25 twitter quotes from collaboration experts that will make your team deadly effective

Download 25 Twitter quotes from collaboration experts that will make your team deadly effective

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An inspirational piece on project management by world’s top PM experts that will help you avoid the every-day traps of running a business and succeed. Do you agree with all of the quotes? Or perhaps have a tip of your own you'd like to share? Go ahead and write your thoughts in the comments and you may get featured in the second part of the presentation!


  • DAVID ALLEN @gtdguy When is a project sufficiently managed? Quite simply, when it's off your mind. What gets it off your mind? A clear outcome, defined and allocated next actions--all parked somewhere you trust will be revisited by the right people in appropriate timing. If something is still on your mind, then more of that is required. Originator of GTD, founder of David Allen Co.
  • Project Management is about fitting the right person with the right job, fitting the right method to the right outcome and fitting the right leader to the right team." CEO Matters of the Smart. TAMELA LEWIS @mattersofsmart
  • ASH MARUYA @ashmaurya Founder Spark59 & Author of Running Lean - Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed. PracticeTrumpsTheory.com. Having more passion for the solution than the problem is a problem.
  • DAN TOUSIGNANT @ScrumDan Scrum trainer, Agile Coach, and PMI-ACP. Passionate outliner. Commutted but inept yogi. The biggest obstacle to truly implementing Agile Software Development is the organizations ability to embrace change.
  • JEF CUMPS @jcumps Jef Cumps is a certified coach and trainer, enabling organizational change towards Agile and Lean. I believe in Agile project management. Which is not hiding behind a computer and updating Gantt charts or sending out e-mails and reports. Good project management is actively collaborating with customers to define the most valuable product and unconditionally supporting a team to frequently deliver working product increments that mitigate risks, provide real user feedback and deliver customer ROI.
  • SUSANNE MADSEN @SusanneMadsen Project Leadership Coach and author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook. An outstanding project manager is able to take the team on a journey by sharing an appealing vision and a roadmap for achieving that vision.
  • Many PMs are uncomfortable putting on a salesmans hat. And its easy to assume that all your stakeholders are on-board with the project, so no selling is needed. But when a project is NOT sold sufficiently, stakeholders can become disengaged or even opposed to your project. JEFF FURMAN @PMAnswerBook PMP Instructor & author of The Project Management. Answer Book.
  • Project management is applied common sense. The problem is, there is not enough common sense around. RON ROSENHEAD @ronrosenhead Project management speaker, trainer, author & coach. Leeds Rhino fan & Member of Council, Epilepsy.
  • Projects are unique, transience and need management - project managers need to be unique when it matters; finish what they start and show strong leadership alongside their management. LINDSAY SCOTT @projectmgmt Enthusiastic PMO bod. Dir of Project Management Recruitment business Arras People.
  • The challenge isn't coming up with new projects. The challenge is to make them happen.CORNELIUS FICHTNER @corneliusficht Project manager, PMP trainer, host of The PM Podcast, public speaker and gummi bear addict.
  • Often, the conversation is the product. JOHN BORDEAUX @jbordeaux I know why your decisions suck. http://jbordeaux.com/abou tjbx/ jb@jbordeaux.com
  • An organization or team cannot do Agile. They can only be Agile. But, they can do many Agile practices and frameworks, such as Scrum. Agile is a state of being. RICHARD HUNDHAUSEN @rhundhausen Professional Scrum Trainer, Author of Professional Scrum Development with Visual Studio, and geek.
  • The best project managers are leaders first, managers second. SCOTT W.AMBLER @scottwambler Father, husband, teacher, and disciplined agilist.
  • Dont try to control people; create environments in which they're free and responsible to do their best work. Throw away the KPIs, and replace them with real conversations about what makes peoples work better and faster, and how you can help them remove problems that make the work harder or slower. MICHAEL BOLTON @michaelbolton Michael Bolton (michael@developsense.com) helps people to solve testing problems, and helps them learn how to solve them.
  • It doesn't matter how many projects you start. It matters how many you finish.JOHANNA ROTHMAN @joannarothman Author of Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects, Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management, and the Managing Product Development blog.
  • Team" results from a group of people stepping up to the opportunity presented by a shared responsibility. CHRISTOPHER AVERY @christopheraver Author "Teamwork Is An Individual Skill" and developer of The Leadership Gift.
  • A project is a journey of discovery, where the goal is to deliver the maximum value to the business with the time and resources we have at hand. Project management not about sticking to plans or limiting scope: it is about facilitating, nurturing and guiding this journey of discovery. JOHN FERGUSON SMART @wakaleo Agile consultant and trainer, BDD/TDD and Test Automation enthusiast, dabbles in CI and CD, author of BDD in Action and Jenkins: The Definitive Guide.
  • "Project Management in large organizations is full of conflict. For stakeholders you need to manage expectations and incompatible requirements. Contributors struggle between the ideas of self-directed teams and the very ideas of 'management', 'control', and 'responsibility.' That makes project management a very human endeavor. " MATT HEUSSER @mheusser Software delivery consultant/writer and other things. Collaborative software geek since before it was cool. Husband, Father, Christian, and Catholic.
  • Project management doesn't matte; successful outcomes matter. Superb management of a project that doesn't finish is irrelevant. Chaos in which a project finishes is a success. Remember what matters. STEVER ROBBINS @getitdonehuy Entrepreneur, executive coach. Professional speaker, futurist, comedian. TEDx talk Living an Extraordinary Life. Business podcaster on productivity.
  • For continued project success - always be planning, always be communicating, always be building relationships. LINKY VAN DER MERWE @virtualpm (PMP) is the Founder of Virtual Project Consulting. She blogs about project management and recommends a comprehensive hub of resources to aspiring and existing project managers.
  • At the most fundamental level, virtually all project problems are people problems. SAMAD AIDANE @samadaidane Project Management Consultant, Speaker, Coach. Neuroscience of Leadership Expert.
  • We all spend a lot of time and energy working. Our behavior at work has tremendous impact on one another. So whenever possible, lets make this a positive impact. MARGARET MELONI @margaretmeloni Creating project managers who have the skills and techniques to successfully navigate the human side of the project world. Oh and having a blast doing it!
  • Love people. Outside your organization, it's much easier. Love people within your company and team. If you can't do that, you can't make (great) products. PETER SADDINGTON @agilescout Organizational Counselor and author of The Agile Pocket Guide.
  • "Project management isn't just about working with tasks and deadlines, it's about working with and understanding people. If you're a good communicator and collaborator then you will also be a great project manager." JACOB MORGAN @jacobm Principal, Chess Media Group. Author: The Future of Work and The Collaborative Organization, Forbes Columnist.
  • Project management is about getting the right stuff done right, improving and building trust.PAWEL BRODZINSKI @pawelbrodzinski Leader of Lunar Logic (http://lunarlogic.io ). Persistent experimenter. Whiteboard junkie. Lean and Agile coach. Prolific blogger.
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