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Join us again this quarter as we prayer for the CLC World. Your prayers are vital to our ministry and we are so thankful for your continued support! God bless.


  • Monday (28th) - Hamburg, Germany: Quite often, we dont always see the fruit of our labour but, recently, an elderly lady who regularly shops with us shared with me about the time she got a book from us, around 20 years ago, that completely changed her life! I never knew this, even though she is continuously buying books to give away to non-believers. What an encouragement to our team! Join me in praying that, some day, one of the non-believers she is giving books to will encourage her by sharing how that book changed their life, and how they are now sharing Gods love. Valentin Schweigler, CLC Germany National Director.

    Tuesday (29th) - Port of Spain, Trinidad: In January, Gerardo Scalante, Americas Regional Director, and David Almack, CLC USA Director, visited the CLC teams in Barbados and Trinidad. After returning home, David shared that, On the last day, we spent a morning with the Trinidad team leaders for each store, and with Sandra Robinson, the newly appointed National Director. We celebrated all the events that had taken place in the last six months since the sudden and unexpected death of the former leader, Marlene Ramroop. Each store received a facelift, a new store opened on the sister island of Tobago, and their Christmas season was better than that of the prior year. Yet, even with all these accomplishments and exciting developments, there was a clear sense that this was only the beginning of what God has in store for this team. We dreamed and prayed together about new technology that would ignite these teams with resources they did not have, resources for which their customers were asking and, most importantly, new methods of working together. Whatever happens in the days ahead, one thing is certain, our Trinidad team is facing the future with a holy anticipation of a new move of God that will impact this island nation for generations to come.

    Wednesday (30th) - Lugano-Agno, Switzerland:One day last December, a customer, upon entering the bookshop, met a friend. Speaking of this and that, the customer had strongly suggested the book Crazy Love, saying to his friend that this book had changed and challenged his life. Overhearing this conversation, another customer began asking questions about the book. As I myself find this book amazing, I was thrilled to discover that we sold four copies of the book that day. We love to witness when customers recommend good Christian books to their friends as their personal testimonies continue to be the most impactful. Carlo Ciafani, CLC Bookshop Manager, Lugano-Agno.

    Thursday (31st) - Barquisimeto, Venezuela:A customer visited the bookshop and, while she was at the counter waiting to pay, she received a message on her phone and began to cry. When a member of staff asked what was wrong, she replied that she had just had confirmation of her divorce. She had come to the bookshop specifically to look for books that would help her in this difficult situation. The shop staff was able to recommend books that would help her, and prayed with her. She left the shop very grateful for CLCs support.

    Friday (1st) - Bo, Sierra Leone:One day, a woman came into our Bo shop, in the Southern part of Sierra Leone, looking very sad. I tried to enquire as to the reason she was upset, and she opened up and told me she was encountering a serious situation in her marriage. I prayed for her and she left encouraged after purchasing a couple of

    March 28th - April 1st Week 14: Testimonies & Encouraging Stories

    Join us in this work. Lend us a hand through prayer so that many will give thanks for the gift that comes to us when God answers the prayers of so many.

    2 Corinthians 1:11 (VOICE)

  • 2recommended books, Love and Respect by Dr E. Eggerichs, and His Needs, Her Needs by W.F. Harley. After a few weeks, she returned to the shop testifying about the impact those two books had made in her marriage and requested other marriage books that she could also utilize. Matthew Hanciles, CLC Bo Bookshop.

    The Weekend (2nd/3rd) - Central Asia (CA2):A few years ago, a woman bought a Bible for a family friend who was in prison. She said she went with little faith, but wanted to do her part to share the good news with him. She shared some with him and left him the Bible. She didnt know if hed know where to read but just trusted God could use it. He read that Bible and accepted Jesus as his Saviour. Out of the joy of finding forgiveness and hope, he shared it with others in prison. They also became believers and started meeting and reading it together. Sometimes, they would call out loudly down the halls to each other, May Jesus protect you. There were some other prisoners there who were religious extremists. They accused these others of betraying their religion. But these new Christians showed them this Bible and challenged them to see what it said. Now they are reading it! Praise God and pray that this continues!

