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Kathmandu University School of Management Kathmandu College of Management

Internship ReportAs part of the requirement for BBA Program

Course Code: RIS 401

Internship EmployerPrime Commercial Bank Ltd., New Baneshwor BranchWork Supervisor: Mr. Geha Ranjan Joshi

New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

InternKushal Sundar Shrestha,Date: 27 July 2009. SIGNATURE PAGE


I/We certify that I/We have read this Internship report. In my/our opinion, it is satisfactory in scope and quality as a project in partial fulfillment for the undergraduate course of Internship held at the Kathmandu College of Management.

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Date: July 27, 2009 Kathmandu College of Management (Affiliated to Kathmandu University)



The author of the report is not responsible or liable legally, or by any other means against the result of the report. Any consequent decision based on this report shall not make the author responsible. The view expressed in this report is as per the finding and research undertaken. These do not reflect the single rule of thumb nor is endorsed by the College. However, every precaution has been taken to make the repot outstanding and correct. The author assumes no responsibility for error or omission.


DECLARATION I, the undersigned declare that this project entitled is a result of my own study/ research carried out in the year 2009. It has not been previously submitted to any other university or any other examination (s).


_______________ Kushal Sundar Shrestha BBA (2005-2009) Kathmandu College of Management


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to express sincere gratitude towards Mr. Sanjeev Manandhar (General Manager) at Prime Commercial Bank Ltd., New Baneshwor who gave me the opportunity to work in the Bank. I would also like to forward my gratitude towards Mr. Geha Ranjan Joshi, (Relationship Manager), Mrs. Anupa Joshi (Customer Service Department), to Mrs. Kiran Siwakoti (Teller Department), Mrs. Pratikshya K.C (Assistant) Customer Service Department, Mr. Bikrant Rana (Assistant) Loan Department who guided me, throughout my Internship program. My special thanks go to Ms. Sajana Shrestha (Personal Relationship Manager) who guided me for Deposit Marketing. I gratify towards Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. And all the members of the organization for their kind support. At my successful completion of the internship, I would like to thank Mr. Amit Bajracharya, (Loan Department) Head Office for instructing me and providing the essential material for making this report. Likewise I am also thankful to Mr. Lakhpa Gelu Sherpa (Internship Coordinator) KCM and Mr. Arun Bajracharya

(Undergraduate Coordinator) KU for their valuable suggestion and concepts. My sincere thanks go to Mr. Sujan Karki and Mr. Sarthak Karki, BBA Graduates of KCM for their motivation, support and valuable suggestion from time to time. Lastly, I would also like to thank Mr. Bishnu Raj Adhikari, Principal, KCM and Mr. Vinay Sharma, Director, KCM for guiding and helping me in each and every stage of the BBA course and the Internship Study and all the faculty members at KCM without whose help this report would not have been possible. Sincerely,

Kushal Sundar Shrestha


Executive SummaryPrime Commercial Bank is the Nepal 21st commercial bank; with a vision of touching the life of each and every individuals and organizations by providing quality banking services at a competitive pricing. PCBL was registered in the Office of the Company Registrar Kathmandu under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, on 2064/04/01 B.S. in accordance with the Company Act 2063 of Nepal. The bank is concerned with rendering quick and prompt banking services to the customers, to make a qualitative lending in the Nepalese market to support all kinds of businesses including personal needs of the Nepalese citizens. There are around one hundred and seventy staff members, who are working for PCBL. The bank focuses on providing customer service and extends personalized service to gain confidence of the customers who are still deprived of basic banking service. Throughout my Internship tenure, I had worked under Customer Service Department and Deposit Marketing at New Baneshwor Branch. I choose to perform my internship at banking industry to better understand the role of banks in the economy. Through the environment analysis, banking industry is only one of the major industries, which is able to place as a strong investment sector despite of large competitor base. If we look after the current scenario and market then, about the banking scenario of Nepal there are all together around twenty five, commercial bank in Nepal, were all these commercial banks are running on profit compared to other industries such as textile, carpets, tire industry. Despite of the fact, that Nepal is developing nation with primitive market structure, every commercial bank are capable of turning profit out of every activities that they make.

