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25-3 Judaism and Christianity. Focus. What were the main religious beliefs of the Ancient Hebrews? How did Judaism influence Christianity? What were the teachings of Jesus? Why did Christianity attract a large following?. The History of Judaism. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 25-3 Judaism and Christianity

  • FocusWhat were the main religious beliefs of the Ancient Hebrews?How did Judaism influence Christianity?What were the teachings of Jesus?Why did Christianity attract a large following?

  • The History of Judaism1800 BCE - Nomadic Hebrews from Cannan (Palestine) flee the area due to drought and famine and head to EgyptHere they are enslaved by the Egyptians for years until Moses helps them escapeMoses leads them into the Sinai Peninsula and here he makes a covenant with GodHebrews set up a small state in Palestine in 1025 BCE and form the Kingdom of Israel. Its location between Egypt and Mesopotamia left if open to attack by invaders

  • History of JudaismTwo Great Kings helped Israel to flourish:David- Skilled General who united the twelve tribesSolomon- Davids Son, kept peace and built a great temple at JerusalemTaxed people heavily to pay for thisAfter Solomons death in 930 BCE the kingdom was weakened and fell to invaders and the Hebrews were forced into exile.Persians allow the return to Israel after they conquer in 500 BCE, but never regain free rule again.In 70 CE Hebrews revolt against Roman rule and Survivors of the ensuing war were forced out of Palestine and scattered about the world in an event called the Diaspora.

  • Teachings of JudaismMonotheistic - One God - YahwehTorah-Record of early history as well as moral and religious lawsTenants:Law EssentialTen CommandmentsOther laws and codes established in the TorahEthical World ViewPeople and their rulers should lead moral livesProphets reassert these values from time to timeRulers not godsIndividuals responsible for their actions

  • The Rise of ChristianityGrows out of Hebrew Traditions inside of PalestineFocused on the life of Jesus, the religions founderHis disciples believed he was the Messiah, savior chosen by God.Destined to deliver Jews from foreign rule and return Kingdom of IsraelTaught about Gods goodness and mercySeen as troublemaker by Jewish leadersAlso seen as threat by RomansCrucified and killed in 33 CE

  • Teachings of JesusSingle God, the God of the HebrewsUpheld Ten CommandmentsPreaches Love and CompassionAll are equal and God forgivesThose who are humble, merciful and unselfish will be rewarded with eternal lifeUsed parables, short stories that teach morals, to teach many of his lessonsAcquiring wealth does not guarantee salvation

  • Spread of ChristianityJesus was believed to be the Son of GodFollowers called Christos and teachings collected in the New TestamentSpreads like wildfire throughout the easily accessible Roman World with missionaries carrying Jesus messageChristians often were martyred, forced to suffer and die for their beliefs, by Romans who were angry they would not recognize their gods.Persecution helped the spread of Christianity instead of hurting itIn 313 CE the Emperor Constantine converted and by 395 CE it had become the official religion of the Roman EmpireIn 330 CE Roman Empire divided and two Christina Churches formRoman Catholic Church - recognize popeEastern Orthodox Church- dont recognize pope

  • Why was Christianity so popular?Offers all the hope of salvation and eternal lifeGives individuals control of their own destinyPeople like being seen as equal in Gods eyes