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There are timesWhen I just want to look at your faceWith the stars in the nightThere are timesWhen i just want to feel your embraceOn a cold nightRefrainI just can't believethat you are mine nowChorusYou were just a dream that i once knewI never thought i would be right for youI just can't compare you with anything in this worldYou're all i need to be forevermoreAll those yearsI long to hold you in my armsI've been dreaming of you every nightI've been watching all the stars that fall downWishing you will be mine(repeat refrain & chorus)BridgeTime & againThere are these changes that we cannot endAs sure as time keeps goin on & onMy love for you will be forevermore(refrain & chorus except last line)As endless as foreverOur love will stay togetherYou are all i need to be with forevermore(as endless as forever)(our love will stay together)You are all i need to be with forevermore.Our Theme Song: Forevermore by Side A

To my Baby Lynne:Happy 2nd year anniversary!!!

For all the things that youve done to me, napakaliit na bagay lang ang ginawa kong to para sayo Sana maappreciate mo!

All slides stated all the memories we have togetherSince June 19, 2011.

Ikaw ang nagbigay ng kulay at direksyon sa buhay ko.

A magic KISS that symbolizes how our love starts and grow 4evermore!

Di ko sasayangin ang oras at araw na kasama kita!

Thank you for all the bondings that we had! More bonding pa, babyk0h!!!

Sa lahat ng pagsisikap na ginagawa ko, alam kong alam mo na hindi lang to sa dahil gusto ko kundi dahil din sa pamilya ko at syempre sayo!! Thank you for all the contributions of thoughts, knowledge and everything that leads me to grow as a person. Another more year, at mapapakita ko din sa lahat na I can be one of the successful person that they met!!

19Bondings with our family circle and friends!!!!!!!To our family both sides, thank you so much for the support, love, care and advise that youve given to us everytime!****************************To our friends, thanks for the bondings and happenings when we are with you!

Our first ever KISS!!!

I love you so much, Babyk0h!!! Thanks for being part of my life!! Napakaraming magandang nangyari saken simula nung nakasama kita!! Mahal na mahal kita.. Ill be here to support you all the way. Looking forward for more years to come that were together..Im sorry for all the wrongs that Ive done! Sana kalimutan na natin lahat yun at magsimula tayong muli! Sana marami pang taon ang dumating sa buhay natin. Ay hindi pala, sana Forevermore na!!!

ILOVEYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walang iwanan, BabyK0h ahh!!! Thank you so much for watching!Hope you like it!