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<ul><li> 1. Celebration of AfricanAmerican Leaders and HeroesMCLENDON ELEMENTARY 2nd GRADE</li></ul> <p> 2. A Trip Through TimeStarting in the early 1800s and continuingthrough to recent history, our 2nd grade studentstravel through time exploring African Americanabolitionists, artists, authors, inventors, athletes,activists, and political leaders.In celebrating the many important contributions ofAfrican Americans throughout American history,we also honor and acknowledge the wonderfuldiversity of cultures, languages, and backgroundsof our children here at McLendon Elementary. 3. Frederick Douglas Escape To Freedom In 1818, Frederick Douglas was born into slavery. He was born on a plantation in Maryland. He was separated from his mother and father and he lived with his grandmother. He worked long hours everyday. He wanted to be free. He taught himself to read and write. Mrs. Auld helped him and she was the slave owners wife. Teaching a slave to read and write was against the law. Frederick fought for his freedom. He ran away to friends in the north. He became a good leader. He died in 1895. 4. Harriet TubmanHelping OthersHarriet Tubman was born in the 1820s in Maryland. She started workingwhen she was 6 years old. She was a slave. She heard about theUnderground Railroad. She escaped from slavery. She was brave.Harriet joined the Underground Railroad. A war began. She was a cookand a nurse and a spy during the Civil War. She helped lots of people sothey could have their freedom. She helped 300 slaves to escape. She isremembered for helping many slaves escape to freedom. Harriet died in1913. 5. Sojourner Truth Freedom Fighter Sojourner Truth was born in 1797. When she was a slave her name was Isabella. She had eleven brothers and sisters. She could not read or write. She was known as a freedom fighter. She fought for equal rights. A family helped to free her and her baby. She changed her name to Sojourner. A sojourner is a person who travels from place to place. Her last name was Truth. She walked from city to city giving speeches. She was an activist. She had a great voice. 6. Henrys Freedom Box Written by Ellen Levine / Illustrated by Kadir NelsonFreedom is important to me because I can be with my family. I can read and write. Freedom makes me happy. I am happy that we are free. Freedom is cool. I can read a book or story. We all need freedom. I feel our lives can change when we are free. I can do what I want. I know my last name. 7. A Letter toPresident Abraham LincolnDEAR PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN,I want to help all the slaves to be free just like you. Being aslave is not good. Slaves have their own masters. Familiesare separated. All slaves want freedom. No slave should betreated bad. If I were a slave I would stand up for my rights. - 2nd Grade Student 8. George Washington CarverScientist and Inventor George Washington Carver was a talented and important scientist. He was born in 1865 and at one year old he was freed from slavery. His previous owners, Moses and Susan Carver decided to keep George and his brothers on their farm to raise and educate them. George graduated from college with honors and awards. He invented more than 300 products, including dyes, plastics, fuels and glues. Some of his inventions came from peanuts. You may have even eaten one of his inventions for lunch. 9. Eloise GreenfieldA Written Portrait of African American FamiliesEloise Greenfield was born in North Carolina in 1929. She was a kidduring the civil rights movement. She was an author of AfricanAmerican books. She wrote poetry about Black families. 10. The School Is Not WhiteA True Story of the Civil Rights Movement Written By Doreen Rappaport / Illustrated By Curtis JamesMY BOOK REVIEWThis book is a story about an African American family whowanted to go to an all white school in 1965. The genre of thebook is non-fiction. The pictures describe all the characters.I like this book because it talks about Black and White peoplein history. People that like to talk about history or want to learnabout it will like this book. - 2nd Grade Student 11. Jesse OwensShowing Determination and PrideJesse Owens was born in Oakville, Alabama in 1913. He was a very fastrunner. When he was in high school he also tried the long jump. JesseOwens won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympics in Germany. He trained hardfor the Olympics. Hitler refused to shake Jesse Owens hand.Jesse married and had 3 daughters. He gave speeches to young people. In1976, the president gave him the Medal of Freedom award. He died whenhe was 67 years old. 12. Ella Fitzgerald The First Lady of SongElla Fitzgerald was born on April 25,1917.She was called the First Lady of song. Shewas born in Newport News, Virginia. Whenshe was a teenage girl she walked into theApollo Theater. It was talent night. She wasdressed in old clothes and mens boots.She started to sing. Her voice cracked. Shestopped singing. The audience started toshout and boo. She closed her eyes. Shestarted to sing again. Her voice wasbeautiful. The crowd cheered. She won thetalent show. She got a job with a band andmade many records. 13. Rosa ParksInspiration for the Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks was born February 4th, 1913, in Alabama. Her parents were teachers. She was a famous civil rights activist. She rode the bus. She was arrested because she did not give up her seat on the bus to a white person. She was brave. A minister named Martin Luther King Jr. met with her and brought support from African Americans who were tired of segregation. Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. organized the Montgomery bus boycott. 14. Maya AngelouThe Words of a PoetMaya Angelou is a famous person. She is an author and a poet. She also sangand danced. She was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis Missouri. Her namewhen she was born was Marguerite Annie Johnson. Her brother gave her thenickname of Maya. She went to George Washington High School. She had avery hard childhood. In 1993, she wrote a poem for President Clinton. She wonawards for her poems. 15. President Barack ObamaAmericas First President of African American HeritageBarack Obama is the 44th President of the United States. He was bornin Hawaii in 1961. His mother is from the U.S.A. His father was born ina small village in Kenya. He loved basketball. He played in high school.He studied hard. He graduated from college. He worked to help people.He married Michelle Obama in 1992. They have two girls. One is Sashaand one is Malia. Barack Obama is a good president. 16. Black History Glossary Abolitionist - a person who is against slavery and fights for the freedom of others Equality - the belief that all people are the same and should be treated fairly and with respect. Civil Rights Movement - various times in history when large groups of people work together forthe fair and equal treatment of others. Heritage - the relationship we have between our family history, culture and traditions. Diversity - an understanding that there are similar and different types of people, places andthings Freedom - the ability or privilege to make your own choices Leadership- a characteristic of a person that shows they are able to make good judgment,provide guidance and direction for others. Slavery - to control someone against their will and forcing them to work in very harsh conditions Segregation - to divide or separate people based on the belief that some groups should not havethe same rights as others.</p>