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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 2.3 Extended Text Exemplars</p><p> 1/7</p><p>ENGLISH (SAMPLE) Assessment Schedule</p><p>2.3 Read, study and analyse extended written text(s).</p><p>Descriptor Example</p><p>Achievement Read and analyse one extended written text, using supporting</p><p>evidence.</p><p>Refer annotated</p><p>Exemplar A page 2.</p><p>Merit Read and analyse one extended written text convincingly, using</p><p>supporting evidence.</p><p>Refer annotated</p><p>Exemplar B page 3.</p><p>Excellence Read and analyse one extended written text convincingly and with</p><p>insight, using supporting evidence.</p><p>Refer annotated</p><p>Exemplar C pages 45.</p><p>English 2.3 Assessment Schedule (Sample)</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 2.3 Extended Text Exemplars</p><p> 2/7</p><p>2</p><p>You are advised to spend 40 minutes answering your chosen question in this booklet.</p><p>Write about at least ONE extended written text you have studied in class.</p><p>You may write about ONE of the following:</p><p> novel</p><p> non-fiction</p><p> drama script</p><p> hyper fiction.</p><p>At the beginning of your answer on page 3:</p><p> circle the text type</p><p> give the title of the text</p><p> name the writer.</p><p>Choose ONE question. Write 300400 words for your answer.Support your discussion with specific evidence from the text.</p><p>(a) Discuss how a character or an individual was important in drawing your interest as a reader or audience in a text you</p><p>have studied.</p><p>(b) Consider the way in which at least TWO individual episodes, sections or events contributed to a text you have studied.</p><p>(c) Discuss TWO ways in which a text you have studied effectively presented its ideas.</p><p>(You should consider the use of such aspects as character(s), setting, structure, style, etc.)</p><p>(d) Demonstrate how a particular setting, situation or context was employed in a text you have studied.</p><p>(e) Consider how the ideas/opinions/values of a group, society or social situation were developed in a text you have studied.</p><p>(f) Discuss how structure was used effectively in a text you have studied.</p><p>Sufficiency StatementTo gain Achievement of this standard, candidates must analyse one extended written text supported by some examples and</p><p>details.</p><p>To gain Achievement with Merit, candidates must analyse one extended written text convincingly supported by examples and</p><p>details.</p><p>To gain Achievement with Excellence, candidates must analyse one extended written text convincingly and with insight</p><p>supported by examples and details.</p><p>English 2.3 Assessment Schedule (Sample)</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 2.3 Extended Text Exemplars</p><p> 3/7</p><p>3</p><p>Comments in the boxes refer to assessment schedule criteria. See the assessment schedule.</p><p>Exemplar A: Achievement</p><p>Consider the way in which at least TWO individual episodes, sections or events contributed to a text you have studied.</p><p>MacbethWilliam Shakespeare</p><p>Two scenes which contribute to the play Macbeth are when Lady Macbeth and</p><p>Macbeth discuss the killing of King Duncan after welcoming him to their castle and later in</p><p>the play when Macduff and Malcolm talk in England about being king of Scotland.</p><p>In the first episode, Macbeth is thinking about killing Duncan and struggles with his</p><p>conscience. He has lost the drive he had and talks about loyalty and the effects of the</p><p>murder. He hath honourd me of late. Lady Macbeth bullies him into the murder, When</p><p>you durst do it, then you were a man. We see her showing the strength she had when she</p><p>first read Macbeths letter about the witches. She has ambition and makes him think about</p><p>what he will gain and forget failure.</p><p>When she talks she tells him the details of how she will support the crime and we see</p><p>him persuaded to carry on with the plan. The scene shows us the strength of Lady</p><p>Macbeths character and moves the plot towards the death of Duncan which will bring on</p><p>the later events.</p><p>In the second scene Macduff meets with Malcolm and tries to get him to come back to</p><p>fight against Macbeth. At first they try to test each other they dont know what side they</p><p>are on. We see that Macduff feels bad about what has happened in his country and wants</p><p>to go back and take revenge. Bleed, bleed, poor country. They then talk about being the</p><p>king. Malcolm talks about himself as being worse than Macbeth and that he has as much</p><p>evil in his character. At first Macduff shows sympathy and can forgive still wanting him as</p><p>king but when what Malcolm says gets too extreme, Macduff has had enough and tells him</p><p>that hes not fit to be king. Fit to govern no not to live. This shows that Macduff has</p><p>morals and wont just accept anybody. At this point Malcolm tells the truth that he has</p><p>not done such things and they join together to return to Scotland to fight Macbeth.</p><p>The episode makes sure that the two characters are truthful and that their alliance is</p><p>strong to fight against Macbeth and so it contributes to the play in the plot and what it</p><p>shows about characters just like the first scene between Macbeth and his wife.</p><p>(393 words)</p><p>English 2.3 Assessment Schedule (Sample)</p><p>Focus on</p><p>the question</p><p>topic two</p><p>scenes</p><p>mentioned. Refers</p><p>to detail</p><p>of text.</p><p>Links comment</p><p>with second</p><p>part of</p><p>question-</p><p>( way in which</p><p>.</p><p>contributed)..</p><p>Focus on</p><p>second</p><p>scene.