    Monday (4th) - YWAM Author, Darrow Miller, to Visit Chile: CLC Chile, together with local publishers and pastors, are bringing author Darrow Miller to Temuco and Santiago. Darrow Miller is a highly regarded international speaker and an author at YWAM publishing. He will be giving a seminar entitled Transforming Cultures during the first week of May in both cities. We would appreciate your support in prayer as CLC will be taking on the majority of the responsibility for organizing these events.

    Tuesday (5th) - CLC Chile Connecting with Churches:The most direct contact we have with many churches is through our mobile ministry. It allows us to display a good selection of literature in a variety of locations. This service is particularly appreciated by churches that are a long way from a CLC centre or any other Christian bookshop. In the south of the country, churches receive a CLC visit every two months.

    Wednesday (6th) - CLC Chiles Answer to Prayer:In partnership with the publishing houses Portavoz and Unilit, it was possible for CLC Chile to arrange a visit from Jim and Elizabeth George, authors from the USA of a number of books. Conferences were held for men, women and couples in the cities of Santiago and Temuco, with around 2,000 people participating. Included in the price of an entrance ticket for the conference was the right to a book or two from CLC.

    Thursday (7th) - CLC Mexicos Ministry:We give thanks to God because His Word is being taken to a country with a population of more than 122 million people who are seeking to overcome conflicts in society. We are pleased because the bookshop has become a centre for counselling. In recent days, we have been sharing with a destitute, young person who was experiencing family problems.

    Friday (8th) - Mexican Mobile Ministry is Essential:We pray that CLC Mexico will continue to expand and become recognised as a ministry. In order to do that, we feel that we need a small van as part of our work already involves making personalised visits to churches and other ministries. Culturally, in Mexico, family ties are very strong and you need to find a way to be welcomed into the fold. For this reason, we are taking every open opportunity to attend events and seminars that we are invited to in order to present a living Gospel to the people.

    April 4th - 10th

    Week 15: Chile & Mexico

  • 3

    The Weekend (9th/10th) - CLC Mexicos Answer to Prayer:In January, Maria del Carmen, the manager of the bookshop in Mexico, and her fellow co-worker, Daniel, had to leave Mexico to return to Colombia due to some apparent problems with their visa paperwork. Maria and Daniel were the two Colombian missionaries CLC sent to begin the work in Mexico in 2014. Praise the Lord that, by mid February, they were granted a provisional visa from the Mexican embassy in Bogota which allowed them to return to Mexico. Upon arrival, it was validated for a year, with the possibility of renewing it from Mexico at the end of that period.

    Monday (11th) - Manila International Book Fair:The selection process for booths and spaces at the 37th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) was held at the end of January. We were pleased to be able to secured six booths for this years event, which is to be held September 14 - 18 in Pasay City. This book fair is attended by more than 10,000 people from Manila and the nearby provinces. Last year, CLC had very good sales for the five day event. Please pray with us as there is plenty of work to be done regarding the stock, staff, and the promotional campaign. Also pray that this years MIBF would surpass last years sales.

    Tuesday (12th) Philippines Website:CLC Philippines has partnered with LAZADA, the Philippines biggest online shop, to sell books through their online store. Many books and Bibles have been sold through this partnership. Please uphold us in prayer so that more people will be able to access their site, resulting in more book sales.

    Wednesday (13th) - Importing Books:CLC plans to increase the importation of books in 2016 in order to fill the gap in the market. While others have stopped their imports due to limited resources, CLC would like to take the opportunity open for us to be active in this area. Please uphold us in your prayers so that we will be able to meet the desire of the people for literature.

    Thursday (14th) - The Filipino Bookshops:Please uphold in prayer our two provincial bookshops in Cebu City as they are struggling to increase their sales. Please pray that the staff will be able to cope with this challenge. Our branch in Davao City needs your prayers as well. There is huge potential for this branch as shown by their performance. Unfortunately, the manager is planning to resign and, currently, there is no one to replace her. Please pray for Gods direction in filling this position.

    Friday (15th) - Connecting with Churches:Praise be to God for the successful anniversary celebration of one of our partnering churches (Jesus Is Lord Church). It was a great blessing for us to be invited as one of the exhibitors at their event. With an attendance of more than 5,000 people, many books and Bibles found new homes. It was a very glorious day to celebrate! We also have regular book displays at different churches every 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month. We are serving at least eight churches during those weeks. We praise God for all the opportunities He is giving our CLC Ministry.

