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    37th FIDE Chess Olympiad Turin 2006

    Turin, Italy, 20th May – 4th June 2006


  • Time schedule of the 37th FIDE Chess Olympiad Turin

    May 20 2006 H. 21.00 Opening ceremony May 21 2006 H. 15.00 First round May 22 2006 H. 15.00 Second round May 23 2006 H. 15.00 Third round May 24 2006 H. 15.00 Fourth round May 25 2006 H. 15.00 Fifth round May 26 2006 Rest day May 27 2006 H. 15.00 Sixth round May 28 2006 H. 15.00 Seventh round May 29 2006 H. 15.00 Eighth round May 30 2006 H. 15.00 Ninth round May 31 2006 H. 15.00 Tenth round June 1 2006 Rest day June 2 2006 H. 15.00 Eleventh round June 3 2006 H. 15.00 Twelfth round June 4 2006 H. 10.00 Thirteenth round H. 18,30 Awards ceremony

  • Dear Mr President, I am writing to inform you that we must be notified of the names of your team members on the enclosed form by 25 March 2006. Accommodation in the Olympic Village (full board) at our expense for each Federation: 6+1 (men's team) 4+1 (women's team) 1 delegate A maximum number of 13 persons is at our expense for each Federation. Period of accommodation gratis For teams From dinner on 20 May to lunch on 5 June inclusive For delegates See specific invitation for delegates The cost for each federation The only charge to you will be the sum of 100 euros for each participant (players - captains - other members of your delegation, partners, etc.), inclusive of expenses for accreditation, transport on arrival and departure (Turin Caselle airport/Olympic Village and/or Porta Nuova rail station/Olympic Village), all Olympiad Secretariat services, concessions of various kinds in Turin (we are hoping to obtain discounts for purchases of Italian products and free use of buses and the city"'"s sports facilities), 24h medical cover and temporary medical insurance. The cost of special requests and room description The apartments have 1 bathroom every 4 beds and 2 bathrooms from 5 beds up. To change from a two-bed room to two single-bed rooms costs 30 euros each per day for each player. It is possible for official federation accompanying persons (such as relations, partners, trainers, federation personnel) to be housed in the Olympic Village on a full board arrangement for a price of 70 euros per day in a one-bed or two-bed room. These options will only be available if there actually is room in the Olympic Village and only if you respect the deadline of 25 March 2006. The total sum due should be paid by the federation by 25 March 2006 by bank transfer to: PAYEE'S NAME: COMITATO ORGANIZZATORE DELLE OLIMPIADI DEGLI SCACCHI BANK:ISTITUTO BANCARIO SAN PAOLO TORINO AGENCY:AGENZIA 2 ADDRESS:VIA SANT'ANSELMO 18 - 10125 TORINO IBAN: IT46 I010 2501 0021 0000 0060 112 BIC: IBSPITTM ABI 01025 CAB 01002 C/C 100000060112 CIN I If you prefer to make the transfer by Western Union please kindly send us an e-mail to this address: segreteria@chessolympiad-torino2006.org

    http://www.westernunion.com/ mailto:segreteria@chessolympiad-torino2006.org

  • asking us the informations you need and we will provide to answer you with all informations. For those federations intending to use hotels in Turin and not the Olympic Village, the costs are as follows (prices valid until 15 February):

    3 STAR HOTEL FROM TO Double room € 57,50 € 89,75 3-bed room € 43,00 € 52,66 Single room € 88,00 € 125,50 4 STAR HOTEL FROM TO Double room € 71,75 € 92,75 Single room € 117,00 € 155,50 5 STAR HOTEL FROM TO Double room € 91,50 € 117,00 Single room € 164,00 € 210,50

    The above rates are per night per person

    Where hotels are used and not the Olympic Village, the Organising Commitee does not consider itself responsible for transport to and from the playing venue and the restaurant in the Olympic village costs 20 euros per person per meal. For any further hotel information you may need, please contact our tour operators: booking@blubs.it. In this case, in addition to the form, please send an email requesting such hotel accommodation and we will pass it on to our tour operator. ATTENTION We count on your cooperation, which will permit everybody to work profitably to make your stay in Turin a happy one, and we invite you to fill out the form registering you to take part in the Turin Olympiad and to send it in at your earliest. The sooner you fill out and send in the form and give us all necessary information about your journey and your needs, the sooner and the more easily we will be able to help you. We would point out that in this reserved Area you will also find a list of the countries that require visas for Italy. Assistance from the Olympiad Secretariat to help you obtain such a visa will be possible only if you respect the date of 25 March 2006. If Italy has more than one embassy or consulate in your country, please remember to indicate the embassy or the consulate that is most convenient for each player. We repeat: you must complete the enclosed form and mail it to us by 25 March. ATTENTION: all payments must be made by 25 March. Late payments will be subject to a surcharge of 20%. The General Manager of the Organising Committee of the Turin Chess Olympiad 2006 Michele Cordara


