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Idyllwild business listings, residential, government, service organizations, local information, nonprofits and more


<ul><li><p>Idyllwild House Publishing54405 North Circle Dr.P.O. Box 157Idyllwild, CA 92549-0157</p><p>PRESORTEDSTANDARD</p><p>U.S. POSTAGEPAID</p><p>IDYLLWILD, CAPERMIT NO. 4</p><p>ECRWSSPOSTAL CUSTOMER</p><p>An Idyllwild House Publishing Co. product</p><p>2016Area Code 951Phone BookIdyllwild</p></li><li><p>Town Crier Phone Book Ad Templates 1</p><p>Always ready. Its what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.</p><p>subaru.com</p><p>palmspringssubaru.com</p><p>Palm Springs</p><p>Cathedral City</p><p>JPalm Desert</p><p>Anza</p><p>Banning</p><p>Idyllwild</p><p>Mountain Center</p><p>RanchoMirage</p><p>O74</p><p>O243</p><p>O74</p><p>O111</p><p>O371</p><p>I-10</p><p>J</p><p>Palm Springs SubaruCathedral City Auto Center 67-925 East Palm Canyon Dr.(Hwy 111 &amp; Perez Road)</p><p>Service Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Saturday 8 AM to 2 PMSales Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PMSaturday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM </p></li><li><p>Your Idyllwild Phone Book The Idyllwild Phone Book serves Idyllwild, Pine Cove, Fern Valley, Mountain Center, Garner Valley and Stone Creek. This book is packed full of resi-dential and busi-ness listings in the White Pages, and you can peruse the Yellow Pages to fulfill your shopping and service needs. Changes keep your annual Phone Book up-to-date. The Idyllwild Phone Book is updat-ed annually in December. If you have any additions, changes or deletions you would like to make to the White Pages listings, please call the Town Crier be-fore mid-November at (951) 659-2145.</p><p>Is your listing missing?</p><p> If your telephone service is with a carrier other than Verizon, you may not be listed in this years Phone Book due to regulatory changes affecting the acquisition of local phone numbers. Call the Town Crier at (951) 659-2145 to submit your listing for next year.</p><p>Additional copies of the Idyllwild Phone Book are available FREE at the Town Crier.</p><p>Cover photo Lighted Pathby John Drake</p><p>Table of contentsBusiness index ............................ 32-33</p><p>Community services ........................10</p><p>Emergency information .....................5</p><p>Governmental groups ........................8</p><p>Idyllwild acronyms ..................... 11-12</p><p>Idyllwild area street map ................ 2-3</p><p>Idyllwild facts .....................................6</p><p>Important telephone numbers ..........7</p><p>Living in Idyllwild .......................... 4-6</p><p>Service organizations &amp; other ...........8</p><p>White pages ................................ 13-30</p><p>Yellow pages ................................ 32-72</p><p>The Idyllwild Phone Book is a publication of </p><p>Idyllwild House Publishing Co., Ltd.54405 North Circle Dr. </p><p>P.O. Box 157Idyllwild, CA 92549</p><p>(951) 659-2145 FAX: 659-2071www.idyllwildtowncrier.com</p><p>Pick up a copy of the Town Crier, Idyllwilds only local newspaper, at newsstands throughout town.