    April 11th - 17th

    Week 16: Philippines

  • 4The Weekend (16th/17th) - CLC Philippines Answer to Prayer:For CLC Philippines, 2015 was a very successful year. Almost all of our income-generating units have shown an increase in sales, with some surpassing their target goals. We praise the Lord for all these blessings! The coming year, 2016, will be a challenge for us as we are looking to God for the strength and guidance to surpass last years targets.

    Monday (18th) - Switzerland/Italy Editorial Committee:CLC Switzerland does not publish books locally, but Carlo Ciafani, their bookshop manager, is also a member of CLC Italys editorial committee. This year, among other things, they have been engaged in the reviewing and updating of an Italian book of daily meditation, originally published about 100 years ago. The book is titled Pi presso a Te Signore (Closer to You, Lord) and is a wonderful book that touches the heart. So far, the process is going extremely well. Please remember Carlo as he assists this committee and also works to fulfil all his duties as the manager of the Lugano-Agno shop.

    Tuesday (19th) - Miami Bookshop (CLC Colombia):Sadly, news has come in that CLC Colombias bookshop in Miami (Florida, USA) closed at the end of February. Various factors have contributed to this decision, but the location was proving unsuitable and CLC Colombia has made a change in their strategy concerning the Spanish book market in the USA. As a result, both the bookshop and the adjoining wholesale building are up for sale. Please pray for Gods leading and guiding in this situation as the CLC staff seek Him with regards to the next step.

    Wednesday (20th) - Amsterdam Bookshop (CLC Netherlands):Last December, the decision was made to close the Amsterdam shop due to ever-increasing overhead costs and the inability to find a new shop location that would fit our budget. This was hard on all the team, but they knew it was the Lords will and timing. It was sad, but also special to dismantle the shop. On the last day, we stayed open after closing hours and had a special time of sharing, praying, singing, talking, eating and reminiscing. It showed that our shop had never been a normal place. It had been a welcoming place where Gods presence was felt. We can honestly say that God really went before us throughout all these years! We want to give Him all the glory and honour for all the undeserved favours, which we so richly enjoyed. With all our hearts we will strive to see His work continue through the books and other items we sell on the internet, through our publishing efforts and our shop in Apeldoorn. Els Oosterhuis, former CLC Amsterdam Manager.

    Thursday (21st) - CLC Japan Team:The CLC ministry here continues to struggle due to sales decreasing each year and their ever-increasing financial problems. The team asks for prayer for their healthphysically, mentally, and spirituallyas they continue to try to improve the situation. Please pray that the Lord will find a way for them through these trying times and that they will be open to making whatever necessary changes He asks of them.

    Friday (22nd) - CLC Warehouse, Indonesia:At the time of writing (end of February), we received word that our warehouse in Surabaya, needs some repair work done due to termite damage. Please pray that this damage is minimal and that they will quickly be able to make the necessary repairs.

    April 18th - 24th

    Week 17: Facing the Challenges Ahead

  • 5

    The Weekend (23rd/24th) - CLC France Publishing:Praise God! We have now translated (into French) and published these three new books: Wisdom for Women by Denise Glenn, You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan, and Resisting Gossip by Matthew Mitchell (CLC USA author). Publishing plays a key role in our ministrys future, and we continue to ask for prayer in dealing with all the new and varied challenges that come along with it.

    Monday (25th) - The Country of Venezuela: Join us as we continue to pray for the political, economic and social situation that affects the whole country. If you are following the news, you know that there are continuing struggles that only God can remedy. You may not know this, but the supply of foreign currency is state-controlled. There have been no funds released to us in over a year, and we urgently require US dollars to pay our suppliers.

    Tuesday (26th) - Gods Provision:Join our team in praying for Gods provision for this country. May God supply, in supernatural ways, the basic products like food and items for personal hygiene that are so scarce, but so necessary, in our homes. Please also pray that God would protect all the CLC staff from the different illnesses and viruses that are in evidence. At the moment, a lot of medicines are also in scarce supply.

