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<p>25 Most Downloaded Apps for iPhone</p> <p>By, Anna Harris </p> <p>1. Facebook</p> <p>It's the most popular Social Networking site. <br /></p> <p>2. Pulse</p> <p>At Pulse you will get all your news, blogs &amp; magazine sources at one place.<br /></p> <p>3. Dropbox</p> <p>Share all your docs, photos &amp; videos at Dropbox &amp; access them anywhere easily. <br /></p> <p> www.HiddenBrains.com </p> <p>4. Skype</p> <p>Skype provides you free services like instant messaging, voice and video calling right from the palm of your hand. <br /></p> <p>5. Twitter</p> <p>Follow your fans on Twitter, share your stories, ideas &amp; lot more. <br /></p> <p>6. Wikipanion</p> <p>Wikipanion gives you an easy &amp; faster access to all your wikipedia links through easy search navigation.<br /></p> <p> www.HiddenBrains.com </p> <p>7. Evernote</p> <p>Keep yourself organized, access your data from anywhere across the world &amp; enhance productivity.<br /></p> <p>8. Kindle</p> <p>Kindle avails the facility to access all the kindle stuffs like books, magazines &amp; newspapaers with an easy-to-use interface.<br /></p> <p>9. Adobe Photoshop Express</p> <p>Adobe Photoshop Express is the best software to edit &amp; share pictures right from your iPhone.<br /></p> <p> www.HiddenBrains.com </p> <p>10. iBooks</p> <p>IBooks lets you to download variety of books including best-sellers &amp; your favourite topics.<br /></p> <p>11. eBay</p> <p>Buy, sell and compare prices for different products right from the palm of your hand. <br /></p> <p>12. Google Earth</p> <p>Explore different cities, places and maps just with a swipe of your finger tip. <br /></p> <p> www.HiddenBrains.com </p> <p>13. XE Currency</p> <p>It gives you the updated currency rates for almost every country across the world &amp; has recorded over 14 million downloads.<br /></p> <p>14. Shazam</p> <p>Unlimited tagging, buy &amp; download your own music records &amp; much more at Shazam <br /></p> <p>15. Find My iPhone</p> <p>Find My iPhone is currently the best app for locating your lost iOS device.<br /></p> <p> www.HiddenBrains.com </p> <p>16. IM+</p> <p>IM+ allows you to chat using various platforms like Gtalk, Facebook, Yahoo, Live messenger and many more.<br /></p> <p>17. Atomic Web Browser Lite</p> <p>Atomic Web Browser is specially designed iPhone web browser including features like private mode, themes, search engine extensions, Facebook &amp; Twitter integrations and much more. <br /></p> <p>18. Instagram</p> <p>With over 130 million downloads, this app provides an easy way to customize your pictures and share it with friends.<br /></p> <p>19. Google Translate</p> <p>Google Translate is the best iOS app providing translation for 60+ languages.<br /></p> <p> www.HiddenBrains.com </p> <p>20. iMotion HD</p> <p>iMotion HD is a powerful app providing time-lapse &amp; stop-motion features, and also an easy access to youtube.<br /></p> <p>21. Netflix</p> <p>NetFlix provides subscription service for watching movies and television across the globe. Get this free app as a part of the membership.<br /></p> <p>22. Chrome</p> <p>Chrome provides an amazingly fast browsing experience, now also available for iPhone. <br /></p> <p> www.HiddenBrains.com </p> <p>23. Youtube</p> <p>Youtube is the no. 1 app to browse trending &amp; your favourite videos, get the latest videos, organizing your playlists and more. <br /></p> <p>24. Gmail</p> <p>The newly designed app of Gmail renders real-time notifications, multiple account support and lots more.<br /></p> <p>25. Google Maps</p> <p>Google Maps now holds more than a billion users. Simple &amp; easy to use, exploring new locations, favourite spots, accurate GPS navigator and lots more.<br /></p> <p>Anna Harris working as web content writer in a major IT firm HiddenBrains, a prominent name in developing iPhone apps. In this presentation I have shared some most downloaded apps for iPhone, please share your thoughts with me regarding it.<br /><br />http://www.hiddenbrains.com/mobile-apps-development/iphone-application-development.html</p> <p>Click to edit the title text format</p>