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    Dynapac PL350, PL500 and PL1000




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    Dynapacs three compact planers have milling widths

    from 0.35 1 m and are heavily equipped. These

    planers are built for tight applications and are easy to

    maneuver in urban construction zones. Foldable right

    rear chassis on compact planer range enables flush

    cutting alongside the curbs or walls.

    Apart from their high production rates, customers will

    also appreciate the simple and ergonomic operator in-

    terface, ease of serviceability, reduced noise levels and

    multitude of options that goes along with the machine.

    Innovative features like a downholder, patented option-al parallelogram front axle and unique cover on the left

    side plate allow efficient milling operation.

    These wheeled planers have an optional quick-detach

    rear-loading conveyor belt that easily carries the milled

    material away. Diverse conveyor belt options are availa-

    ble to suit your different applications. Options include a

    short conveyor for loading into a wheel loader or a long

    conveyor for trucks. A foldable long conveyor option

    makes transportation easier.

    In addition to the standard heavy duty milling drum, the

    compact planers can also be fitted with a fine milling

    drum for increased smoothness of the cutting surface.

    An easily attachable electronic leveling system optionfurther enhances milling surface accuracy.

    COMPACT PLANERS are ideal for narrow jobsite areas where asphalt or concrete surfaces needto be milled. Because traffic is increasing on aging roads, cold planers play a vital role in the up-keep of infrastructure while also helping to reclaim material for reuse. Dynapac Cold planers aredesigned to deliver maximum productivity in varying jobsite and operating conditions.

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    With a wide side cover on the milling

    chamber, the side-mounted millingdrums on all Dynapac compact planers

    can be quickly and easily exchanged.

    Fine milling drums, as well as a cutting

    wheel (PL500), are available for varied


    As a result, these planers are ready for

    operation on the most diverse jobs,

    providing a clear advantage in terms of

    flexibility and reduced costs.


    All compact planers have working

    lights and a backlit panel for night

    work as standard, meaning you can

    easily work during night when theres

    less traffic.

    The Dynapac PL500/1000 have work-

    ing LED lights in canopy and traffic

    lights are standard.

    INTELLIGENT SIDE PLATECompact planers with a mechanically

    propelled milling drum feature the newly

    developed seal on the left side plate. The

    seal is positioned tightly against the

    milling chamber and effectively closes the

    opening for the drive within the side plate

    with a mechanicallyoperated restraint, at

    every milling depth.

    The result:

    - less material spill out of the milling

    chamber next to the track

    -a height reference placed directly on

    the side plate when using electronic


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    STABLE CHASSIS LEGDynapac has designed a robust, square

    profile for the chassis legs for compact

    planers starting at 500 mm milling

    widths. For further stabilization, the

    square profile has been rotated by 45

    in order to increase the strength once

    again. In comparison to round pipes,

    this design achieves remarkably in-

    creased longevity. Nevertheless, should

    tolerances arise at some point due to

    wear and tear, the wear plates are eas-

    ily adjustable.

    THE SUBJECT OF WATERThanks to automatic control of the

    water spray system, resources can be

    effectively conserved and the operator

    can be relieved from certain tasks.

    Other practical solutions include water

    filters that are easily accessible and

    easily changed, in addition to well-

    thought-out water drainage solutions

    for the winter months.

    ALL-AROUND PROTECTIONLarge stop rods on Dynapac compact

    planers protect the plastic water tank

    from damage.

    In addition, all operator consoles are

    protected from vandalism by massive

    steel plate covers.

    Lights and leveling systems, if present,

    can be stored in a theft-proof manner.

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    Working llights and backlit panel com-

    bined with large water and fuel tanks

    increase productivity.

    EASY TO USEIt is easy to control the Dynapac

    PL350. The pictograms on the dash-

    board are easy to learn and understand.

    The simplified smart switch layout

    makes it easy to operate the machine.

    SAFETYDynapac PL350 has an interlock system

    that prevents the operator from driving

    from ground.

    ALL INCLUSIVEThe Dynapac PL350 includes all that

    is needed in terms of milling, short

    rear loading conveyour, all wheel drive,

    operator seat and stand extension.

    For fine milling there is an optional drum

    with 6 mm toll spacing.


    THE OPERATORThe ergonomic positioning of the driver

    behind the cutting drum allows for a

    very clear view of the cutting edge.

    In addition, the operators placement

    on the rear platform allows for faster

    and safer mounting and dismounting.


    The Dynapac PL350 is the smallestmodel of a new generation of compact

    planers from Dynapac. The three-wheel

    cold planer is specially developed for

    partial repairs of asphalt and concrete

    pavements and removing of surfaces

    in buildings. The hydrostatically front

    driven three-wheel compact planer with

    hydraulical drum drive is capable of

    removing concrete and asphalt across a

    cutting width of 350 mm at a maxi-

    mum cutting depth of 100 mm.