    Wednesday (27th) - Publishing:We are grateful to God for the possibility of starting local production of the devotional book, Una Pausa en tu Vida Vol.4 (A Pause in your Life), together with the calendar, El Autor de tus Dias (The Author of Your Days), both of which are published by CLC Colombia. We give thanks to God and CLC Colombia for this opportunity. It is our hope that we, in the coming months, can produce more titles locally.

    Thursday (28th) - Website:CLC Venezuela has been working to improve and advance the website clcvenezuela.com, and it is satisfying to see that we are winning the trust and confidence of our online customers. We have seen increased user traffic on the site and a considerable number of orders annually. The most satisfying thing is to see how we are reaching distant cities, where there are no bookstores or distributors and, thus, meeting the needs of churches and believers in such areas. We trust that God will continue to allow the growth of the online market in Venezuela.

    Friday (29th) - Encouraging Story from San Felix Bookshop:A customer visited the bookshop asking for the book, Love is a Decision, by Gary Smalley. She was surprised that we had the book as she had been looking for a copy for a long time. In fact, she had borrowed a copy, but had to give it back. She explained how the book had been a blessing for her marriage and now wanted to use it in giving advice to other couples going through similar problems.

    The Weekend (30th/1st) - CLC Venezuelas Answer to Prayer:We have seen Gods answers in sustaining the ministry of CLC Venezuela in the middle of the crisis that affected the whole of our country. Every one of our bookshops continues to serve the public and local churches even though other independent bookshops have been forced to close.

    April 25th - 31st

    Week 18: Venezuela

  • Monday (2nd) - New Board Members (Mozambique): Praise God! CLC Mozambique have recently added three new members to their CLC Board of Trustees. Lets pray that these members will settle into their new responsibilities quickly and that they will be united in seeking what is best for the mission through intercessory prayer.

    Tuesday (3rd) - Investigating Nampula, Mozambique:One of the new Board members has a real vision for us to open a new bookshop in Nampula, Mozambique. At the time of writing, he and his wife (who used to run a Christian bookshop in Burundi) were preparing to move to Nampula. It is both his and our hope that his wife would be able to run the shop in Nampula, while the mission would provide the oversight needed to make this vision a reality. Please pray for the Boards investigation into the area and the essentials that would be required to get this new ministry started.

    Wednesday (4th) - Kenyas Print-on-Demand (POD):We are so grateful to God and to CLC USA for our POD system. Its arrival was a timely one for CLC Kenya in terms of revenue and ministry. Join us in praising God once again for His provision and the real blessing this system has been for our ministry in Kenya.

    Thursday (5th) - Publishing Rights for CLC Kenya:We are thankful to now have the printing rights for the books from CLC USA and Oasis International Publishers. These have allowed us to minister to so many people who need specific titles. This answered prayer has also increased our variety of titles, something we have been trusting God for such a long time.

    Friday (6th) - Kenyas POD Automatic Binder:At the time of writing, our team was working on an order of 500 copies of a 390 page book, with more orders still coming in. However, this increase in productivity does cause a problem: the cutter and binder that we have is purely manual and does not allow for many copies to be processed in a timely fashion. It also demands more manpower. We are trusting God for an automatic binder and a new book trimmer/cutter from Publish4All. This will shorten our bookmaking process, improve on quality and increase production.

    The Weekend (7th/8th) - CLC Kenyas Answer to Prayer:Since the Print on Demand system was installed in our Nairobi headquarters last year, nearly 4,000 books have been printed by our team. It is wonderful to note that a good proportion of these books are by local authors. They were previously unable to publish their books because of the capital outlay involved in a normal print run of 1,000 copies or more. With Print on Demand, they are able to print 25 or 50 copies, sell them, and then come back for more. Praise God for this new technology at an affordable price.

    Monday (9th) - New Focus for the Leadership Team: Having moved the warehouse in 2015, the leadership team wants this year to concentrate more on the retail operation. Pray for them as they consider ways of strengthening the shops at a time when trading on the High street continues to be difficult.


