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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 1/8</p><p>Celebrate Poetry</p><p>Inside:J. Patrick Lewis, Alan Katz, Ellen Hopkins,</p><p>Karma Wilson, Charles R. Smith Jr.,and many more!</p><p>with Simon &amp; Schuster Childrens Publishing!</p><p>Visit TEACH.SimonandSchuster.net for a Poetry Classroom Activity Guide</p><p>From Whats the Weather Inside?by Karma Wilson. Illustration 2009 </p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 2/8</p><p>Straight from the Poets Mouth ..</p><p>Q: How did you decide to start writing poetry?</p><p>A:Without being earnestly melodramatic, I should say that poetry found me. Before that I professedcollege economics for thirty years.Q: What place does poetry occupy in literature, particularly for children?</p><p>A: Poetry predates books, predates the alphabet. It is the path through which children first learnlanguagesongs, nursery rhymes. Poetry ought to be part of every childs everyday experience. If somepeople say they dont need poetry, bully for them. But thats not an argument for keeping poetry fromchildren in the first place. I like to think that poetry is a blind date with enchantment.Q: What is your usual writing process?</p><p>A:The eternal question: Where does a poet get his ideas? I believe they rise, after a few hours, through the bottom</p><p>of a chair. Seriously, you must be willing to remove yourself from the world for long periods of timein my case,seven days a week. Its a lonely business, but its also the most satisfying I can think of. To paraphrase ThomasEdison, writing is only ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration. If I have written a dozen words atthe end of a day in a way no one else has ever written them, I count myself a lucky man. J. Patrick Lewis</p><p>A Conversation with J. Patrick Lewis</p><p>Anthologies I create are the kinds of volumes I had access to while teaching elementary grades. I have alwaysaffirmed that poetry should be shared every daymeshing with every area of the curriculum. To spark a love of poetry,to bring poetry into childrens lives in a meaningful, unforced way is one of the best gifts we can give.</p><p>Reading, writing, collecting, and sharing poetry is my passion. The power of poetry forever mystifies me, for so much can besaid with few words and lines. I hope you enjoy my collections as much as I love bringing them to you. Happy poetry-ing!</p><p>Lee Bennett Hopkins, Recipient of the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children</p><p>FromLee Bennett Hopkins:</p><p>Sharer of Poetry</p><p>2</p><p>stration 2009 Serge Bloch</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 3/8</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 4/8</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 5/8</p><p>Poetry with PicturesFrom Photographer Charles R. Smith Jr.: Capturing</p><p>Langston Hughess My PeopleThrough Pictures</p><p>How do you translate words into pictures? That was thechallenge when I decided to illustrate Langston Hughessclassic poem, My People. Who should be the people in thebook? Old? Young? Black? White? Everyone? What should thephotos look like? Serious? Playful? Head shots? Full-body shots?</p><p>At just thirty-three words total, the poem is astudy in simplicity, which attracted me to it inthe first place. Langston wrote the poem tocelebrate the pride he had for his black brothersand sisters in the late 1920s when blackswere not acknowledged much in societyat that time.