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  • 1. 21st Century Architecture Edited by Mark Cleary

2. 21st Century Architecture 3. 21st Century Architecture 4. Published in Australia in 2012 byThe Images Publishing Group Pty LtdABN 89 059 734 4316 Bastow Place, Mulgrave, Victoria 3170, AustraliaTel: +61 3 9561 5544 Fax: +61 3 9561 4860books@imagespublishing.comwww.imagespublishing.comCopyright The Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd 2012The Images Publishing Group Reference Number: 977All rights reserved. Apart from any fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research,criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part of this publication maybe reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form by any means,electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the writtenpermission of the publisher.National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication entry:Author: Mark Cleary.Title: Designer houses / Mark Cleary.ISBN: 9781864704419 (hbk.)Series: 21st century architecture.Subjects: Architecture, Modern.Architecture, Domestic.Interior decoration.Dewey Number: 728Edited by Mark Cleary/Debbie BallDesigned by The Graphic Image Studio Pty Ltd, Mulgrave, Australiawww.tgis.com.auPre-publishing services by Mission Productions Limited, Hong KongPrinted by Everbest Printing Co. Ltd., in Hong Kong/China on 150 gsm Quatro SilkMatt paperIMAGES has included on its website a page for special notices in relation to this andour other publications. Please visit www.imagespublishing.com. 5. CO N T E N T S6 5OOm2 Living Room Austria10 Alam Family Residence Indonesia16 Casa JE Brazil20 Casa SE Mexico22 Cortes Island Residence Canada26 Davis Residence Canada32 East Windsor Residence USA36 Fold Place Canada40 Garden Patio Ukraine44 H-House USA48 Headland Australia54 Hollywood Hills Residence USA60 Honiton House Australia66 Horwitz Residence USA72 House A+B Greece76 House Carqueija Brazil80 House in Ise Japan84 House in the Village Luxembourg88 House on Mountainside Spain92 Kensington Residence USA96 Kings Point Residence USA100 Kona Residence USA106 Lakewood House USA112 Moby Dick House Finland116 Nowhere but Sajima Japan120 Pacific Heights Townhouse USA124 Picture House Italy126 Pinisi House Indonesia132 Pryor Residence USA136 Queens Park Residence Australia142 Residence at Prapanca Indonesia148 Richmond House Australia154 South Yarra House Australia160 Stonehawke Australia164 Sumar Beach House New Zealand168 Summer House Vestfold Norway174 Surfside House Australia178 Takapuna House New Zealand182 The Wilderness UK184 Transformation in Charrat Switzerland188 Villa Dal The Netherlands194 Villa del Cielo USA200 Villa in the Woods The Netherlands202 Warrandyte Residence Australia208 White House Australia212 Woollahra House Australia218 Woven Nest UK222 Index of architects 6. 6Caramel Architekten5OOM2 L I V I N G R O O MRodaun, AustriaThe owners of this house a couple with one child and maybe more to come dreamtof moving from their apartment in the middle of the city to a house in a more naturalsetting. They envisioned children playing in the grass while parents and friends watchedon, and all around nothing but nature.Photography Hertha Hurnaus (www.hurnaus.com)The site is a 500-square-metre grassy meadow dotted with trees. Consisting offour levels three above ground and one below the combined total living spaceis 300 square metres. In order to retain the character of the original meadow, theground-floor living and dining areas are tied to the garden in a generous sweepinggesture. This gives the feeling of a 500-square-metre living room composed ofoutdoor and indoor spaces. The tail end of the swoosh tapers to human scale,forming smooth, shallow depressions for sitting; curvilinear furniture; a pool andterrace with rounded corners.The sweeping gesture on the ground floor is constructed of semi-transparentpolycarbonate elements. The ephemeral character of the material is also employed inthe top-floor faade, giving it the appearance of an airy, hovering swoosh. On therooftop, the patch of meadow removed from below is woven into the undulating greenoffice landscape.1 Living2 Closet3 WC4 Vestibule5 Kitchen6 Pool7 Garden8 Bedroom9 Master bedroom10 Walk-in-robe11 Bathroom12 Home office13 Terrace12 3 456 710 113 12 138 8 8 9Ground floor First floor Second floor 7. 7 8. 8 9. 9 10. 