    May 9th - 15th

    Week 20: CLC UK Developments

    May 1st - 8th

    Week 19: Mozambique & Kenya

  • 7

    Tuesday (10th) - Changing of the Guard:With the retirement of John Watkins, the Northern Regional Manager, after conference in May, Geoff Fanning will oversee all the UK shops. To help with this task, a system of cluster mentors is being developed where more experienced shop managers help a number of other shops in their area. Please pray that this new arrangement will be a support and encouragement to all the shop teams and raise the standard of our retailing.

    Wednesday (11th) - Implementing Chreos (IT System) into our Bookshops:By the end of June, most of the UK shops will hopefully have transferred to the new Chreos computer system. Pray for the staff as they get used to it, and David Scouler (project manager) and the Chreos team as they make any necessary adjustments. Pray that both the warehouse and shops are able to use the new system to maximum advantage in order to benefit our calling to sell and distribute Bibles, Christian books and other resources.

    Thursday (12th) - Bookshop Developments and Changes:UK shops are always changing and developing. Newcastle writes: Praise the Lord our refit and new staffing is resulting in extra sales and a fresh feeling to the shop and our mission in the city. In Birmingham, with the end of the lease at Stephenson Street in June, prayer is required so that our shop in Carrs Lane will flourish and that customers transfer across.

    Friday (13th) - CLC UK Conference:The UK Annual Conference takes place 1517 May, 2016, and will be followed by a meeting of the UK Trustee Board on the 18th. Pray that the Conference will be a time of refreshing and inspiration for all who attend, and that our fellowship and friendship will be deepened. Pray also that the trustees will have Godly wisdom as they oversee the direction and objectives of CLC in the UK.

    The Weekend (14th/15th) - A New Bookshop for CLC UK!Praise God! Towards the end of March, the Tonbridge Christian Book Centre became part of the CLC chain of shops. Pray for the staff team there as they adjust to new ownership and new ways of working. Give thanks for this opportunity, and pray that CLC can build on the good work of the previous owner. Look for more information on this bookshop in our next issue.

    Monday (16th) - CLC Bookshop in Genteng Besar (Surabaya, Indonesia): At the end of 2015, a Marine soldier came to our shop and bought around 100 Bibles in different sizes and models. He explained that the Marine Corps needed these Bibles to be distributed throughout East Indonesia (Sulawesi, Ambon, Papua) at social activities, like medical checks. Please pray that these Bibles will touch the lives of those who have received them. We believe that the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts so that they come to know, grow and mature in Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18) - Donny Kairupan, CLC Indonesia.

    Tuesday (17th) - CLC Kiosk Shop at the CITO Mall (Surabaya, Indonesia):Two separate Muslim women who were wearing Jilbabs/Hijabs (head coverings) recently visited our CLC kiosk shop. The first woman asked to buy a small souvenir cross as she wanted to put it in her car. We were very confused by this, but she explained that she felt saved when she saw the cross. The second woman came and bought a Bible. She wanted to study the Bible to find the way, the truth and the life. She believed

    Week 20: CLC UK Developments

    May 16th - 22nd

    Week 21: CLC Indonesia & CLC Myanmar

    Week 19: Mozambique & Kenya

    John Watkins Geoff Fanning

  • 8that the Bible would have the answers she was searching for. Please pray for our worker, Mrs. Mardiana, as she meets many people in the CITO Mall. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to give her the ability to speak and testify about our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Please pray for the Muslims in Indonesia that they can come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Donny Kairupan, CLC Indonesia.

    Wednesday (18th) - CLC Myanmar Study Bible:Our team is working very hard on the first ever Burmese Study Bible, which will be used in discipling both lay people and church leaders in Myanmar. Please pray that the translation work (from English) will soon be finalised so that we may begin to work on the layout and design of the Study Bible. Our hope is for the Study Bible to be printed in 2017.

    Thursday (19th) - Seminary Students in Myanmar:In June, many seminary students will be returning to the Bible School and will be visiting our shop to buy their books for the upcoming year. Please pray that our teams will be prepared for this influx of students by making sure the right books and the necessary quantities are available for them.

    Friday (20th) - Heavy Traffic in Myanmar:Due to the heavy traffic nowadays for those traveling to and from the city, many are finding it more difficult to visit our bookshop in the downtown area. Please pray that our customers will continue to make the effort to visit us so that our sales will increase. We have quite a few ongoing projects that require steady and available funds to continue.