  • President’s Olympiad Report In the month of November 2005, the Turin 2006 Organising Committee authorized the ICSC to apply in the F.I.D.E Website with the invitation of 13 persons (6 players for the Men’s team, 4 players for the Ladies team, two captains and a ICSC delegate) for participation in the 37th FIDE Chess Olympiad, Turin, Italy between the dates 20th May - 4th June 2006. It took four months of correspondence by email to confirm the eligibility of the ICSC. On 15th February 2006, the ICSC has sent the registration of the Men’s and Ladies team to the organising committee Turin: ICSC Team Men’s: 1. Board: Collutiis Duilio Italy IM Elo 2404 2. Board: Georgiev Veselin Bulgaria IM Elo 2310 3. Board: Salov Sergey Germany IM Elo 2293 4. Board: Nauryzgaliyev Amangeljdy Kazakhstan Elo 2226 5. Reserve: Kovalenko Volodymyr Ukraine Elo 2188 6. Reserve: Hoffmann Rainer Germany Elo 2136 Captain: Cehic Goran Croatia ICSC Team Ladies: 1. Board: Ryvova Anna Czech Republic WFM Elo 2057 2. Board: Nazarova Olga Italy Elo 2037 3. Board: Rossinskaya Liudmila Russia Elo 1931 4. Reserve: Gonchar Svitlana Ukraine Captain: Parfenov Pavel Russia On May 20th 2006, in the Olympic Village entertained over 2300 athletes (Players, trainers, companions, members of national delegations and federal delegates of the 165 nations of the whole world). Then it was the captains turn for the drawing of the teams, based on official FIDE ratings. In the Olympic Village there are two cafeterias, cafe, shops, analysis rooms, internet rooms, meeting rooms, information centres, and first aid. The Village was accessible from the chess playing hall at the Oval Lingotto via a very long bridge. The chess technology has never been so advanced. Every single game (450 in all for each round) was being recorded using computer technology connected to the chess board, and this enable live broadcasting through the internet. This enabled chess fans from all over the globe to follow their own team or go through the games of the great champions move by move. It was anticipated that this would attract 30 million chess fans.

    http://www.chessolympiad-torino2006.org/eng/organizzazione_area_federazioni.php?pag=3&pagina=5 http://www.chessolympiad-torino2006.org/eng/index.php

  • On the first rest day of 2nd June 2006, the ICSC visited the Turin Centre Deaf for light refreshments and had the pleasant opportunity of getting acquainted with the deaf club members. Speeches and photos were exchanged. I participated as ICSC representative together with the IBCA and the IPCA at the meeting of the FIDE Committee on Chess for the Disabled chaired by the Mr.Gerry Walsh (England). We discussed the current situation of disabled chess with the aim of improving relations with the F.ID.E. The English representatives, Mr.Phillip Gardner (ICSC Secretary) and Mr.Michael Freund (ICSC Treasurer), visited for two days for an I.C.S.C. Executive Meeting at the Turin Deaf Centre, and they were warmly welcomed. In the Men’s section, they were 150 national teams and it is a fantastic achievement that the ICSC finished in 76th place with 26 points. We captured the bronze medal position in the FIDE category prizes “D” band. In the Women’s section, they finished in 87th place out of 108 participating teams. I am indeed delighted with the positive performance of all the I.C.S.C. players. For full team results, games (via Chessbase), you could visit the ICSC Website http://web.tiscalinet.it/icsc_w/Torino2006/pageTorino.html The next 38th FIDE Chess Olympiad will take place at Dresden, Germany in the month of November 2008 and I hope to see the ICSC continue participating in this beautiful prestigious event. Yours in chess. Michele Visco, ICSC President

    http://chess-results.com/tnr3410.aspx?tnr=3410&art=22&lan=1&flag=30 http://web.tiscalinet.it/icsc_w/Torino2006/pageTorino.html

  • 21\05\06 22\05\06 23\05\06 24\05\06 25\05\06 27\05\06 28\05\06 29\05\06 30\05\06 31\05\06 2\06\06 3\06\06 4\06\06

    Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

    1 Collutiis D. 2404 - - 1 1 0 1 0,5 1 0,5 1 0 0 0,5 6,5 /11

    2 Georgiev V. 2310 0 1 0,5 0,5 0,

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