Internship at PCBL has been one of the most significant internship experience that I have ever has, as this internship opportunity has helped me to analyze my internal strength and weakness and developed me professionally. With continuous hard work and effort, from Deposit marketing I was able to develop clients base of 118 accounts and deposit base of Rs1.29 million, within ten weeks period. This experience taught me importance of 7

personal relationship and consequently, helped to develop interpersonal relationship skills.


Table of contents



Part One Operational DutySection I 1. Background 2. Objectives of internship 3. Introduction of the Prime Commercial Bank Limited Section II 1. Roles and Jobs performed in Internship 2. Projects carried out during internship period 3. Strengths and weaknesses in carrying out projects Section III 1. Roles of departmental heads and interns supervisors 2. Lessons learned from co-workers Section IV 1. Initial and end expectations/perceptions 2. Skills and knowledge acquired in internship 3. Impact of skills and knowledge in interns future decision making

Part Two Specific Assignment undertakenSection I 1. Brief background of the Deposit Marketing Assignment. 2. Objectives of the Deposit Marketing. 3. Scope of the Deposit Marketing. Section II 1. Review of related Literature Section III 1. Conceptual framework10

Section IV 1. The methodology and procedures Deposit Marketing Section V 1. Observation of the Project Section VI 1. Conclusions of Deposit Marketing 2. Recommendations of Deposit Marketing





Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III

About the Author


List of Tables1. Table 1: Internship Objectives 2. Table 2: Development of Banking in Nepal 3. Table 3: Capital Structure 4. Table 4: Board of Directors 5. Table 5: Bank Products and Services 6. Table 6: Role of PCBL to Nepalese Economy 7. Table 7: Competitor Analysis in terms of Current Position 8. Table 8: Competitor Analysis in terms of Products and Service Offered 9. Table 9: Strength and Weakness 10.Table 10: Learning Experience 11.Table 11: Skills Acquired at Internship 12.Table 12: Skills required for Deposit Marketing 13.Table 13: Numbers and Types of Financial in Nepal 14.Table 14: About Commercial Bank of Nepal 15.Table 15: Products and Service Promoted during Deposit Marketing13

16.Table 16: Interest Rate Structure of Commercial Banks 17.Table 17: Composition of Deposit 18.Table 18: Procedure of Deposit Marketing 19.Table 19: Observation in Deposit Marketing


List of Figures

1. Figure 1: Capital Structure of the Bank 2. Figure 2: Board of Directors 3. Figure 3: Organization Structure of Prime Commercial Bank Ltd. 4. Figure 4: Organizational Structure of PCBL, New Baneshwor Branch 5. Figure 5: Client Base Developed During Deposit Marketing 6. Figure 6: Organization structure of PCBL, New Baneshwor Branch


List of AcronymsPCBL: CSD: NABIL: I.P.O: MIS: BOD: PABSON: CEO: AIC: NOC: NIDC: HR: FNCCI: GM: FD: CA: CC: SSA: OD: PG: PS: BOA: SCT: ATM: DGM: SWIFT: GLD: PGC: PGL: Prime Commercial Bank Limited. Customer Service Department. Nepal Arab Bank Limited. Initial Public Offering Management Information System Board of Directors Private Association of Boarding Schools of Nepal Chief Executive Officer Agriculture Inputs Corporations Nepal Oil Corporations Nepal Industrial Development Corporation Human Resource Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries General Manager Fixed Deposit Current Account Call Account Staff Salary Account Over draft Prime Gold Saving Account Prime Saving Account Bank of Asia Smart Card Technology Automated Teller Machine Deputy General Manager Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Gold Loan Department Prime Gold Certificate Prime Gold


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