    The Weekend (21st/22nd) - Thankful for Gods Provision:What a blessing! In just a single day last February (2015), we were able to sell 1000 Bibles. Praise God for His provision! Now, a year later, as we reflect on this gift from God, we are filled with gratitude for all that He has allowed us to accomplish.

    Monday (23rd) - Connecting with Children in the Philippines: CLC Valenzuela and CLC Malolos have a childrens area in the bookshop where children can browse and read books. Please pray that this little corner in the shops can be a blessing to children who enter the shops and find solace in these corners. Pray that the books will minister to their young hearts.

    Tuesday (24th) - Connecting with Churches in India:We used to only visit churches/seminaries during November and December so that we could offer book tables that featured seasonal stock. However, we are now making it a practice to visit churches with book tables whenever and wherever the Lord opens a door for us. We have been appreciated and have received positive responses from the congregations, especially in churches where people find it difficult to visit our shop. We praise God for every opportunity to reach out with His word. Please pray that God will move in the hearts of the people as they read His Word. - Justin Chellapan, CLC/ELS India National Director.

    Wednesday (25th) - Publishing Connections for CLC Philippines:CLC Italy and Papua New Guinea (PNG) have purchased copies of Tagalog and Ilocano Bibles through us for the many overseas Filipinos based in their countries. It is wonderful to be able to provide these Bibles so that they may acquire a Bible in their own language. These orders are increasing each year, so please pray that this partnership will continue to progress.

    May 23rd - 29th

    Week 22: Making Connections

  • Thursday (26th) - Connecting with Children in Germany:Recently, we built a little play area for children visiting our shop. We dont have a huge amount of space, so its fairly small, but it has two places to sit inside with lots of little things to do! From the outside, it looks like an old castle on one side and like a car on the other. It even has a lock on both sides, making it a bit more challenging and exciting for the little ones. This play area allows parents a few peaceful minutes to browse and helps to ensure that we have fewer damaged books. A win for all!

    Friday (27th) - Connecting with Churches in the Philippines:Three Sundays a month, CLC Valenzuela has bookstalls or book tables in different churches in Manila. People who are unable to go to bookshops can purchase their needed books, Bibles and other novelties from these. CLC Malolos, CLC Cebu, and CLC Davao have the same programme as CLC Valenzuela, enabling them to bring the literature one step closer to the people.

    The Weekend (28th/29th) - CLC France and CLC Canada Connecting:We are so thankful to God that our teams are able to support each others ministries in a variety of ways. You may remember earlier that we mentioned how CLC France is making publishing a key role in their ministry. This has been a huge blessing to our Canadian team as CLC France is beginning to send them the necessary art work and electronic files to begin locally printing CLC Frances publications as their own. In Canada, the same Christian book in French can sometimes cost double the amount of the English one due to all the shipping costs involved. (Most French Christian books are published in Europe). This has been a huge support to their ministry and to the French Canadian people.

    Monday (30th) - CLC Canada Is Hopeful: Up until recently, the survival of CLC Canada was very uncertain. What put us in this difficult situation was too much change in too short a period of time. We were then forced to take drastic measures to address the situation but, thank the Lord, things have greatly improved. Although we are not yet out of the woods, there is cautious optimism for the future of the ministry. Thank you Lord!

    Tuesday (31st) - Staffing Situation for CLC Canada:Only a few years ago, we were a team of 15 people, but today we are down to six full-time workers. Soon, Esther will be leaving to have her second child and Hernan, our controller (computer, internet and techie), will be moving to Japan. We have quite a challenge to replace these two. Please pray that we might find the right people and that they will quickly learn the systems and ministry.

    Wednesday (1st) - CLC Canadas Website:Our internet sales are increasing year by year but, so far, this aspect of the ministry is not yet profitable. Presently, we are in partnership with a former CLC worker who looks after most of the maintenance for the site. Please pray that we might find the right formula to reach people who cant or dont want to come into the stores. Also pray that the internet might become profitable.

    Thursday (2nd) - Cedarbrook Plaza (Philadelphia, USA):We need to find a new store manager for the Cedarbrook Plaza store in Philadelphia. Our current store manager, Sarah Quach, will be moving out of the area as her husband has just graduated from seminary. Please be praying for us as we search for the right person to fill this role.


