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  • Tracked PaversF4C / F5C / F5CS / F6C / F121C / F141C / F181C / F182CS / F300CS

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  • Dynapac paversPavers are expected to meet increasingly tough demands and to incorporate a large number of special features. Additionally a wide range of new pavement specifications and legal requirements have to be met. The versatile and reliable Dynapac pavers, equipped with an excellent technique, are well suited to meet the demands of varying con-struction applications, including highway and urban road construction, road maintenance or repair work.

    Your choice of a Dynapac paver can be made from the full line of tracked or wheeled pavers, which together with the large range of optional items will ensure your paver is equipped to meet latest production requirements. We are focusing on developing tomorrows technology, as at Dynapac pavers are designed to your expectations:



  • High working capacity, flexibility and economically use are the

    main criteria for customers when selecting a paver. In this respect

    Dynapac pavers are setting impressive standards. These pavers are

    convincing at all kind of paving widths by their ease of adapting,

    simply use and servicability. Long track drives guarantee for

    maximum traction and low maintenance due to its sealed and

    lifetime lubrication. Their rugged track type compensates uneven

    ground level and a precise electronical steering ensures excellent

    laying results. The crawler speed can be electronically adjusted

    according to every working condition with the infinitely variable

    hydrostatic drive system.

  • Tracked pavers unique characteristics

    Diesel enginePowerful, reliable liquid cooled diesel engines guaratee high traction forces, a high oil flow rate and adequate hydraulic pressure for operating under the most arduous conditions. An electronic feed back controller maintains the adjusted engine rpm for a constant paving speed together with the preset material supply and compaction settings as these are of paramount importance for ensur-ing the surfacing material is being placed and compacted to a uniform level.

    CoversThe arrangement of major components under the gener-ously proportioned engine hood and behind the wide opening side flaps permits optimum cooling and provides easy access for maintenance. Filter elements, dipsticks and filling points are within easy reach and the drain points for the engine, pump drive and transmission are conveniently positioned for the collection of lubricant waste.

    Noise levelAn acoustically insulated engine hood, side flaps and rubber mountings for cover plates together with the underhood muffler reduce the noise emission level to below 85 dB (A) at drivers ear. Full compliance is also achieved with the latest exhaust emission regulations.


  • For many years Dynapac pavers are characterised by their reliability, high

    total availability and minimized time required for maintenance.

    Powerful engines, optimum traction and precision steering are signi-

    ficant fundamentals for an impressive operation and to cope with paving

    widths of up to 16 metres possible with the largest model.

    With a Dynapac paver, pavements complying with the current industry

    standards for density, readability and surface quality are easy to manage.

    Fully automatic material delivery system

    A fully automatic material feed system together with a generously dimensioned feed tunnel ensures unrestricted feeding of material. The compact design of the auger drive ensures uninterrupted flow of material at any time and tog-ether with the left and right augers - being independently operated and reversible - material can be placed to feed the entire screed width.

    Direct hydrostatic auger and conveyor drivesOptimum operating efficiency, long service life and mini-mal maintenance together with infinitely variable control of material feed is achieved with high efficiency closed loop hydraulic pumps and motors.

    High load capacityThe robust and low hopper design combined with a high material capacity is one of the main features of these compact paver finishers. The material hopper, with a maxi-mum open width of 3.40 metres has adequate space even when negotiating corners and operating together with big trucks.


  • Concept and construction


  • Concept and constructionAt first glance Dynapac tracked pavers are impressive and of a standard setting

    them apart from the others. The combination of balanced design, rigid final

    drive and long crawler tracks being lubricated and sealed lifetime operation

    ensures maximum traction with a minimum of maintenance regardless of

    surface conditions. The crawler length together with the rigid construction

    and precise electronic steering guarantees straight line operation which can

    be further enhanced with the optional synchronizing control to monitor the

    crawler speed and via a microprocessor initiate any directional corrections.

    up to 16 metres


  • Service, parts and training world-wide




    Dynapac as a manufacture of high-

    quality paver finishers provides the

    customer with an extensive range of

    services. Dynapac has recognised that

    the operational readiness of machines

    is a decisive factor in their economic

    viability. For this very reason, a reliable

    after-sales service team and a rapid

    provision of spare parts and service

    parts ensures the high operating

    performance and long service life of

    your machines.