</p></li><li><p>A B C D</p><p>6</p><p>C</p><p>4</p><p>ACORN LANE A2ADAMS DRIVE F3ALDERWOOD STREET E3, F3ALPINE WAY C3APELA DRIVE B5APPLETON DRIVE A2AZALEA DRIVE E2AZALEA ROAD (FERN VALLEY) G1BALDY ROAD B1BICKNELL LANE E4BIG PINE STREET D3BIG ROCK DRIVE B2, C2BLUEGRASS COURT E6BLUFF DRIVE C1BOULDER DRIVE F4BUCKHORN WAY C3CAHUILLA DRIVE A5CAIRN HILL ROAD D2CANYON BREEZE B2CANYON DRIVE C5CANYON TRAIL C1CASCADE DRIVE C2CASSLER DRIVE G3CEDAR AVENUE E5CEDAR CREST DRIVE B1CEDAR DRIVE (PINE COVE) B2CEDAR GLEN DRIVE D3CEDAR STREET E3, F3CHICKADEE LANE (PINE COVE) B1CHIPMUNK DRIVE F2CIRCLE VIEW DRIVE G3CIRCLE WAY G3COUGAR ROAD G2COULTER DRIVE C2, D2COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE D5COUNTY PARK ROAD D4, E4COVINGTON LANE B1COW BELL ALLEY F5CRAGHILL DRIVE F2CREE LANE E2CREST DRIVE F4CREST LANE D5CRESTVIEW DRIVE E4, E5DARYLL ROAD G3DEER FOOT LANE C6DEER PATH ROAD A2DEER TRAIL F5DELANO ROAD D4, D5DICKENSON ROAD G2DOGWOOD ROAD G1DOME LANE C5DOUBLE TREE DRIVE D3DOUBLE VIEW DRIVE A6EAGLES NEST COURT C2ELK LANE E4EMERICK ROAD D2ENCINO ROAD H1ESTATE DRIVE C5FAIRWAY DRIVE E5FALLING LEAF DRIVE F2FERN DRIVE F4FERNLAND DRIVE B1FERNLEAF DRIVE E2FERN VALLEY ROAD F2, G2, H1FIR STREET F3FOREST DRIVE H1FOREST HAVEN DRIVE G1FOREST HILL DRIVE E4FOREST LAKE DRIVE C2FOREST KNOLL DRIVE F2FOSTER LAKE ROAD D2FOUR CHIMNEYS ROAD C4FRANKLIN DRIVE C2GAIL DRIVE C2GIBBS GULLY B2GLEN ROAD G2, G3GOLDEN LEAF DRIVE A2</p><p>GOLDENROD ROAD E6GRANITE PLACE G3GRANITE SPRINGS F5GREEN AVENUE E5GREEN CRAIG DRIVE B1GREEN OAKS COURT E2HEMSTREET PLACE F4HIDE-A-LANE E4HIGHGROVE C1HILL STREET F3HILLSDALE STREET G3HOPKINS DRIVE E5HOTEI LANE B2HOWLAND ROAD G1HUMBER ROAD G2IDYLLBROOK DRIVE C5, D4IDYLLMONT ROAD B5INDIAN ROCK ROAD F2INSPIRATION LANE C5IRIS ROAD F3JAMESON DRIVE E3, F3JEFFERY PINE ROAD D3JOHN MUIR ROAD F2, G2JOHNSON ROAD E3KNOB HILL C2LAKE DRIVE (PINE COVE) C2LAKE LANE C5LAKE VIEW DRIVE C2LAUREL DRIVE B2LAUREL TRAIL B2LILAC DRIVE F3LILAC LANE F5LILY WAY G2LINGER LANE E5LIVE OAK LANE D5LIVE OAK STREET E5LODGE ROAD F2, G2LOGAN CREEK ROAD B1LOOKOUT LANE C5LOOKOUT ROAD F4LOWER PINE CREST D4MACKTECKLEWOOD F5MANZANITA DRIVE E2MANZANITA DRIVE (PINE COVE) B2MARANATHA DRIVE E3MARIAN VIEW DRIVE D5, E4, F4MARION RIDGE DRIVE B2MARION RIDGE ROAD C1MAY VALLEY TRUCK TRAIL F6MCCAUGHEY G4MCGOVERN ROAD B1MCKINNEY LANE C5MCMAHON ROAD D5MEADOW DRIVE D5MEADOW ROAD (PINE COVE) A2MEADOW GLEN DRIVE C5MEADOWLARK ROAD E4MEMORY LANE F5MIDDLE RIDGE DR B5, C5, D5MONTGOMERY F3MOUNTAIN VIEW DRIVE C1NESTWA TRAIL B2NORTH CIRCLE DRIVE F3NORTH RIDGE DRIVE E2NORWOOD DRIVE A2OAK GLEN DRIVE B1OAK KNOLL ROAD B2OAK LEAF LANE A2OAKWOOD STREET E3, F3OATES LANE C1OLD CONTROL ROAD A4, A5OLD MILL ROAD B1OVERLOOK DRIVE B2PALOMAR ROAD G2PARK LANE E3PARKVIEW DRIVE F3PINAVISTA DRIVE C1PINE COVE ROAD B2</p><p>PINE CREST AVENUE E3, F3PINE DELL DRIVE E4PINE AVENUE E5PINE ROAD (PINE COVE) C1PINE NEEDLES LANE A2PINE RIDGE ROAD A2, B2PIONEER ROAD G1PONDEROSA DRIVE C2POINT OF ROCKS DRIVE E2RAINBOW LANE D5REED LANE F4REEVES WAY B2RED HILL TRUCK TRAIL A2RIDGE CREST E4RIDGEVIEW DRIVE E3RIM ROCK ROAD G2RISING GLEN ROAD G3RIVER DRIVE F3ROBIN DRIVE