10Elsye Alam (id-ea)A L A M FA M I LY R E S I D E N C EJakarta, IndonesiaThe open frontage of the Alam Family Residence contrasts with neighbouring houses,most of which are surrounded by large fences and contain guard booths. The highlyarticulated concrete wall acts as a breathing brise-soleil, preventing overheating of thebuilding skin and filtering abstract light patterns that transform the interior space throughoutthe day and night.The roofscape geometry maximizes roof accessibility by connecting the second-storeyto the third-storey portion of the house, culminating in a spectacular view of an historicalmarina to the east of the site. The roof deck serves as an alternative outdoor space forplay and interaction, or simply a place to enjoy the sunrise, while the extensive rooftopgarden contributes to the urban ecosystem.Photography Fernando GomulyaThe E-shape plan creates two inner voids that bring light and fresh air deep into thehouse. Generous use of skylights and extensive vertical glazing around the innercourtyards dispense with the need for artificial lighting during the day while creatinga constantly-changing light display that activates and enlivens internal spaces.The interior of the house consists of a series of continuous, free-flowing spaces that fostera supportive, interactive family lifestyle. The consistent minimal white palette in the commonarea gives visual dominance to the bold red prayer niche representing the familystraditional beliefs in a modern setting the bold yellow aquarium located in the heart of thediningliving areas, the dark wood rolling carpet of the staircase, the abstracted Borneojungle water wall with native natural stone and the vertical garden in the courtyard. 11. 1212Second floorFirst floorGround floor1 Foyer2 Shoe closet3 Aquarium4 Pantry5 Dining6 Kitchen7 Bathroom8 Living9 Prayer room10 Inner courtyard11 Master bedroom12 Walk-in robe13 Master bathroom14 Gallery15 Carport16 Storeroom17 Family room18 Home theatre19 Bedroom20 Balcony21 Guest bathroom22 Guest bedroom23 Reading room24 Roof deck25 Roof garden26 Mechanical roof27 Skylight28 Service area29 Laundry30 Maids room2627 3025 25251923720 24718 194 20172911 231213222112 1085631 297167414 1511280 5m13 12. 13 13. 14 14. 15 15. 16Humberto Hermeto ArquiteturaC A S A J ENova Lima, Minas Gerais, BrazilThe challenge faced by the architect in this project was to create a large residence, withfive bedrooms and generous living and leisure spaces, as well as a large gallery for theowner, an art enthusiast.The irregular form and shape of the site, at first glance a complicating factor, ended upguiding the project, with the 10-metre slope leading to the decision to locate the residenceand gallery on two separate levels.The gallery occupies the lower level. With the need for an air-conditioned closed space,the volume arises from the ground like a big rock or platform.Photography Jomar BraganaThe top level comprises the living quarters. Each room on this level is positionedto make the most of the impressive views the mountain range can be seen fromeach room of the house. The 81-metre-long reinforced-concrete roof forms aportico over the front entrance, setting the residences built volume.Movement between the various levels of the residence is conducted via an elevator atthe central core, directly connecting the first level of the gallery to the residence level.At an intermediate level, it connects the service and garage floor (and the mezzanineof the gallery). 16. 17 17. 181 123421222 2 26 2 25 7 81191012101 1 111 Bedroom2 Bathroom3 Living4 Gallery5 Entry6 Sauna7 Lounge8 Kitchen9 Dining10 Living11 Outdoor entertainment area12 PoolGround floorLower ground floor0 5m 18. 19 19. 20Parque HumanoC A S A S ELon, Guanajuato, MexicoThe most important determining factor of this project was the need for the design toaccommodate the requirements of the owners visually impaired son. The challenge wasto generate a sensorial experience rooted in sounds and smells within a design thatallowed for easy orientation and in which spaces were in direct contact with the outdoors.Photography Paul Rivera (Arch Photo)The volume of the building responds to the movements of the sun and wind inorder to create a comfortable internal environment without the need of mechanicalsystems. The main volume of the building contains the studio, the diningroom/reflection pool, television room, and bedrooms. The intersecting volumecomprises the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen.Geometry, structure, and construction were viewed as a single concept during thedevelopment of the project. The decision to use a structural system consisting ofreinforced concrete slabs, which lend themselves to modular repetition, allowed for quickconstruction and lower costs.10 10m1 Garage2 Office3 Dining4 Family room5 Kitchen6 TV room7 Bedroom52 3 6 74 20. 21 21. 22Balance Associates ArchitectsCORT E S I S L A N D R E S I D E N C ECortes Island, British Columbia, CanadaThe clients for this project were looking for a house that would eventually become their fulltimeresidence, but could also serve as a getaway, vacation and gathering place in the interim.Photography Steve KeatingLocated at the south end of Desolation Sound on Cortes Island, British Columbia, thesite is formed of natural granite bedrock and contains a dramatic peninsula and cliffthat serve as a windbreak for Cortes Bay, as well as the Seattle and Vancouver yachtclubs. To the south, the house is exposed to the Strait of Georgia, which deliversextremely high wind speeds and salt spray during winter storm