    Our specialists in the spare parts

    department and in the local Dynapac

    agencies place their knowledge and

    our service at your disposal. Our after-

    sales service fitters are equipped with

    the latest measuring and test devices

    and can implement maintenance and

    repair work within the shortest time


    Dynapac offers service training

    courses in their Dynapac training cen-

    tre located in Wardenburg (Germany)

    or at customers demand - on-site at

    the customers premises for mechan-

    ics and operating staff.


  • EnvironmentRecycling

    Dynapac has always concentrated on craftsmanlike precision to the small-est detail. All material being choosen carefully is of the highest quality and has been selected relating to the high grade of specification for the design of the product. Due to the high con-tent of metals, such as steel, cast iron and aluminium an asphalt paver usu-ally is 90% recyclable.

    NoisePavers have to meet the noise reg-ulations specified in EC directive 2000/14/EC, which sets a certain limit of the sound power level (LWA) and sound pressure level (LPA). Dynapac pavers comply with this directive. On Dynapac pavers the sound pressure level LPA - noise at operators ear could even be reduced to a level lower than 85 dB(A) by installing high quality noise insulation material on hoods and covers. Considering the achievement of a 3 dB(A) noise level

    reduction means this actual sound level has been reduced to half the former value, we are actually entitled to talk about machines with a direct benefit to the environment and to operators health. The demand of low noise machines is even more impor-tant at urban worksites where day-time traffic creates the necessity to carry out roadwork at night or even on weekends.

    Biologically degradable hydraulic fluid

    The handling of mineral oils has always been a hazard with regard to the environment. We have designed our machines with the aim of avoid-ing spill that could pollute the envi-ronment. Some examples of this are the easily accessible hydraulic filter, engine oil filter and fuel filter in com-bination with drain facilities allowing fluids to be collected in suitable ves-sels. Biologically degradable hydrau-lic fluids have been used for several

    years in the asphalt pavers. Time has passed when the term biological fluid was associated with clogged filters and uncertain functioning of the hydraulic system. Dynapac machines are prepared for use of modern, high-grade bio- degradable biological fluid with same specifi-cations as mineral oil.

    Exhaust emissionLegal requirements for exhaust emis-sion equivalent to standards such as EURO-MOT (Europe), EPA and CARB (USA) covering the emission levels of large engines in construction machinery have changed extremely during the last years. All pavers cur-rently supplied by Dynapac are equipped with engines being in compliance with the requirements of these directives. With a paver from Dynapac you will be well prepared to meet future legal requirements and last but not least your own idea of environment protection.


  • Options

    For easy and even more efficient operation

    Gaining greater paving accuracy

    Ultrasonic control of conveyors and augersContact type proportional controls are supplied as standard equipment to control the material flow from the hopper and across the screed. If desirable this feature can be replaced by ultrasonic controls with the advantage of non-contact sensing.

    Levelling systemsTo meet the increased demands regarding laydown precision and quality, grade and slope controllers are being used. These devices check the current position of the screed compared to a default reference (string line, ground, gutter, laser) and corrects if necessary. Well known suppliers of these levelling systems recently offered new product developments which our customers can choose from. Dynapac offers a wide variety of different levelling systems like analogue contact, ultrasonic non-contact or laser scanning types.

    Electronic synchronizing controlElectronic sensors - installed on the final drive of the tracks - ensure straight line paving and precise control when paving curves.

    Electrical screed heatingThis new type of heating system combines the advantages of thefollowing features: Automatically operated generator (matching demand) Direct heat transfer and even distribution of temperature Accurate, infinitely controlled temperature Simple, clear operation Best possible personal protection by insulation monitoring

    Electronic system PLC (Programmable Logic Control)The PLC system regulates and monitors operational functions of the tracked paver. Besides that other features are: Easy to read instrument panel User friendly controls Display indicating electrical faults together with the type and location of fault. Monitoring of cooling liquids and grease oil Collection of paving distance Reading of operation- and paving hours.