</p><p>To me, the words celebrate black peopleof differing shades and age, so I wanted</p><p>to show skin color as bright as the sun and as dark as the night; I wanted to showthe newness of a newborn smile and the wisdom of wrinkled skin. But,more than anything, I simply wanted to show that like any other groupof people, black people come in all shapes, sizes, shades, and age,and that each of us is unique. Charles R. Smith Jr.</p><p>One of the best things about my childhood was nothaving to do it alone. From day one, I had my twinsister, Robin, at my side the ideal accessory for a shykid. Together, we smiled atthe good and frowned at the</p><p>bad, studied ants and madedoll clothes out of Kleenex.Today, when I write a poemfor kids, I try to go backto those days in my mind.I especially remember thethings that made me laugh andhow, every day, the world felt new.</p><p>Deborah Ruddell</p><p>A poem is a word picture that comes tolife in the readers head AND heart. Myreading in elementary school sometimesgot me into trouble. I preferred finishinga book instead of doing my homework.[Later in life] I was still reading books,only now to my children. We had two sons and two daughteso you can imagine that our house was always busy. . . The </p><p>quiet moments came after supper when everyone was readybed. Then we would sit, so close our skins touched, and reatogether. Those peaceful, cozy times inspired me to write bthat other adults and children could share. Ann Whitford Pa</p><p>Ann Whitford Paul:</p><p>The Book Builder</p><p>Deborah Ruddell on</p><p>Childhood Memories</p><p>Illustration 2009 Kurt Cyrus</p><p>Illustration from Today at the Bluebird Cafe 2007 Joan Rankin</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 6/8</p><p>Betsy Franco says:Ive always seen math as quirky, beautiful, creative and sassy</p><p>People had often called my work too far outside the box. After</p><p>Mathematickles!That no longer happened. I like to set a concept on itshead, blast open genres and combine elements and that arent normally</p><p>mixed together, such as math and poetry or counting and birdsongs. A poemabout one hundred turned into one hundred poems in Counting Our Way tothe 100th Day!Fifteen years of observing geometry in nature became Bees,Snails &amp; Peacock Tails.Whats my secret hope? I hope that mathematiciansbecome poets and poets become mathematicians after reading my books. Ive</p><p>seen it happen over and over. It could happen to you.Betsy Franco</p><p>BIGBOOKBill Martin Jr</p><p>POETRYof</p><p> The</p><p>Acollectionthathasbeenyearsinthemaking,thisbeautifulanthology</p><p>issuretobecomeanewclassic.BillMartinJrisbelovedformakingpoetrypopularwithchildrenin</p><p>America.Beforehisdeathin2004,hecompiledhisfavoritepoems,</p><p>andhereisthatcollection,withcontributionsfromeveryonefrom</p><p>AileenFisherandDennisLeetoRobertFrostandLangstonHughes.</p><p>Thebestnamesintheindustryleapttoillustratethisbook,which</p><p>featuresoriginalartworkfromLoisEhlert,AshleyBryan,Steven</p><p>Kellogg,ChrisRaschka,andothers.Thishandsomeanthologyisperfectforkidsandadultsandissuretobetreasuredforyearstocome.</p><p>Rhyme It Up!