    Removable ballastShort conveyer

    Working lightsAll wheel drive

    Drivers seatStand extension

    Instrument panel with backlitMirror

    Standard milling drum, w/ bits and first change

    ScalesTwo water refilling stations,

    standard /quickVandal cover

    Tool setTool box

    Automatic conveyer control

    Automatic water spraying control


    For options - pls. see page 11.

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    WELL PROTECTEDVandalism protection is especially important

    for construction vehicles that have to remain at

    construction sites overnight. In the case of the

    PL350, Dynapac offers a solid steel plate cover

    that totally protects the operator console.

    FULLY AUTOMATICThe automatic mode for the conveyor belt and the water

    spray bar for the cutting tools relieves the operator of con-

    stant repetitive movements. The automation is activated

    during milling and turned off when the milling stops. This

    saves water and extends the time between refilling the

    water tank.

    REMOVABLE WEIGHTThe balanced distribution of weight provided by the

    removable ballast allows for milling without vibra-

    tions; this is especially advantageous when per-

    forming sensitive tasks such as demarcation. The

    front ballast weight can be easily removed from the

    machine with a forklift, and the planer can then be

    put to use in buildings with a reduced weight.


    With an equal steering angle of 75 both tothe right and to the left, the Dynapac PL350

    achieves a level of maneuverability in nar-

    row construction sites that is unmatched.

    There is no constriction when steering to

    the left due to the cylinder steering. With a

    milling radius of only 10 cm, pivoting on the

    spot is almost possible.

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    DYNAPAC PL500 & PL1000 ON A REPAIR JOBUse of Dynapac PL500 or PL1000 compact planers for removing the existing sur-

    face course within the range of a bridge. The units can be equipped with an optional

    short or long conveyor for loading into a bucket or on a truck. For deep millingcuts, the Dynapac PL500 or PL1000 are the best options. With the engine output

    of 97/150 kW as well as a belt drive that operates with almost no power loss, the

    Dynapac complact planers effortlessly achieve a milling depth of 200 - 300 mm.

    The combination of intelligent weight distribution and the mechanical drum

    drive is ideal for powerful milling on larger surfaces. Due to its very narrow milling

    radius and compact dimensions, the Dynapac PL500 and PL1000 are also ideal

    for urban milling projects.

    CUTTING WHEELSExterior cutting wheels option on PL500

    Working lights

    Traffic lightsInstrument panel with backlit

    Vibration insulated operator platform

    Adjustable operators seatSlide able operators platform

    Vandal coverTool box

    Tool setCup holders

    4-wheel driveParallelogram front axle

    Scales (clocks)

    Cleaning setCanopy including compartment- and

    working lights LEDPreparation for Easy Leveling System ELS

    Hydraulic foldable legHydraulic operated front mold board

    Standard milling drum,with bits and first change

    Drum quick changeTwo water refilling stations,


    Automatic conveyer controlAutomatic water spraying control



    DYNAPAC PL500 and PL1000



    Working width 80 mmCutting depth 300 mm

    Cutting diameter 1020 mmSpacing 20 mm

    Number of tools 38

    Vibration insulated

    operators platform

    Slidable operators platform

    for perfect view

    RIGID SOLUTIONRigid square tubes for the

    liftable legs with adjustable


    For options - pls. see page 11.

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    A CLEAR VIEWA clear view of the cutting edge

    and a good all-around view are

    important when milling.


    LELOGRAM AXLEDynapac offers a patented

    parallelogram axle, cutting

    around manholes is pos-

    sible at any time.

    EVERYTHING IN SIGHTThe operators seat can be shifted out-

    ward, allowing an unobstructed view over

    and along the cutting edge. A low frame

    height behind the operators seat allows

    for a clear view of the conveying belt.

    HIGH CAPACITYWater tanks and diesel tanks

    are the largest in the class.

    WEATHER PROOFUnique hydraulically liftable

    weather proof canopy.

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    MORE POWER, IMPROVEDMANEUVERABILITYHigher performance and innovative features will help milling

    operators get the job done even faster and more efficiently.

    The new Dynapac compact planers offer an impressive

    20 percent more power at a maximum milling depth of

    300 mm, which substantially enhances milling performance

    when tackling deep cutting jobs or hard and abrasive material.

    This power, combined with a small turning radius and a best

    in class and quickly detachable rear discharge conveyor,

    makes the new model ideal for larger jobs in cities or con-

    fined areas.


    MILLING OF ROAD JUNCTIONSThe Dynapac PL500 and PL1000 compact planers are im-

    pressive with their maneuverability, compact dimensions andgood view of the cutting edge. For cutting alongside a curb,

    the right rear leg is folded in.

    CUTTING DRUM MOUNTED TO ONE SIDEBecause the cutting drum is mounted to one side, exchanging

    it with a fine milling drum has become significantly easier. By

    pivoting the right chassis leg and opening the milling drum

    flap on the side, the drum can be exchanged in minutes. The

    planer is then ready for other tasks in a short period of time

    and costly downtime is reduced.