</p><p>Analysis of</p><p>evidence</p><p>relates to</p><p>question.Links backto</p><p>question.</p><p>Analyses</p><p>supporting</p><p>evidence.</p><p>Gives</p><p>details as</p><p>supporting</p><p>evidence.</p><p>Analysis</p><p>of detail.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 2.3 Extended Text Exemplars</p><p> 4/7</p><p>4</p><p>Exemplar B: Merit</p><p>Discuss how a character or an individual was important in drawing your interest as a reader or audience in a text you</p><p>have studied.</p><p>Wednesday To Come Renee</p><p>Iris the main character in Wednesday to Comeby Renee draws the interest of the</p><p>audience as she experiences the social injustice faced during the Great Depression and we</p><p>witness her survival, her conflicting emotions providing the structure of the play, and how she</p><p>presents a main idea about the nature of history.</p><p>Social injustice was present before the Depression of 1934 and it had made two</p><p>generations of women strong before Iris. Her inherited strength allowed her to assert herself</p><p>and open her husband Bens coffin against the wishes of her mother and Bens brother Ted.</p><p>She also stood on her own two feet which was what Molly did not do and led to Mary saying</p><p>(to Molly) And until you do youre never going to come within a cooee of a woman like Iris.</p><p>Her strong character saw her survive where Ben gave up under pressure. At the relief</p><p>camp Ben could not survive pulling a plough and he committed suicide. He was just wanting</p><p>to escape according to Molly. Iris on the other hand said we all have harnesses. And most</p><p>of us survive somehow. She took on the burdens of life and showed that she is a survivor.</p><p>She will continue living to pass on her qualities to her children Cliff and Jeannie.</p><p>Her emotions and experience also interest us as they shape the structure of the play. At</p><p>the beginning of the play her confused feelings are exposed. She is hurting and angry at Ben</p><p>and as she says Youve got to feel something to hate and the fact is I dont we see the</p><p>extent of her feelings. From this point there is rising action and an increasing dramatic</p><p>tension in the play. When she finally asserts herself and opens the coffin, it is the climax of</p><p>the drama and she deals with her conflicting emotions. In her monologue when she speaks</p><p>to Ben we see her resolve her feelings and admit that she does miss him. At this time as</p><p>Mary said, She has had her say and Iris goes on to make positive decisions. As she makes</p><p>them the plays action falls and there is decreasing dramatic tension. From here the issues</p><p>resolve. For example Iris gives Jeannie and Cliff permission to join the march to Wellington</p><p>and so take positive action against social injustice.</p><p>A third aspect of interest is when Iris in her monologue raised the important point that</p><p>history is about the martyrs and not the survivors, were the ones they leave out when they</p><p>write up the books. By committing suicide Ben will be remembered by the family, in the</p><p>marchers minds and on their banners, yet the family will be forgotten. This is also the reason</p><p>why she tells her children Its a hard road remembering but someone has to, and tells them</p><p>not to forget. Like Granna who records their own history daily in her notebook so it is never</p><p>forgotten.</p><p>Thus the character of Iris draws our interest through her character, actions and words</p><p>telling the audience finally that continuing and recording is most important.</p><p>(526 words)</p><p>English 2.3 Assessment Schedule (Sample)</p><p>Refers</p><p>to</p><p>question</p><p>topic.Points to</p><p>later</p><p>analysis of</p><p>detail.</p><p>Supportive</p><p>examples</p><p>develop</p><p>cogent</p><p>convincing</p><p>argument.</p><p>Developing</p><p>reference to</p><p>question topic.</p><p>Analysis</p><p>supported</p><p>by</p><p>convincing</p><p>detail.</p><p>Accurate</p><p>detail</p><p>cogently</p><p>convincingly</p><p>answers</p><p>question with</p><p>clear analysis.</p><p>Persuasive</p><p>links to</p><p>topic and</p><p>developed</p><p>analysis.</p><p>Supporting</p><p>examples</p><p>and details.</p><p>Draws</p><p>discussion</p><p>to question</p><p>topic.</p><p>Moves to</p><p>convincing</p><p>conclusion.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 2.3 Extended Text Exemplars</p><p> 5/7</p><p>5</p><p>Exemplar C: Excellence</p><p>Consider how the ideas/opinions/values of a group, society or social situation were developed in a text you have</p><p>studied.</p><p>One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Ken Kesey</p><p>In the novel One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest by Ken Kesey, the values of a</p><p>situation in a mental institution (known as The Combine) and their relevance to human</p><p>society as a whole are developed by the interaction of two characters Randle Patrick</p><p>McMurphy a patient and Nurse Ratched. McMurphy represents an individual who</p><p>refuses to conform with the situation of the Combine and encourages individuality.</p><p>Nurse Ratched on the other hand represents the system and also the emasculation and</p><p>dehumanisation of modern human society. The conflicting relationship of these two</p><p>develops the wider idea that society is being repressed by a few in authority and</p><p>encourages us to express our ideas freely without depending on control.