    May 30th - June 5th

    Week 23: Canada & USA

    New Play Box forchildren visiting

    CLC Hamburg

  • 10

    Friday (3rd) - Multi-Language Media (USA):Please pray for the successful acquisition and integration of Multi-Language Media into CLC USA this June. MLM provides foreign language Christian books, Bibles and other media to people all over the United States. After 30 years, the couple currently running the ministry is retiring and turning it over to CLC to continue into the future. You can visit their website at www.multilanguage.com to learn more about this ministry.

    The Weekend (4th/5th) - Retirement (USA):Bill and Marge Almack will formally retire from the CLC ministry in April. They have been faithfully serving with CLC for 47 years and wed ask you to pray for them as they adjust to this new stage in their lives. There was a special retirement celebration at the end of CLC USAs annual Team Conference in April to honour them. We thank God for their many years of service to CLCs ministry and for showing so many of us how to serve the Lord with both commitment and love.

    Monday (6th) - Ebola (Sierra Leone): For the past two years, we have been fighting with the Ebola scourge that devastated our economy. In November, 2015, the World Health Organisation declared us to be Ebola free. What a big relief for our ministry and the entire country! Recently, we heard about a case that emerged in the northern part of Sierra Leone. Please join us in prayer that this time it will be effectively contained and addressed.

    Tuesday (7th) - Radio Stations in Sierra Leone:We thank the Lord for our involvement in our local radio stations in the city of Bo, Sierra Leone, where CLC has an outlet. The Lord provided an opportunity to partner with two radio stations, one called Radio New Song, and the other, Voice of Faith. We have been highly privileged to use the media facilities to evangelise and, at the same time, advertise our available materials. We also normally conduct a Bible quiz competition via phone calls, with answered questions being rewarded with prizes. Please pray that this type of partnership extends to other radio stations and also strengthens our relationship with the ones with whom we are presently working.

    Wednesday (8th) - Sierra Leone Building Project: Presently, we are occupying a shop space at 2 Bojon Street, Bo, Sierra Leone, that is owned by an ardent Muslim who has tried on so many occasions to evict us due to our nature of operations. To facilitate our leaving the property, he has been constantly increasing his rent and has even informed us that this years rent will be increase by 50%. Due to the difficulties in acquiring a suitable and reasonable shop space around the city centre, we have no option but to remain where we presently are. Please join us in praying that the Lord provides the funds for a building project in Bo City.

    Thursday (9th) - CLC Apartment in Abidjan, Cte dIvoire:We continue to request prayer in order to sell the CLC apartment that the Abidjan team owns in Cte dIvoire. The funds from its sale are needed quite desperately to help pay off suppliers, like LivrAfrique, who have already been very patient. It remains very difficult for Directors, Liz Patten and Prosper Weda, to push the sale forward since they dont live in the country. Please pray that God will bring the right people along to purchase the apartment.

    May 30th - June 5th

    Week 24: Sierra Leone, Cte dIvoire & Burkina Faso

  • 11

    Friday (10th) - Tax Exemption for Cte dIvoire:Please continue to pray for Abidjan Shop Manager, Martine, as she battles to get tax exemption for their ministry. CLC is registered as a not-for-profit organisation within the country and so they should be entitled to tax exemption, but it has not been granted as yet.

    The Weekend (11th/12th) - CLC Burkina Fasos Answer to Prayer:Some of you will remember that there was an attack on a hotel in Ouagadougou in late January, not far from our shop. An Australian couple, both in their 80s, were also kidnapped from the medical clinic that they have been running in the north of the country for over 40 years. Many Christians were directly affected in these incidents. Prosper Weda, the CLC National Director, writes: Just to let you know that CLC staff and our families have been under Divine protection during the terrorist attack on Ouagadougou, which left 29 dead and more than 60 wounded. The hotel [where the attack took place] belongs to our former CLC landlord. Ouagadougou is still in shock, BUT God is good and He will remain good. Join us in thanking God for his protection of our team and their families, but do please pray for Burkina Faso as it continues to recover from this tragedy and for CLCs ongoing ministry to the people of this nation.

