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  • 1. AcademicInteractions 130AFall 2014IECPNikki Mattson

2. Agenda Conversation starters Persuasive speech Problem/solution video example Pronunciation practice (stress) 3. Conversation Starter 1 IECP classes and assignmentsare viewed as daunting by somestudents. As we once read inclass, any homework is too muchhomework. In your experience,what is the most daunting task orhomework you have beenassigned? Why? (Linguistics)(Sung Jun) 4. Conversation Starter 2 Humans have three lines ofdefense against illness. The firstdefense is our skin and mucousmembranes; the second is ourbody fluid; the third is specificimmunities. It is easily to get sickin State College, so what shouldpeople do to boost theirimmunities? ( biology )Rita 5. Conversation Starter 3 The invention of the first internalcombustion engine by sir SamuelBrown in 1823 was an unprecedentedachievement in the history of modernindustry. It came after a series of failedattempts by al-Jazari in 1206. Whatother inventions have eventuallysucceeded after multiple failedattempts? ( Mohammed Al Manai /mechanical engineering ) 6. Persuasive Speech (leap pgs.94-94)1. Which part of your group presentation will persuasive speech be used for?2. What are some examples of language and techniques that you can use tobe persuasive? 7. Group Presentation =Problem/Solution Presentation Instructions: Watch the video and takenotes on the following questions: 1) What would you like to replicate (copy) in your grouppresentation? 2) What will you plan to do differently in your grouppresentation? 3) What new information did you learn from the video?Example Presentation 8. Pronunciation Practice (stress) 9. Two-Syllable Words About 80% of two-syllable nouns and adjectives get their stress onthe first syllable. Two-syllable verbs and prepositions usually have stress on thesecond syllable, but there are exceptions to this too. http://www.really-learn-english.com/word-stress.html#1 10. 2-syllable wordsPENcil BOTtle SOfaMost two-syllable nouns have stress on the first syllable.Try these phrases:a brown PENcilan empty BOTtlea new SOfaprePARE apPOINT reCEIVEMost two-syllable verbs have stress on the secondsyllable.Try these phrases:prePARE a fancy dinnerapPOINT the new leaderreCEIVE a phone call 11. Group Work 12. Interview Comments Interview Commenting assignment DUE 11/6 by midnight: Choose one interview that you are interested in watching. Answerthe following questions in a 1-2 minute audio or video comment viaVoicethread: 1) What is the most interesting thing that you learned aboutacademic life at PSU from this interview? 2) What aspects and/or pieces of information in the interview weresimilar to the interview you conducted? 3) What aspects and/or pieces of information in the interview weredifferent from the interview you conducted? 2 points of extra credit offered for each (legitimate) extra commentthat you make (5 comment limit). If you do the extra credit, sendme an email to let me know which videos you commented on. 13. HW Interview commenting assignment DUE 11/6 by midnight Group presentation DUE 11/11