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<ul><li> 1. MastheadResearch By: Noir El-Nour</li></ul> <p> 2. Rolling StoneMastheadsThe Rolling Stone magazine have played around with their own mast head design.For example: Changing theHaving some of theUnderneath acolour from masthead hiddenBehind the straplineIn front ofred to yellowbehind a stickermodel the model 3. NME MastheadsNME havent changed their masthead design that much over the years, but they have madesome changes: In this edition they have placed aChanged to red but still strapline above the masthead andwith the datelineModel coming over they have changed the colour. underneaththe masthead There is also no datelinePink mastheadunderneath the masthead 4. Q Magazine MastheadsQ Magazines masthead havent changed the design of the masthead, however they havechanged the way that they use it with the model:Strapline Model in frontMasthead inMasthead above above the Strapline againfront of thethe barcode of the mastheadmasthead model 5. Kerrang MastheadsMasthead is in front Masthead now has a box Stickers nowof the model, and is around it, cutting off theoverrun the Model is now framed by themodel masthead in front of thestrapline model Stickers again 6. Vibe MastheadsVibe have kept the same design for their masthead, changing just the colour for each issue.The models have also been consistently in front of the masthead, the surrounding content hasvaried:White masthead to Black masthead to go withgo with the yellow Red masthead to go with More content above the pink and black colour and blue colour the black, white and redthe mastheadscheme scheme colour scheme 7. Inspiration?From this research, I have made up my own decisions about the style I would like mymasthead to be in. Red colour as this seems to be more eye catching for both NME, Rolling Stone and Q In Front of the model This is because I believe that it grasps more attention that wayfor the audience Having a strapline above the masthead - This seems to frame the masthead on the page,looking at Vibe magazine in particular.</p>