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3310 Yoo Sanga. Target. Young british people . Like colorful. Hate old tradition. Motive. Seoul’s Color. Concept. Colorful. Seoul. +. Seoulorful. Concept. Document. E xpenditure. Income. 175,957,115\. 275,957,115\. Document. Project name. Perioud. M ember. Budget. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



3310 Yoo SangaHello, I'm sang-a yoo. I am glad to meet you here and there (eye contact) and I wanna ask you "What a colorful world?" I will introduce my website's product's process.

1TargetYoung british people

Hate old traditionLike colorfulMy website's tatget is young british people. First, I need to know what they interested in. I asked to british friends who I met on penpal site. They said, young british people don't like old traditions. But young people like colorful as I am. So I considered about my website's concept to satisfy both of their tastes. finally,

2Seouls Color


I found solution. Seoul have their symbol colors that matched to seoul's symbol places or objects. If I use this colors, users will be interest in my website.


SeoulColorful+SeoulorfulSo I decided my concept 'seoul's color' and It named 'Seoulorful'.



That color is used on my website.


ExpenditureIncome175,957,115\275,957,115\If you make website, you have to do many things. First, I had to make various documents. It included all documents from budget to clearances. I made budget like that. (PPT) Total expenditure, and total income money.


Project namePerioudContentsPlanMemberBudgetProposal include from project's name, perioud, contents and whole plans.


Mood boardStory boardI made storyboard and mood board too. They helped me to decide concept.


and extras.I made them very carefully because I think If I don't make them detail, I will have problems to make website as scheduled.

9Make Source

After I made schedule, I had to make sources for my website. If it as usual, I will find and use all sources on internet for nothing. But in UK, I can't. To use sources in UK, I have to be allowed from copy righters. and I have to make release forms. (PPT) But I could get sources without complicated procedure. I took pictures, videos and made a logo my self. So I could cut down expenditure. So documents work is finished.


Colorful Seoul,Paint your Travel

My website's copy write is 'colorful seoul, paint your travel'.Like this copy write, users can choose a color of seoul's color palette to link to matched place's information. My website's layout is very simple. because when I make that, I want users use my website easily and directly.

11Main page

If you enter to seoulorful first, you can see main film about concept. when you click 'go to palette',

12Main page(scroll down)

you can see the palette to choose your color of travel. If you mouse over,


you can see thumbnail image first. when you choose danchung red,

14Information of

you can see the information about gyung-bok palace that has danchung roof.

15How to go

you can see how to go there, too.

16Mini palette

and In bottom of page, you can use mini palette to go other page.

17Information of

How to Travel

If you click 'how to travel' menu, you can see more detail information of travel. There are five menus. You can see information about 'what to see',

19How to use mass transit

'how to use mass transit',

20What to eat

'what to eat'

21For vegeterian

that included food for vegetarians.

22Where to shop

'where to shop',

23How to act

'how to act',


GoodProblem- Palette, easy to use- Websites designLow amout of contentsNeed to more detail contentsWith this website, you will get good informations about travel easily and simply.Because I really considered users can use that directly. So I made a palette to make them easy to use. I am satisfied about my website's design. I made logo my self, and icons, too. also I tried to satisfy my targets. When I make this website, I had some problems, too.Information contents is small in quantity. And It need to more detail, too.


More detail contentsThink like to be in users shoes- Provide more detail informations- Make users use website easily and directly If I make website again, I will research about more detail contents, and I need to think like to be in user's shoes to make more useful website.

26Colorful Seoul,Paint your Travel

When I make website for about 2 months, I learned really many things. at the first, I worried that Could I finish this work. But I did that. I learned about how to make website and how to solve the problems in work process.Anyway, that project was really good experience for me. I think my confidence glowed up, tooI wanna tell you again, What a colorful world!Thank you.27