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  • 1. Academic Interactions 130AFall 2014IECPNikki Mattson

2. New GroupsGroup 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4Hadel Mansour Mohammed HaileyNauf Abdulraheem Rita RyanRika Soo Jin Sukyeong Sung JunZhicheng Brenda Francisco HassanAbdulmalik Ali Johar Jehad 3. AgendaConversation startersGroup ContractsLeap listening 2 innovationsPersuasive language 4. Conversation Starter 1As a petroleum engineer, I know that one of the coresources of income in Kuwait is oil. What are some of thecore sources of income in your country? ( Hadel Alajmi /Petroleum Engineering). 5. Conversation Starter 2Television is a very efficient medium for spreadinginformation, as most people watch television every day, andmany people are influenced by the advertisements ontelevision. Can you think of any advertisements that reallystick in your mind? (Advertisement) (Hailey) 6. Conversation Starter 3With the development of medical technology, more andmore diseases can be controlled or treated with medication.However, sometimes cells can become resistant tomedication. In these cases, cutting-edge medicaltechnologies must be developed. Still, some people say thatcutting-edge technologies are not necessarily the besttechnologies. Can you think of any examples of technologieswhere newer doesnt equal better?(Medical Chemistry,Cheng) 7. Group ContractsDue Monday 8. Leap pg. 92 - InnovationPg. 92 Before you listen (discussion) 9. Interview - InnovationPg. 93 While you Listen 10. Comprehension QuestionsFormat = listen question small group discussionlarge group discussion 11. Comprehension Questions1. What does Johnson think about innovation in the 20thcentury? What specific example of this phenomenon isprovided?2. Johnson argues that an idea isnt a single thing. Whatdoes that mean? How is that illustrated with the World WideWeb example?3. What is bricolage? How does the Gutenberg exampleillustrate this term? 12. Comprehension Questions4. What does it mean that society is in love with this idea ofthe solitary inventor? What does Johnson think is muchmore interesting than the single inventor idea?5. According to Johnson, what kind of collaborators workparticularly well together? Why do you think this is the case?6. Why does Johnson say that you cannot invent amicrowave in 1650? What is the point he is trying to make? 13. Comprehension Questions7. What is a hunch? What is a slow hunch? Why doesJohnson think that slow hunches are particularly importantfor innovation? 14. Matching pg. 93 15. Persuasive LanguagePgs. 94-95 16. HWGroup Contracts are due on MondayPSU Student Interview Project Due 10/24 (Box)Group Speaking Task 3 Comments Due 10/26 (Blog)Group Presentation Due 11/11 (Box)

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