</p><p>6 Illustration from Pond Circle 2009 Stefano Vitale</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 7/8</p><p>A WHIFF OF PINE, A HINT OF SKUNKBY DEBORAH RUDDELL</p><p>ISBN: 9781416942115</p><p>BELLA &amp; BEANBY REBECCA DOTLICH</p><p>ISBN: 9780689856167</p><p>BOOGIE KNIGHTSBY LISA WHEELER</p><p>ISBN: 9780689876394</p><p>DINOTHESAURUS: PREHISTORIC POEMS AND PAINTINGSBY DOUGLAS FLORIAN</p><p>ISBN: 9781416979784</p><p>GOING, GOING, GONE!AND OTHER SILLY DILLY SPORTS SONGSBY ALAN KATZ</p><p>ISBN: 9781416906964</p><p>IDENTICALBY ELLEN HOPKINS</p><p>ISBN: 9781416950059</p><p>MY PEOPLEBY LANGSTON HUGHES</p><p>ISBN: 9781416935407</p><p>POND CIRCLEBY BETSY FRANCO</p><p>ISBN: 9781416940210</p><p>SLEEPSONGBY GEORGE ELLA LYON</p><p>ISBN: 9780689869730</p><p>THE BILL MARTIN JR BIG BOOK OF POETRYVARIOUS</p><p>ISBN: 9781416939719</p><p>THE UNDERWEAR SALESMANBY J. PATRICK LEWIS</p><p>ISBN: 9780689853258</p><p>WHATS THE WEATHER INSIDE?BY KARMA WILSON</p><p>ISBN: 9781416900924</p><p>WHOS IN THE BATHROOM?BY JEANNE WILLIS</p><p>ISBN: 9781416935162</p><p>WORD BUILDERBY ANN WHITFORD PAUL</p><p>ISBN: 9781416939818</p><p>Complete Backlist Poetry Title Listing</p><p>A CHILDS GARDEN OF VERSESBY ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSONISBN: 9780689823824</p><p>AMERICA AT WARBY LEE BENNETT HOPKINSISBN: 9781416918325</p><p>ANGELS WATCHING OVER MEBY JULIA DURANGOISBN: 9780689862526</p><p>ASHLEY BRYANS ABC OF AFRICANAMERICAN POETRYBY ASHLEY BRYANISBN: 9780689840456</p><p>BEES, SNAILS AND PEACOCK TAILSBY BETSY FRANCOISBN: 9781416903864</p><p>BIRDSONGSBY BETSY FRANCOISBN: 9780689877773</p><p>BOOGIE KNIGHTS</p><p>BY LISA WHEELERISBN: 9780689876394</p><p>CASEY AT THE BATBY ERNEST L. THAYERISBN: 9780689854941</p><p>CASTAWAY CATSBY LISA WHEELERISBN: 9780689862328</p><p>CHACHA CHIMPSBY JULIE DURANGOISBN: 9780689864568</p><p>COUNTING OUR WAY TO THE 100TH DAYBY BETSY FRANCOISBN: 9780689847936</p><p>DOODLE DANDIESBY J. PATRICK LEWISISBN: 9780689848896</p><p>ELLINGTON WAS NOT A STREETBY NTOZAKE SHANGEISBN: 9780689828843</p><p>FIREFLIES AT MIDNIGHTBY MARILYN SINGERISBN: 9780689824920</p><p>GIVE YOURSELF TO THE RAINBY MARGARET WISE BROWNISBN: 9780689833441</p><p>HERES WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOUCANT FIND YOUR SHOEBY ANDREA PERRYISBN: 9780689830679</p><p>HURRY, HURRY, MARY DEARBY N.M. BODECKERISBN: 9780689817700</p><p>IF: A FATHERS ADVICE TO HIS SON</p><p>BY RUDYARD KIPLINGISBN: 9780689877995</p><p>IF I WERE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLDBY JUDITH VIORSTISBN: 9780689707704</p><p>IF THE SHOE FITSBY LAURA WHIPPLEISBN: 9780689840708</p><p>IF YOURE NOT HERE, PLEASE RAISEYOUR HANDBY KALLI DAKOSISBN: 9780689801167</p><p>KNOCK ON WOODBY JANET S. WONG</p><p>ISBN: 9780689855122</p><p>MARVELOUS MATHBY LEE BENNET HOPKINSISBN: 9780689844423</p><p>MATHEMATICKLES!BY BETSY FRANCOISBN: 9781416918615</p><p>MRS. BROWN ON EXHIBITBY SUSAN KATZISBN: 9780689829703</p><p>MRS. COLE ON AN ONION ROLLBY KALLI DAKOSISBN: 9780689826870</p><p>MY AMERICABY LEE BENNETT HOPKINSISBN: 9780689812477</p><p>OLD CRICKETBY LISA WHEELERISBN: 9781416918554</p><p>OOPS!BY ALAN KATZ</p><p>ISBN: 9781416902041</p><p>POETRY FROM A TO ZBY PAUL B. JANECZKOISBN: 9780027476729</p><p>PUT YOUR EYES UP HEREBY KALLI DAKOSISBN: 9781416918028</p><p>SAD UNDERWEAR AND OTHERCOMPLICATIONSBY JUDITH VIORSTISBN: 9780689833762</p><p>SO, WHATS IT LIKE TO BE A CAT?BY KARLA KUSKINISBN: 9780689847332</p><p>SOFT HAY WILL CATCH YOUCOMPILED BY SANDFORD LYNEISBN: 9780689834608</p><p>SOMETIMES I WONDER IF POODLES LIKENOODLESBY LAURA NUMEROFFISBN: 9780689851230</p><p>SPRINGS