up layer-by-layerWhy 3D print? Create your own jewelry or gadgets Rapid prototyping Develop your own replacement parts Print a kidney? 3. JewelryOrnamentsiPhone cases, iPad standsCustom chess piecesGames for children and adultsGun partsReplacement parts for broken itemsParts to build new 3D printers 4. Acquire a design Create new model in Google Sketchup, AutoDesk, etc. Download someone elses and customizeUpload to 3D printing site like shapeways.comChoose a material Plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, and morePlace orderReceive in mail 5. Each 3D printing web site has their ownwarehouse of models Takes time to find what you need Makes it hard to comparison shopThingiverse has free models but no orderingInterest will grow as printers become: Cheap Locally ubiquitous Easy to use 6. Provide a vendor-neutral marketplace formodelsMake it dead simple for users to: Buy and print an existing model Buy and download an existing model (so they can customize it) Find a pro to help design something Buy printers, accessories, and materialsIncorporate gamification &amp; reputation 7. Interviewed potential users and designers: Do you know what 3D printing is? Are you aware 3D printing technology exists? Do you know difference between 2D &amp; 3D printing? Where to buy 3D models or goods online? Would you buy a 3D printed product if a service made it seamless to do so? What factors are important to you in purchasing a 3D good? Price? Material quality? Warranty? 8. Prospective user interviews uncovered keypoints Unfamiliar with 3D printing in general Thought it was future tech Unclear on process for finding models Unclear on how to turn models into physical objects Thought the technology was cool and exciting 9. Simplify sales funnel into basicsDont make assumptions about pre-existingknowledge we need to help educate!Over-deliver on promise of simple &amp; seamlessuser experienceWebsite should be very visually drivenMake sure the customer understands exactlywhat theyre buying (download vs real object) 10. Prospective designer interview uncovered keypoints Make the seller tools easy to use Analytics helpful for tuning sales How many people viewed How many bought What options they chose Referring site, search keywords Highlight popular and top-rated designs Avoid printing errors early in the process 11. Provide rendering defaults that users canoverrideStreamline upload process Accept multiple formats Timely error-checkingAllow designers some flexibility in customizingtheir sales pagesProvide solid analytics 12. Please visit:http://3dprint.leanlunchlab.comComment/critiques welcome at:http://bit.ly/VentureLabs</p>