    Monday (13th) - CLC Thailand: After praying for many years that an English-speaking missionary would join the CLC Thailand team, God has once again exceeded our expectations by giving us not one, but two! Praise God with us and remember to pray for Don and Betsy Velboom (CLC USA) as they settle into life in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They are a mature couple with a lot of experience and expertise in missions and bookselling, and will be a great help to the CLC ministry. However, learning to live in Thailand and, in particular, learning the Thai language is a demanding task. Please pray for Gods blessing and equipping as they study Thai.

    Tuesday (14th) - CLC UK:We thank God for a young Dutch lady who has left her home in the Netherlands to work in the Sheffield, UK CLC bookshop. Marieke de Water arrived in the middle of February, and the plan is for her to help in the shop for the next six months. Please pray for Marieke as she settles into life and work in Sheffield.

    Wednesday (15th) - CLC Cyprus:This year, there was an unexpected increase in the demand for Greek calendars which the churches and individuals buy to give to relatives and friends. These calendars have a daily reading from the Bible and a short accompanying story. Please pray that this increased demand is a genuine thirst for the word of God and that many will be touched by the various messages in them.

    Thursday (16th) - CLC USA:Praise God that the new CLCPublications.com website was launched in December and is working very well in making CLCs books even more widely available. We also were able to complete our remodel of the Philadelphia Center City store, which included replacing the flooring and the addition of several new fixtures.

    Friday (17th) - CLC Philippines:Many of you will remember that we have been praying for a Print-on-Demand (POD) system for our team. Praise God with us as we just received word that theyve acquired a POD system! This system will enable them to better serve other ministries and allow our team the ability to do small print runs for books that are limited in their demand. This will dramatically improve our service to our customers. Please remember the team in prayer as they now learn how to use this new technology properly and efficiently.

    June 13th - 19th

    Week 25: Answered Prayers for CLC

    May 30th - June 5th

    Week 24: Sierra Leone, Cte dIvoire & Burkina Faso

  • 12

    The Weekend (18th/19th) - CLC France:Praise God! We have moved into the new Paris bookshop. This one is bigger, brighter and more affordable for the ministry. Please pray that our customers will continue to find us at this new location. We are so thankful to God for His provision.

    Monday (20th) - France: Please pray for the CLC International Council being held just north of London. On Wednesday, June 22, more than 60 delegates will be arriving from more than 50 different countries. Please pray for all the practical details of their trips, safe arrivals and getting over jetlag. Some will be experiencing food, language and climate that is unfamiliar to them, but it will be a wonderful coming together of many cultures. Please pray that we will experience the Lords presence in a special way. The Council is always a time for assessing where we are as a ministry, reviewing the last four years, and looking ahead to the next four years.

    Tuesday (21st) - Important Appointments:Please pray for the important appointments that will be made during the Council. Gerardo Scalante is the single nominee for the role of International Director, and the new Regional Directors (RDs) will be confirmed in their roles. The selection process for RDs for Africa and Asia will also be completed during the days of the Council. Please pray for an anointing on these people for the important responsibility they will carry for the next four years.

    Wednesday (22nd) - Guest Speakers:Please pray for Louis and Susan Sutton, International Directors of WEC International, as they open up the Word of God during the Council devotional sessions. Pray for a sense of the leading of the Holy Spirit as we listen to the Word.

    Thursday (23rd) - Council Business:Please pray for the Council business that will be done during the conference. The new International Constitution will be agreed upon; there will be discussion regarding the meaning of the CLC name; and we will review the established and dependent status of CLC countries. Pray that these will not be simply administrative decisions but, rather, they will help propel CLC forward in a relevant way.

    Friday (24th) - Good Fellowship:It is not all hard work at the Council! On Saturday, June 25, there will be an excursion to central London, visiting some of the main sites and, of course, the CLC bookshop. Pray for a good time of fellowship. Relationships that are formed at such conferences are of great benefit to the work.

    The Weekend (25th/26th) - Celebration Day!On Monday, June 27, we will officially be celebrating the 75th anniversary of CLC with an open day and some special events. We want to express our gratitude to God for sustaining and growing CLC over these years. Our prayer is that we will be faithful to His calling for the years ahead.

    June 20th - 26th

    Week 26: International Council Meetings