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<p>Top 7 Earth Day Activities 2017 </p> <p>Top 7 Earth Day Activities 2017Earth Day Activities for Kids, Schools, and Offices.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>1. Adopt a Plant Plants are a complete living being, adapting them is not only beneficial for the environment and the earth but it is also very rewarding for us humans in all sorts of ways. Adopting a plant will also improve the air quality of your room. Learn about the uses and benefits of having indoor plants in order to take maximum benefit and enjoyment out of this Earth Day activity.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>2. Feed the birds Feeding a bird is really a beautiful experience. When the small little bird sits on your hand and eats the food with its beak, it makes you realize that you connected and interdependent we all are. Also, this Earth Day activity will bring you and your children/students closer to animals. They can also learn and implement the concept of recycling by making some bird feeders out of bottles and cartons. In short, this earth day activity for students and children is a holistic one.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>3. Battle Energy VampiresWe remain oblivious of all the electronics and appliances which are left on consuming energy in our homes and classrooms, even when not in use. So, this earth day activity is an amazing opportunity to switch off these appliances and reduce (and even eliminate) the energy wastage. Put some engaging reminders to reap the year-long benefit of this earth day activity for classrooms.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>4. Plan a Garden BedYou know why the Earth Day was organized in April? Because of the Spring. Its the perfect time for us to realize the benefit of gardening and planting. This amazing Earth day activity allows you to grow healthy, nutritious and delicious food on your own by starting a beautiful garden bed in your backyard or even in your community.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>5. Clean Out Your Closet and Donate to a CharityMany people are unaware about the fact that manufacturing new clothing item consumes a lot of precious and limited resources like water. So, in this Earth Day activity, you favor yourself by decluttering your wardrobe and then donating your lightly used clothes to your local charity. This beneficial Earth Day activity will not only help other people, but it will also help you in organizing your wardrobe and instilling a more conscious approach towards buying and using clothes.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>6. Plant a TreeYou may have heard about this Earth Day activity many times, but there is a reason why everyone advises activists and people about the importance of planting trees. Our planet is facing the serious threat of Global Warming and similar problems, one of the best in tackling these challenges is simply planting more trees. Use this Earth Day as an opportunity to plant trees in your backyard, garden, and community and contribute back to mother earth with this communal Earth Day activity.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>7. Throw a Green PartyThis whole big Earth is a one big community including all of us. So why not use this Earth Day by simply celebrating the fact that we are alive in this beautiful planet and living together? J In this Indoor Earth Day activity, try inviting your conscious living friends and have a great, Green Party with organic foods and a healthy discussion about the well-being of our community, including the planet and all species.Visit: http://earthday2017.today/earth-day-activities for more. </p> <p>Visit: www.EarthDay2017.today for Earth Day Activities</p>