SPRUNGBY LYNN PLOURDEISBN: 9780689842290</p><p>SPECTACULAR SCIENCE: A BOOK OF POEBY LEE BENNET HOPKINSISBN: 9780689851209</p><p>THE FLAG OF CHILDHOOD: POEMS FROMTHE MIDDLE EASTVARIOUSISBN: 9780689851728</p><p>THE MOVABLE MOTHER GOOSEBY ROBERT SABUDAISBN: 9780689811920</p><p>THE PLACE MY WORDS ARE LOOKING FOBY PAUL B. JANECZKOISBN: 9780027476712</p><p>THE SPIDER AND THE FLYBY MARY HOWITTISBN: 9780689852893</p><p>THE TREE IS OLDER THAN YOU AREBY NAOMI SHIHAB NYEISBN: 9780689820878</p><p>FOR YOUNGER &amp; MIDDLE-GRADE READERS</p><p>New &amp; Noteworthy Poetry Titles</p><p>continued on next page</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 3079 Poetry Brochure Lores 3-08</p><p> 8/8</p><p>Aladdin</p><p>Atheneum Books forYoung Readers</p><p>Beach Lane Books</p><p>Libros Para Nios</p><p>Little Simon</p><p>Little Simon Inspirations</p><p>Margaret K. McElderry Boo</p><p>Paula Wiseman Books</p><p>Simon &amp; Schuster Booksfor Young Readers</p><p>Simon Pulse</p><p>Simon Scribbles</p><p>Simon Spotlight</p><p>TEACH.SimonandSchuster</p><p> A CBS COMPANY</p><p>Complete Backlist Poetry Title Listing</p><p>Simon &amp; SchusterChildrens Publish</p><p>THIS IS THE VAN THAT DAD CLEANED</p><p>BY LISA CAMPBELL ERNSTISBN: 9780689861901</p><p>TODAY AT THE BLUEBIRD CAFEBY DEBORAH RUDDELLISBN: 9780689871535</p><p>TREASURY OF MOTHER GOOSERHYMESBY LINDA YEATMANISBN: 9780671501181</p><p>TWIST: YOGA POEMSBY JANET S. WONGISBN: 9780689873942</p><p>BEHIND THE WHEELBY JANET S. WONGISBN: 9780689825316</p><p>BURNEDBY ELLEN HOPKINSISBN: 9781416903543</p><p>CRANKBY ELLEN HOPKINSISBN: 9780689865190</p><p>FAR FROM YOUBY LISA SCHROEDERISBN: 9781416975069</p><p>FREE STALLION: POEMSBY AMBER TAMBYLNISBN: 9781416902591</p><p>GLASSBY ELLEN HOPKINSISBN: 9781416940906</p><p>WAITING TO WALTZ</p><p>BY CYNTHIA RYLANTISBN: 9780689842924</p><p>WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A SHOE?BY BEATRICE SCHENK DE REGNIERSISBN: 9780689812316</p><p>WHO SAID BOO?BY PHYLLIS ROOTISBN: 9780689854088</p><p>WHO WANTS A CHEAP RHINOCEROS?BY SHEL SILVERSTEINISBN: 9780689851131</p><p>I AM THE DARKER BROTHERBY ARNOLD ADOFFISBN: 9780689808692</p><p>I FEEL A LITTLE JUMPY AROUND YOUVARIOUSISBN: 9780689813412</p><p>I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT MEBY LISA SCHROEDERISBN: 9781416955207</p><p>IMPULSEBY ELLEN HOPKINSISBN: 9781416903567</p><p>LOOSE THREADSBY LORIE ANN GROVERISBN: 9780689844195</p><p>ON POINTEBY LORIE ANN GROVERISBN: 9781416978268</p><p>UNCLES AND ANTLERS</p><p>BY LISA WHEELERISBN: 9780689864698</p><p>WAY FAR AWAY ON A WILD SAFARIBY JAN PECKISBN: 9781416900726</p><p>WHEN YOU ARE HAPPYBY EILEEN SPINELLIISBN: 9780689862519</p><p>WONDERFUL WORDSBY LEE BENNETT HOPKINSISBN: 9780689835889</p><p>ONE OF THOSE HIDEOUS BOOKSWHERE THE MOTHER DIESBY SONYA SONESISBN: 9781416907886</p><p>THE SPACE BETWEEN OUR FOOTSTEPSBY NAOMI SHIHAB NYEISBN: 9780689812330</p><p>THIS SAME SKYBY NAOMI SHIHAB NYEISBN: 9780689806308</p><p>TRUE BELIEVERBY VIRGINIA EUWER WOLFFISBN: 9780689852886</p><p>WHAT MY GIRLFRIEND DOESNT KNOWBY SONYA SONESISBN: 9780689876035</p><p>WHAT MY MOTHER DOESNT KNOWBY SONYA SONESISBN: 9780689855535</p><p>FOR YOUNGER &amp; MIDDLE-GRADE READERS</p><p>FOR OLDER READERS</p><p>continued from page 7</p><p>From Dinothesaurus: Prehistoric Poems and PaintingsIllustration 2009 Douglas Florian</p><p>From The Bill Martin Jr Big Book of PoetryIllustration 2008 Laura Logan</p><p>8</p></li></ul>