2017 mercedes-benz cls-class .mercedes-benz usa reserves the right to make changes at any time,...

Download 2017 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class .Mercedes-Benz USA reserves the right to make changes at any time, without

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    2016Mercedes-BenzUSA,LLC303PerimeterCenterNorth,Atlanta,GA303461-800-FOR-MERCEDESMBUSA.comMarketingCommunications.All illustrationsandspecificationscontained in thisbrochurearebasedon the latestproduct informationavailableatthetimeofpublication.Mercedes-BenzUSAreservestherighttomakechangesatanytime,withoutnotice,tocolors,materials,equipment,specificationsandmodels.Anyvariationsincolorsshownareduetoreproductionvariationsoftheprintingprocess.Illustrationsmay include test situations.Some vehiclesmaybe shownwithnon-U.S. equipment.Some vehicles are shownwithoptional equipment.AppleCarPlay,iPad,iPhoneandSiriaretrademarks,registeredtrademarksorservicemarksofAppleInc.Bang&OlufsenandBeoSoundareregisteredtrademarksofBang&Olufsena/s.BluetoothisaregisteredtrademarkofBluetoothSIG,Inc.GarminisaregisteredtrademarkofGarminLtd.harman/kardonandLOGIC7areregisteredtrademarksofHarmanInternationalIndustries,Inc.HEREisatrademarkofHERENorthAmerica,LLC.iHeartRadioisaregisteredtrademarkandservicemarkofClearChannelBroadcasting,Inc.AndroidandAndroidAutoaretrademarksofGoogleInc.HDRadioisaproprietarytrademarkofiBiquityDigitalCorporation.Sirius,XMandallrelatedmarksandlogosaretrademarksofSiriusXMRadioInc.TuneInisaregisteredservicemarkofTuneIn,Inc.TwitterisaregisteredtrademarkofTwitter,Inc.

  • Standard and available equipment vary by model. Please see back of brochure.

  • Its not unusual for a new Mercedes-Benz to set new standards in safety, or raise the bar in performance. When the CLS debuted, it ushered in a new era in automotive style, delivering

    four-door convenience with the defining fashion and the driving passion of a coupe.

    Does being first to do something really matter? Only if what you did really matters. One way to measure that is to consider what changed as a result. A quick perusal of the Mercedes-Benz life story will show not just a lengthy list of firsts, but a lasting impact from scores of them: The patent for the car. The first vehicles with all-wheel drive, 4-wheel independent suspension, and direct fuel injection. And winning the first official auto race.

    Pioneering innovation has never been the sole stock of the brand, however. For decades, Mercedes-Benz has also set trends in design that have altered the course of motoring. Aerodynamics led the way on the new high-speed highways of the 30s. Solid, clean- lined sedans redefined luxury cars in the 1970s. More recently came the CLS a shape that reshaped cars for a new era. By fusing the sleek profile and sensuous cabin of a coupe with a door for each of its four seats, it created more than a new car class. Designers the world over rushed to capture its seductive appeal for their own four-door models. Today its evident in most any showroom: The ripped muscle of the CLS has had quite a ripple effect.

    Even in a sea of imitators, the 2017 CLS still stands out because of what lies deep within: the unmistakable soul of a Mercedes-Benz coupe. Behind the iconic Star in its grille, a torrent of biturbo power and torque awaits your unleashing. Its chassis is agile and poised, placing ride and handling in balance rather than compromise. And its cabin affords each of four occupants a personal zone of comfort, divided by a sweeping full- length console.

    In true Mercedes-Benz fashion, the five CLS models are not merely fashionable. With industry-advancing driver- assistance systems and user-friendly in-car technology, theyre also functional trendsetters. From standard LED lighting to available 4matic all-wheel drive, they balance effectiveness with elegant efficiency. And with a wide array of colors, styling options, and 18" or 19" wheels,1 theyll express your personality as clearly as their own.

    A Mercedes-Benz coupe can turn a favorite roadway into a fashion runway. Itll capture the eyes of admirers and the hearts of drivers. In a CLS, youll make an entrance wherever you show up. Along with four graceful exits.

    F A S H I O N A B LY E A R L Y


    S T Y L E D R I V E R


    Strong biturbo power, swiftly channeled through

    nine or seven speeds. Athletic response from

    three agile chassis setups.


    A muscular coupe with individual seating and doors

    for four. A wide array of exterior and cabin options to express your own style.


    Groundbreaking safety systems that watch the road

    ahead, and all around. Active and semi-autonomous

    systems to assist you.


