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EuropeAid Introduction Just because you’re doing good, doesn’t mean you’re doing it well.

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  • 1. EuropeAid Introduction Just because youre doing good, doesnt mean youre doing it well.

2. EuropeAid Aid Effectiveness is? 3. EuropeAid Overview 4. EuropeAid Overview What would you do with 50 years and 1.5 trillion euros? 5. EuropeAid Helping the poor, to some extent: a voluntary transfer of resources from one country to another, at least partly given to benefit the recipient country acting as a signal of diplomatic approval, strengthening a military ally, acting as a reward for good behaviour desired, to extend cultural influence, or to provide commercial access. Helping the poor: flows of official financing administered with the promotion of the economic development and welfare of developing countries as the main objective. Harming the poor: the billions that have hampered, stifled and retarded Africas development. Not helping the poor: when you take money from the poor people in a rich country and give it to the rich people in a poor country. 6. EuropeAid A Very Brief History After the War: What works for Europe World Bank, IMF, Marshall Plan (48-52: $13bn). Aid to fix the ex-colonies (and maintain influence). Modernise & industrialiseThe Sixties: All we need is industry. State-led. Roads, railways, dams = growth = development but too big and long-term for Govs. Plus help the agri sector in the meantime. Well be done in a decade. The Seventies: Maybe not Basic human needs as well as growth. Roads, Schools & hospitals. Oil prices & interest rates = recession = loan payments , commodity prices Evolution as we learnor stumbling in the dark? 7. EuropeAid The Nineties: Its the Government, stupid Greed is only good in the private sector. corruption, rule of law, capacity. Aid if you have good policies (Burnside & Dollar). Aid fatigue = volumes The Noughties: More is Better, Better is Better $50bn by 2010?) MDGs, AE (ownership, budget support), Celebrity Aid, Military Aid. The Eighties: Greed is good Bring on the market, less Big Government, liberalise dont subsidise, follow the Asian Tigers. Structural Adjustment in return for a loan to help with your loan. $15bn a year from poor to rich. The lost decade for development? Today: The Backlash? First on the cuts list, Africas future is up to Africans, The White Mans Burden, Why Foreign Aid Isnt Working, Dead Aid 8. EuropeAid More than half the people of the world are living in conditions approaching miseryFor the first time in history, humanity possesses the knowledge and the skill to relieve the suffering of these people. Guess Which Celebrity Said US President Harry Truman, 1949 9. EuropeAid How Much Are We Talking About? 10. EuropeAid 10 Bilateral = 75%, Multilateral = 25% EC - $13bn (9% of budget) UN $3.8bn EU - $50bn Gates - $3bn Global Fund - $1.2bn How Much Are We Talking About? 11. EuropeAid UN General Assembly: Each economically advanced country will progressively increase its official development assistance to the developing countries and will exert its best efforts to reach a minimum of 0.7% of its gross national product by the middle of the decade. 1970 12. EuropeAid Do We Give What We Promised? By 2010: $130bn / year Aid to sub-Saharan Africa doubled 13. EuropeAidWho is it Spent On? 14. EuropeAidWho is it Spent On (EC)? 15. EuropeAid Who is it Spent On? (EU) 16. EuropeAid Orphans and Darlings? Country Income per Person ODA per Person Madagascar 320 19 Mozambique 320 43 Guinea 400 12 Tanzania 400 30 Ecuador 3,080 14 Jordan 2,850 64 Historical, political, economic, security 17. EuropeAid Does it Work? Global GDP per head Living on < $1 per day 18. EuropeAid Does it Work? Getting by on less than $1 per day 19. EuropeAid Does it Work? 20. EuropeAid Does it Work? Human Development Index 21. EuropeAid Gross National Happiness? Sustainable development Cultural values Natural environment Good governance 22. EuropeAid Yes it works! Botswana, Indonesia, Korea, Tanzania No it doesnt!! DRC, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Somalia Lets ask the economists, does aid lead to growth? Yes, no, maybe. And what about growth & poverty? It DependsPolicies (Burnside & Dollar), what we do & how, combined effect (direct, policy, institutions & governance, macro-economic stability. 23. EuropeAid Does it Work? Percentage of the worlds population that lives in developing countries: 84 Number of people worldwide who will die today due to poverty: 20,000 Number of children who will die this year from easily preventable diseases: 10,000,000 Number of people without enough to eat today: 840,000,000 24. EuropeAid Overview There is no magic bullet. These are just basic problems requiring basic work. Jeffrey Sachs 25. EuropeAid What are they? 2001: 192 UN MS + international organisations agree 8 development goals (not growth!). Aim: halve poverty by 2015. 26. EuropeAidAre we achieving them? 27. EuropeAidAre we achieving them?Some doing well: e.g. Asia (Chinese poor by 200m) Some not doing well: Sub-Saharan Africa. Growing criticism: arbitrary targets, focus on setting instead of jumping the bar. Has led to: increased interest in effectiveness of aid & what works on the ground rather than goal- setting. 28. EuropeAid Overview A little less conversation, a little more action please. Elvis Presley 29. EuropeAid Whats the idea? 30. EuropeAidWhats the idea? Government Driving Predictability, Transparency Results, Accountability Donors Joined-up 31. EuropeAid What Were Trying to Get Rid Of No. of indicators the island of St Vincent has been asked to monitor on HIV/AIDS? 191 No. of donor missions to Ethiopia in 2007? 221 Percentage of aid projects that are for less than $1m? 80 No. of NGOs working on health in the west coast of Aceh? 22 No. of bank accounts the Mozambique Gov has to have to meet donor requirements? 1,000 Number of aid coordination forums in Senegal? 82 32. EuropeAid International Commitments 2000 : MDG s 2000 : MDG s2002 : F4D 2002 : F4D 2005 : PCs 2005 : PCs 2008: AAA 2008: AAA 2005 : G8 2005 : G8 2008 : F4D 2008 : F4D 2008 : MDG s 2008 : MDG s 2003 : Rom e HLF 2003 : Rom e HLF 33. EuropeAidEU Commitments 2004 Ad-Hoc Working Party on Harmonisation 2005 EU Consensus on Development 2006 More, Better, Faster 2007 Strategy for Africa 2007 Code of Conduct on Division of Labour Joint Framework for Country Strategies Financing for Development 2008 Backbone Strategy on Technical Cooperation 34. EuropeAid What It Means on the Ground Mozambique - ODAMoz 35. EuropeAid What It Means on the Ground Lao PDR Government-Donor Sector Working Groups 36. EuropeAid What It Means on the Ground Ethiopia Division of Labour 37. EuropeAid What It Means on the GroundGeorgia A Donor Compact 38. EuropeAid Overview If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish he will always have food. If you teach a woman to fish, the whole family will always have food. And if you just talk about fishing, youre probably a consultant. 39. EuropeAid Ideas Delivery Commitments Technical Cooperation Division of Labour The Others On the Ground & Outside the Box 40. EuropeAid Overview 41. EuropeAid