</p><p>McMurphy represents individuality and Ratched constantly fears that McMurphysinfluence will threaten her control. He insists on being called by his right name and</p><p>during meetings he makes suggestions which Ratched constantly rejects since they do</p><p>not respect her control. As she says of him He is what we call a manipulator. A</p><p>manipulator can influence patients and disrupt them to an extent that it may take months</p><p>for everything to start running smoothly again. McMurphy believes that anybody who</p><p>cannot express their ideas freely and has to depend on controls is a total failure,</p><p>thereby opposing Nurse Ratcheds views. Their opposition shows in the vote for</p><p>watching the World Series. The nurse rejects the majority saying Im afraid the vote is</p><p>defeated. In doing so, she stops the patients from experiencing the real world.McMurphy, however, tells them that they should think for themselves. This conflict</p><p>parallels human society in emphasising that we should be more individualistic in life </p><p>we should not lose our ability to express our ideas freely.</p><p>McMurphy encourages sexuality and emphasises that it is their sexuality that makes</p><p>them men. Nurse Ratched, in contrast, continuously represses the patients sexuality</p><p>by belittling them to each other. Her negatives are expressed when she stops them</p><p>running in towels and humiliates Billy Bobbit with reminders of his mothers opinion of</p><p>him. Their conflict on sexuality reflects again on wider society; McMurphy represents</p><p>freedom and sexuality showing us that we must not allow anybody to rob us of what</p><p>makes us special.</p><p>Another way values are developed is in the attitude to rules of the situation. The</p><p>nurse ensures that there are set rules in the ward. McMurphy, however, conflicts with</p><p>this and constantly rebels. He refuses to take his pills and admission shower. When the</p><p>nurse tells him to follow the rules he is quick to say somebody always tells me about the</p><p>rules, just when they figure Im about to do the dead opposite. Again this conflict</p><p>develops a consideration of the situations values and society as a whole. It suggests</p><p>that society today has rules and regulations that attempt to control us and that we must</p><p>limit these controls and rules.</p><p>In conclusion in the novel, Nurse Ratched represents authority and the emasculation</p><p>of modern society. McMurphy symbolises individuality and rebellion. Their characters</p><p>English 2.3 Assessment Schedule (Sample)</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understanding</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Ope</p><p>ns with</p><p>insightfulstatement</p><p>relating text</p><p>detail to</p><p>question topic.</p><p>Answers</p><p>both parts of</p><p>the</p><p>question.Dir</p><p>ect focus on</p><p>the whole</p><p>question.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understanding</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Exa</p><p>mples</p><p>convincingly</p><p>support the</p><p>analysis.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understand</p><p>ing</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explainingwhy the</p><p>character</p><p>was</p><p>important.</p><p>Use of</p><p>supporting</p><p>evidence.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understandingof the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Anal</p><p>ysis shows</p><p>insight into</p><p>text ideas.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understanding</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responsesexplaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Disc</p><p>ussion</p><p>cogentlyconvin</p><p>cingly</p><p>develops</p><p>argument</p><p>relevant to</p><p>question.Shows an</p><p>understandingof the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Rela</p><p>tes developed</p><p>analysis to</p><p>question.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understanding</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptiveresponses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Con</p><p>clusion</p><p>convincingly</p><p>draws insi hts</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understanding</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responsesexplaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Cog</p><p>ent and C</p><p>consistently</p><p>convincing</p><p>linkage of</p><p>detail to</p><p>question topic.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understandi</p><p>ng</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>characterwas</p><p>important.Co</p><p>nvincing</p><p>insights into</p><p>text.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understandi</p><p>ng</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character</p><p>was</p><p>important.Pe</p><p>rsuasive use</p><p>of</p><p>supporting</p><p>examples.</p><p>Convincing</p><p>analysis</p><p>developed</p><p>from detail</p><p>of text text.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understanding</p><p>of the text.Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character was</p><p>important.Cog</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 2.3 Extended Text Exemplars</p><p> 6/7</p><p>6</p><p>and conflicts represent a struggle of values and the idea finally that in society like the</p><p>mental institution our freedom is limited.</p><p>(530 words)</p><p>English 2.3 Assessment Schedule (Sample)</p><p>together. developed</p><p>from detail of</p><p>text.</p><p>Shows an</p><p>understan</p><p>ding</p><p>of the text.</p><p>Includes</p><p>perceptive</p><p>responses</p><p>explaining</p><p>why the</p><p>character</p><p>was</p><p>important.</p><p>CogentCo</p><p>nvincing</p><p>analysis</p><p>developed</p><p>from detail</p><p>of text.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 2.3 Extended Text Exemplars</p><p> 7/7</p><p>7</p><p>English 2.3 Assessment Schedule (Sample)</p></li></ul>