    Thoughtful amenities and thorough comfort at

    every seat. A choice in surround-sound systems

    for everyone to enjoy.


    User-friendly innovations to keep you connected, engaged and in charge.

    Intuitive controls to keep your world within reach.





    K E Y F E A T U R E S

    V6 biturbo, V8 biturbo, or handcrafted AMG V8 biturbo engine

    9-speed or AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed transmission

    Comfort-tuned, AIRMATIC or AMG RIDE CONTROL Sport suspension*

    4matic or AMG Performance 4matic all -wheel drive*

    Sleek four-door coupe design with frameless side glass

    18" or 19" wheels*1

    LED headlamps, taillamps and 3-color ambient lighting

    A selection of gloss and designo Magno matte paint colors*

    Sport, Night, and AMG Exterior Carbon Fiber Packages*




    Intelligent Drive active safety suite, with DISTRONIC PLUS adaptive cruise control*

    Rearview or surround- view cameras*

    Heated, power front seats with memory

    Individual rear seats with center console

    Leather, semi-aniline leather or Nappa leather upholstery*

    Ventilated front seats*

    harman/kardon LOGIC7 or Bang & Olufsen BeoSound surround sound*

    8" color screen and central controller

    Garmin MAP PILOT or COMAND navigation*

    Apple CarPlay and Android Auto*

    Mercedes me with smartphone app, in-car Internet and 4G LTE WiFi2

    KEYLESS-GO and power trunk closer*

    *Optional or not available on some models. Please see back of brochure.

  • The frameless door glass of the CLS traces the tensed arch of its roof an apt metaphor for the taut precision of its handling. Its cabin is lavished in supple leather an equally accurate

    reflection of its exquisite comfort. Every car has a body. What you feel in a CLS is its physique.

    T H E S H A P E Y O U R E I N

    It catches your eye yet sneaks past the wind. Chiseled lines and muscular shoulders take the stance of a wild animal ready to pounce. And every element contributing to its movement works in concert to seamlessly match strength with grace. The result is the powerful elegance of a genuine athlete pure talent, in peak condition.

    Under the sculpted hood of every CLS is an engine hailing from a family of overachievers all bestowed with state- of-the-art technology and a pair of turbos. High-pressure Direct Injection squeezes gasoline into an ultrafine mist. Rapid-multispark ignition can fire the fuel-air mixture four times in a row. With molecular precision and millisecond speed, they can fine-tune themselves in the course of a combustion cycle, for peak performance and efficiency under virtually all driving conditions. And the emotional benefits match the practical ones. A 329-hp biturbo V6 can rush a CLS 400 to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds,3 yet return up to 30 highway mpg.4 The 402-hp biturbo V8 in a CLS 550 sprints from 0 to 60 in 4.9 seconds, with up to 26 highway mpg. A handcrafted AMG V8 biturbo engine propels the 577-hp AMG CLS 63 S to 60 in 3.5 seconds.

    Turning the brute force of the CLS 400 and CLS 550 into finesse is their 9G-TRONIC transmission. Nine speeds span a wide range but are closely spaced, equally ideal for rapid acceleration and relaxed cruising. Selectable modes and shift paddles suit your driving mood, with the Sport Package* adding a pushbutton Manual mode that holds until you return to one of the other programs.

    The year- round confidence of 4matic all -wheel drive is available with any of the CLS engines. Light, nimble and efficient, it continually sends torque to the tires that can best turn grip into go from a wet patch to a dry corner.5 The CLS chassis takes to corners with gusto, yet takes rough roads in stride. The 4-wheel multilink suspension features Comfort tuning on the CLS 400. Or you can opt for semi-active, multimode AIRMATIC. Also standard on the CLS 550, its electronically controlled air spring-struts adapt to the motion of each wheel. It also self-levels for changing loads, self- lowers for high-speed stability and efficiency, and offers Comfort and Sport modes. On any road, the powerful, agile and athletic CLS feels exactly the way its muscular body looks: in beautiful shape.

    P E R F O R M A N C E

    *Optional or not available on some models. Please see back of brochure.


    The true beauty of the CLS cockpit is a design thats inspired by human nature. Intuitive controls and clear displays bring you a world of audio, information and personalization. A big 8" color screen with animated menus teams with a central controller on the console where your hand falls naturally. Every CLS features one of two voice-controlled navigation systems*6 Garmin MAP PILOT or COMAND with SiriusXM Traffic.7 Mercedes me2 puts the Internet in your CLS, with helpful apps like HERE Local Search and a fuel finder with local prices. And new Apple CarPlay an


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