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21 st Century Survival Skills. Adapted from The Global Achievement Gap By Tony Wagner For: Dobbs Fellowship on 21 st Century Skills Bernadette Mc Adam. In 60 seconds or less…. What are 21 st Century Survival Skills? Why do our students need them? How will they help you?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 21st Century Survival Skills Adapted from The Global Achievement GapBy Tony WagnerFor: Dobbs Fellowship on 21st Century SkillsBernadette Mc Adam

  • In 60 seconds or less

    What are 21st Century Survival Skills?Why do our students need them?How will they help you?

  • 1. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

  • What does this mean?

    Developing a habit of asking good questions

    Work is no longer defined by specialty, but rather by the task or problem that needs solving, or the goal that must be accomplished (pgs 14-15).

  • 2. Collaboration and Leading by Influence

  • How exactly?Conference calls, web casts, net meetings, video conferences(p 23)Becoming skillful at working with networks of people across cultures and boundaries (p 24)Lead by influence rather than authority (p 27).

  • 3. Agility and Adaptability

  • Why?Intensifying rate of change (p 30)Overwhelming amount of data (p 30)Increasing complexity of problems (p 30)We live in a world where there isnt one right answer, or if there is, its right only for a nanosecond (p 32).

  • 4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism

  • BecauseLeadership is the capacity to take initiative and trust yourself to be creative (p 33)Leaders want individuals to take initiative and even be entrepreneurial in the ways they seek new opportunities, ideas, and strategies for improvement (p 32).Employers are looking for self-starters and results-oriented individuals (p 33).

  • 5. Effective Oral and Written Communication

  • What does this mean?The ability to create focus, energy and passion (p 36)Convey information quickly and concisely (p 35)Expressing ones views clearly; communicating effectively is an important citizenship skill (p34).

  • 6. Accessing and Analyzing Information

  • Importance?We manage an astronomical amount of information (p 36)Be able to access and evaluate rapidly changing information from multiple sources (p 37)Knowledge workers analyze information to discern new challenges and opportunities (p 37)

  • 7. Curiosity and Imagination

  • Why?Creative solutions to problems (p 38)Design products and services that stand out from the competition (p 38)Question why things are the way they are (p 39)Go to the root of the problem; understand it inside out, up and down (p 39)

  • So how does this help you?Differentiated InstructionHighly engaged studentsStudent driven; student centered activitiesFacilitator rather than TeacherLet goBe surprised!

  • Here is what can happen

    Example of student assignment

  • Why I need your helpForm a small PLC on using the 21st Century Skills in classroomsObserving each other, having open discussions and working together to improve instruction using 21st Century Skills in the classroom3 to 4 volunteers.

  • ReferencesWagner, Tony. (2008). The Global Achievement Gap: Why Even Our Best Schools Dont Teach the New Survival Skills Our Children Needand What We Can Do About It. New York: Basic Books.