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<ul><li>1.31 GREAT TIPS TO HELP YOU GET IN SHAPE WEIGHT LOSS TIPS</li></ul> <p>2. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#1 </p> <ul><li>When eating out, ask for salad dressing to be served on the side. Then use only as much as you want. </li></ul> <p>3. </p> <ul><li>Don't turn to food for comfort. When you feel stressed, go for a walk, listen to your favorite music, or call a friend. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#2 4. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#3 </p> <ul><li>Analyze why you overeat. If you have other issues (depression, boredom, stress), learn to cope better with them without using food. </li></ul> <p>5. </p> <ul><li>When eating out, choose fruits for dessert most often. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#4 6. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#5 </p> <ul><li>Eat your favorite food only in moderation. For example, if you like pizza, try eating it only once every two weeks. </li></ul> <p>7. </p> <ul><li>Cut back on sugary drinks. The average 12 ounce can of soda has more than 100 calories and 10 teaspoons of sugar. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#6 8. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#7 </p> <ul><li>Don't eat just because you are bored. Eat only when you are hungry. </li></ul> <p>9. </p> <ul><li>Don't expect to lose weight quickly. Losing about one to two pounds a week is a healthy rate of weight loss. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#8 10. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#9 </p> <ul><li>Stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and other healthy snacks and avoid buying unhealthy snacks. </li></ul> <p>11. </p> <ul><li>Choose foods with fewer added sugars, fats or oils. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#10 12. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#11 </p> <ul><li>Never skip meals. You will end up bingeing later on when you feel extremely hungry. </li></ul> <p>13. </p> <ul><li>Walk or jog everyday for at least 30 minutes. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#12 14. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#13 </p> <ul><li>Eat at home as much as possible and go out to eat only on special occasions. </li></ul> <p>15. </p> <ul><li>Choose fish more often for lunch or dinner. Look for fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, trout and herring. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#14 16. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#15 </p> <ul><li>Eat least 2 servings of fruits or vegetables at every meal. </li></ul> <p>17. </p> <ul><li>Stay focused on getting in shape to be healthy, not on just getting thin. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#16 18. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#17 </p> <ul><li>When eating out, order foods that do not have creamy sauces or gravies. </li></ul> <p>19. </p> <ul><li>Your plate should be half vegetables or fruits at every meal. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#18 20. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#19 </p> <ul><li>Don't overeat. Stop eating when you start to feel full. </li></ul> <p>21. </p> <ul><li>Eat more whole grains and fiber. Eat less sugar and fatty foods. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#20 22. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#21 </p> <ul><li>Lift weights. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. </li></ul> <p>23. </p> <ul><li>Take control of what you eat. Learn to say "No" to unhealthy foods. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#22 24. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#23 </p> <ul><li>When eating out, order steamed, grilled, or broiled dishes instead of those that are fried or sauteed. </li></ul> <p>25. </p> <ul><li>Be physically active and incorporate exercise into your daily routines. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#24 26. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#25 </p> <ul><li>Trim away all of the visible fat from meats and poultry before cooking. </li></ul> <p>27. </p> <ul><li>Choose fat free or low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#26 28. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#27 </p> <ul><li>Keep a detailed food journal everyday. It helps you track your calorie intake. </li></ul> <p>29. </p> <ul><li>Don't eat too much pasta, bread or rice. Eat more vegetables instead. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#28 30. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#29 </p> <ul><li>Don't skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. research shows that people who eat breakfast are better able to manage their weight. </li></ul> <p>31. </p> <ul><li>Keep a bowl of whole fruit on the table, counter, or in the refrigerator. </li></ul> <p>WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#30 32. WEIGHT LOSS TIPS#31 </p> <ul><li>Portion control. Portion control. Portion control. </li></ul>