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21 st Century Skills. 6 Basic Categories. 6 Basic Skills. Solution Fluency Information Fluency Collaboration Fluency Creativity Fluency Media Fluency Digital Citizen. Solution Fluency. The Six Ds Define- You must know the problem Discover- Know the history - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>21st Century Skills</p> <p>Solution FluencyThe Six DsDefine- You must know the problemDiscover- Know the historyDream- What it looks like when problem is solvedDesign- Develop a solutionDeliver- Complete and report solutionDebrief- Take credit for solution</p> <p>http://www.committedsardine.com/fluencies.cfm</p> <p>3Information FluencyThe 5 AsAsk- Need good questions to get good answersAccess- Retrieve appropriate information sourcesAnalyze- Determine what is good and bad informationApply- Utilize the knowledge gainedAssess- Evaluate the outcome and how you arrived there</p> <p>http://www.committedsardine.com/fluencies.cfm</p> <p>Collaboration FluencyAbility to work with others in a digital world to accomplish a goalSocial networkingOn-line gaming</p> <p>http://www.committedsardine.com/fluencies.cfm</p> <p>Creativity FluencyAbility to be creative when developing solutions to problemsNot only visually creative but imaginative</p> <p> http://www.committedsardine.com/fluencies.cfm</p> <p>Media FluencyAnalytical interpretation of messageWhat is the digital media telling you?Original digital productIs the appropriate media used to express the message?</p> <p>http://www.committedsardine.com/fluencies.cfm</p> <p>Digital CitizenLeadershipEthicsAccountabilityFiscal ResponsibilityEnvironmental AwarenessGlobal CitizenshipPersonal ResponsibilityAll seven characteristics encompass a digital citizen</p> <p>Understanding the Digital Generation: Teaching and Learning in the New Digital Landscape, by: Ian Jukes, Ted McCain, &amp; Lee CrockettConclusionThe six basic categories of 21st Century Skills are:Solution FluencyInformation FluencyCollaboration FluencyCreativity FluencyMedia FluencyDigital CitizenDigital learners must see the main idea of the digital information that they use and utilize that information to solve problems and complete projects.</p> <p>Referenceshttp://www.committedsardine.com/fluencies.cfm</p> <p>Crockett, L. Jukes, &amp; I. McCain, T. (2010). Understanding the digital generation: Teaching and learning in the new digital landscape. Kelowna BC Canada: 21st Century Fluency Project Inc. &amp; Corwin</p>