38. past unreal conditional, speaker bias, reported speech

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Academic Interactions 130

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AnnouncementWe have a very special announcement:

ALL NEXT WEEK:Monday, March 30throughFriday, April 3

There will be Grammar Workshops with TOEFL exercises

Every day in Boucke 306, at 3pm

Wednesday, 4/1: PrepositionsThursday, 4/2: Articles and nounsFriday, 4/3: Reading complex grammarAnnouncementLast week of APLNG 484 tutoring = April 6-12thAgendaReview: past unreal conditionalsDetecting speaker biasDirect vs. indirect speech

Past Unreal Conditional ReviewWhat do we use this tense for?To say that something did not happen in the past, such as:If I had gone to the concert, I would have had fun.How is it formed?

If-clauseresult-clausepast perfect (had + past participle)modal + have + past participleSome tips beginning part can switch with the end

If I had gone, I would have had fun.I would have had fun if I had gone. (no comma)

If I could have gone, I would have had fun.I would have had fun if I could have gone. (no comma)

Modals in the Result Clausewould certaintyIf she had spoken with me, I would have said sorry.could abilityIf I had seen him yesterday, I could have asked him.should adviceIf you had wanted to win, you should have trained more intensely.might unsure about the possibilityIf I had eaten ice cream, I might have chosen vanilla!Past Unreal Conditional (3rd conditional) in MusicVideo

Watch the video.I will pause it on examples.Discuss the meaning of the example with your group.

http://busyteacher.org/10185-third-conditional-worksheet.htmlPathways 124 Vocabularypg. 125, complete + listen (130B)BiasWhat is bias?

Detecting Bias (pg. 126)Listen to the conversation on pg. 125Complete Before Listening Making InferencesListeningListen + take notesComplete Part A (main ideas)Listen againComplete Part B (details)Complete After Listening, part A and BReported/Indirect Speech

Practice1. The teacher said, Open your books. (imperative to infinitive)The teacher told us _________________ books.

2. Bill said, You have to pay the tax. (simple present to simple past)Bill told them (that)_____________ to pay the tax.

3. Mary asked, John, are you studying political science? (present progressive to past progressive)Mary asked John _______________political science.

4. Amy prepared a delicious meal, Mark said. (simple past to past perfect)Mark said (that)___________________.

5. Sam, have you ever eaten at that restaurant? Jack asked. (present perfect to past perfect)Jack asked Sam if he ____________________at that restaurant.Verb Changes

More PracticePg. 128, part AHWInterview Voicethread assignment DUE 4/6 (Blog)

Group Presentation DUE 4/10 (Box)

Tutoring and Conversation Partner (meeting 6) recording and reflection DUE 4/5 (Box)