  • Height adjustment of augersAdjustable auger height is a standard feature. However there are optional methods of height adjustment to make this operation faster and with less effort. Pavers can be fitted with either mechanically operated ratchets or twin hydraulic cylinders.

    Refuelling pumpWhere refuelling by tanker is not available, a refuelling pump can be installed within the paver structure. The pump is supplied together with suitable hoses.

    Rock deflectorsWhen pavers are operating on loose surfaces or unbound material, wear of rubber track shoe pads can be greatly reduced by the installation of rock deflectors.


    Release agent equipmentTo avoid bitumen adhering to the paver all parts in contact with mix should be sprayed with a suitable release agent both before and after paving. Regular treatment in this manner ensures it is always ready for work, redu-ces time for adjustments and maintenance and saves the pavers value.

    Automatic central lubricationThe optional electrically powered, automatic central lubrication system provides both the tractor and the complete screed with grease. Parts and areas requiring regular lubricationare are being supplied with the special amount of lubricant to be pre-selected to meet the operating conditions of the paver.

    Maintenance assistances for a long lasting life


  • Individual operation of hopper wingsThe hopper wings can be operated independently. This is recommended when paving in confined space or close to adjacent embankments, guardrails or walls.

    Working lightsIn addition to the two working lights provided with each paver, six additional (100W) working lights can be fitted to the paver. To suit the requirements when paving motorways and airports a 240V AC alternator with 5 kW output can be provided.

    Enlarge your range of applications

    Reversible conveyorFor paving thick layers and at for working at maximum working width Dynapac, as an option, offers close space conveyor bars to ensure maxi-mum material flow. In addition to this feature the two halves of the conveyor can be operated individually variable even in reversible mode , which protects material from falling rearwards when the material tunnel is filled with mix in driving mode.

    Hopper front flapThe hydraulically operated hopper front flaps protect paving material from falling onto the push roller bar or in front of the paver and additionally provide better emptying of the hopper.

    Cut off shoeWhere necessary the basic working width of the screed can be reduced by up to 0,5 metres with the aid cut off shoes.



  • Fibre-glass reinforced safety roof The rigid fibre-glass reinforced roof can be supplied as an alternative to the soft reinforced sun canopy and retains the same level of foldability necessary for transport on roads.

    Sliding operator s seat / control stationThe sliding seat ensures the operator has a full view to the guide bar, even when the hopper is open. This option also includes the possibility to slide the control station beyond the sides of the paver, ensuring an ergonomic seating position of the operator.

    Improve the working environment for better paving results

    Match your fleet

    Customer coloursAs an option pavers can be delivered with special painting according to customers demand (single or dual color sheme) to conform with the colors of his fleet.

    Operators cabinTo meet the increasing demands of occupational health and safety even at heavy weather conditions pavers can be supplied with a spacious operators cabin. To ensure full view on operational functions the cab can be moved laterally left and right. Additional equipment like FM-radio, air condition, heating as well as added working lights can be supplied.

    Foldable windscreensBoth canopy types can be provided optionally with a foldable windscreen and folding screens on the left and right sides to protect the operators against all weather conditions. Additionally a rear roof extension can be chosen as an optional for soft and hard top canopy type.



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    Dynapac GmbH, Ammerlnder Strasse 93, D-26203 Wardenburg, Germany, Tel: +49 44 07/9 72-0, Fax: +49 44 07/972-159We reserve the right to change specifications without notice. Photos and illustrations do not always show standard versions of machines.

    The above information is a general description only, all informations are supplied without liability.

    Dynapac is so much more than just equipment. When our machines are distributed, we include a whole con-cept of service with original parts, support and organized know-how, covering all the needs in the entire field of compaction and paving on every continent. We have cut down on response times and increased availability, reliability and distribution speed. For optimum qual-ity, the same engineer who designed the original

    machine also looked after the parts. We have a row of service points around the globe to provide peace of mind. Through the internet, our service points have documentation and parts availability informa-tion, updated minute by minute. We have developed a complete international network, always ready to offer support and assist with parts and service in order to maintain the highest product quality.