    AUTOMATIC LIFTAs part of its Easy Level system, Dynapac also offers a lift

    mode that automatically elevates the machine to a pre-set

    value at the press of a button.

    This helps, for example, to significantly reduce the number

    of steps needed to remove road markings or to drive over ob-

    stacles. This means less stress for the operator and increases

    the planers daily output when combined with the accuracy

    of the leveling system.

    The optional Dynapac Easy Leveling system - the name

    says it all. Easy Level guarantees an easy operation of the

    most essential requirements in daily milling operations.

    All four values (left / right and actual / target) are clearly

    displayed. The respective menu of options can be retrieved

    in clear, plain lettering; the sensor selection is easy. The

    system effectively controls the height cylinders through

    hydraulic valves. The electronically controlled Easy Level

    system, as well as height sensors, slope regulators andultrasonic sensors, is available as an option on all Dynapac

    compact planer models.


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    MILLING DRUM TECHNOLOGYThe layout for the standard milling drum is adapted to the machines

    specific parameters. Our many yearsof experience with cutting tech-

    nology, we guarantee a high-performance milling drum. In addition,

    Dynapac places high value on milling drum operations that are free of

    vibrations, thus protecting the machines components in the long run.

    In addition to the standard milling drums, fine milling of 7,5 mm is

    also available. Exterior cutting wheels to cut grooves are available

    for the Dynapac PL500.

    Dynapac offers two different cutting toolholder systems (depend-

    ing on machine type). These toolholder systems help to reduce wear

    and tear and operating costs.

    OPTIONS PL350 PL500 PL1000Conveyor, rigid, 1 m x x

    Conveyor, rigid, 5.5 m x x

    Conveyor, foldable, 5.5 m x x

    Conveyor, rigid, 7.5 m x

    Conveyor, foldable, 7.5 m x

    EASY Level system x x

    Slope sensor (ELS) x x

    Side cutting wheel x

    Fine milling drum x x x

    THE PERFECT SOLUTIONThe patented parallelogram front axle substantially reduces

    wear on the tire on shoulders and increases traction and

    wheel control on a grade.


    The small cutting radius of only 9 in, unmatched in this class,makes the high-performance Dynapac PL500 and PL1000

    compact planers very flexible. Milling around manholes is

    possible at any time and operation in narrow urban areas

    becomes very easy.

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    We stand by our responsibilities towards our customers, towards theenvironment and the people around us. We make performance standthe test of time. This is what we call - Sustainable Productivity.

    Road Construction Equipmentwww.atlascopco.com


    Planer without conveyor (LxWxH) mm 2 855 x 1 010 x 2 000 3 800 x 1 350 x 2 650 4 600 x 1 900 x 2 800

    Conveyor (LxWxH) mm 1 190 x 545 x 600 5 900 x 900 x 900 8 050 x 900 x 900


    Working width 350 mm 500 mm 1 000 mm

    Cutting depth 100 mm 200 mm 300 mm

    Cutting diameter 520 mm 700 mm 930 mmSpacing 12 mm 15 mm 15 mm

    Number of tools 38 61 89


    Operating speed 0-25 m/ min 0-24 m/min 0 - 24 m/min

    Travel speed 0-5.8 km/ h 0-5 km/h 0-5 km/h


    Fuel tank 125 l 250 l 450 l

    Hydraulic tank 110 l 140 l 110 l

    Water tank 400 l 500 l 1100 l


    Heavy- duty cold start battery 2 x 12V 2 x 12V 2 x 12V

    Generator 1 24 V / 35 A 24 V / 70 A 24 V / 80 A


    Belt width 250 mm 400 mm 400 mm

    Maximum discharge height 750 mm 4 220 mm 4 700 mm


    Transport mass 3.4 t (incl. conveyor) 7.2 t 13,3 t

    Operating mass (CE) 3.7 t (incl. conveyor) 7.6 t 14,1 t

    Ballast mass 1.11 t

    Conveyor with scraper (option) 0,1 t 0,6 t 0,8 t

    Max. operating mass (incl. ballast) 4.6 t (incl. conveyor)

    Max. operating mass, fully loaded (CE) 4.9 t (incl. conveyor) 8,6 t 15.7 t


    Manufacturer/ Model Cummins B 3.3, water cooled, diesel Cummins QSB 4.5 - C130 water cooled, diesel Deutz TCD 2012LO62V, water cooled, diesel

    Number of cylinders 4

    Rated power, SAE J1995 45 kW @ 2,200 rpm 97 kW @ 2,200 rpm 150 kW @ 2200 rmp

    We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Photos and illustrations do not always show standard versions of machines.The above information is a general description only, all informations are supplied without liability.


    Working width, mm 350 500 1 000

    Cutting depth, mm 100 200 300Cutting diameter, mm 520 700 930

    Spacing, mm 6 7,5 7,5

    Number of tools 70 96 141

    PL350 PL500 PL1000