D5ROBLE DRIVE H1ROCKDALE DRIVE E2ROCKDALE SPUR E2ROCKMERE DRIVE C1ROCKY POINT DRIVE C1ROCKY WAY D3ROSA WAY C2ROSALINE ROAD B2SADDLE ROAD D5SAN JACINTO ROAD G2SAN JACINTO TRUCK TRAIL B1SAUNDERS MEADOW ROAD </p><p>D6, E6, E5, F5, E4SCENIC DRIVE F3, G3SCENIC VIEW DRIVE C2SCHAFFER DRIVE C1SENECA DRIVE G2, G3SHADOW OAK DRIVE A2SHADY VIEW DRIVE G3SHANNON LANE E4SHERMAN DRIVE C2SILVER FIR DRIVE D3SILVERTIP LANE G2SKYLINE WAY C2SLATE WAY C2SOUTH CIRCLE DRIVE F2, E4, F4, F3SPRUCE AVENUE E5STARLITE LANE C3STRAWBERRY VALLEY DR E4STRONG DRIVE F4, G4, G3SUGAR PINE DRIVE B2SUNRISE DRIVE C3SUNSET A2, B2SUNSET VIEW DRIVE G3SYLVAN WAY A2, B2TAHQUITZ DRIVE F3, F4TAHQUITZ ROAD F2, G2TAHQUITZ VIEW DR. E5, F5, F4, G4TEMECULA DRIVE B5TANGLEWOOD LANE F5TOLLGATE ROAD C5, D5, D4TRAILS END F4UPPER PINE CREST F2UPPER RIM ROCK ROAD G1VALLEY VIEW DRIVE E5VILLAGE CENTER DRIVE E3, E4VILLAGE VIEW DRIVE E4WALTER DRIVE C2WALLACE WAY F4WANDA WAY C2WAYNE DRIVE G3WEST MARION VIEW DR C5, D5WEST RIDGE ROAD D5WILDWOOD DRIVE F4WILLUMSON B2WOOD ROAD F2WOODLAND DRIVE B2WRIGHTWOOD DRIVE A2</p><p>Street Map of</p><p>IDYLLWILDwith PINE COVE and FERN VALLEY</p><p> Idyllmo</p><p>nt Rd.</p><p> W. Marian</p><p> View</p><p> Dr.</p><p> Wes</p><p>t Rid</p><p>ge</p><p> R</p><p>d .</p><p>Country </p><p>Club Dr</p><p>.</p><p>Sun</p><p>ri se</p><p>Dr.</p><p> Manzanita Dr.</p><p>Hote i </p><p>Mar</p><p>ion </p><p>R id g</p><p>e </p><p>Cedar Dr</p><p>. </p><p>Big Rock Dr</p><p>.</p><p>Laure</p><p>l </p><p> Sylvan </p><p>Way</p><p>Acorn Lan</p><p>e</p><p> W oodland </p><p> Dr.</p><p>Pine</p><p>R idge</p><p>Rd.</p><p> N es</p><p>twa</p><p>Tr.</p><p>Dee</p><p>r P</p><p>ath Rd</p><p>.</p><p>Appleto</p><p>n</p><p>Covington </p><p> Ln.</p><p>McGovern Rd.</p><p>Old</p><p>M ill Rd.</p><p>Fernla</p><p>nd Dr.</p><p>Chickadee</p><p>Rocky Po int</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Dr.</p><p>MeadowRd.</p><p>OakKnollRd. </p><p>Rosaline Rd</p><p>.</p><p>. Overlook</p><p>Ree</p><p>ves </p><p>Wy.</p><p>Gib</p><p>bs </p><p>Gul</p><p>ly</p><p>Sunset</p><p>Pine</p><p>Need</p><p>les </p><p> Ln.</p><p>Willum</p><p>sonPine Cove</p><p>.</p><p>Ln.</p><p>Laur</p><p>el</p><p>Sugar Pine Dr.</p><p>CedarCrest Dr.</p><p>To BanningHwy</p><p>. 243BaldyRd.</p><p> Golden Leaf Dr.</p><p>Bree</p><p>ze</p><p>Green</p><p>Craig Dr.</p><p>Can</p><p>yon</p><p>Starlight Ln.</p><p>HWY. </p><p>243</p><p>CampBuckhorn </p><p>Sky</p><p>line </p><p>Wy.</p><p>Dr.</p><p>Cre</p><p>ek </p><p>Loga</p><p>n Cr</p><p>eek </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Thousand TrailsCampground</p><p>Fire</p><p> Sta</p><p>tion</p><p>Rockmere Dr.</p><p> Highgrove</p><p>Pine Rd.</p><p>Knob Hill</p><p>Rosa Wy.</p><p>Coul</p><p>ter D</p><p>r.</p><p>Old Control Road</p><p>Apela Dr.</p><p>Double Vie</p><p>w Dr.</p><p>Camp Emerson BSAIDYLLWILD ARTS ACADEMY</p><p>McKinney Ln.</p><p>Straw</p><p>berry</p><p>Inspira</p><p>tion </p><p>Point</p><p>Lookout </p><p>Ln.</p><p>Can</p><p>yon </p><p> D</p><p>r.</p><p>Deerfoot </p><p>Dom</p><p>e Ln</p><p>.</p><p>Estate D</p><p>r.</p><p>Meadow D</p><p>r.</p><p> Gle</p><p>n</p><p>Lake Ln.</p><p>Live Oak Ln.R</p><p>ainbow A</p><p>ve.</p><p>Delano R</p><p>d.</p><p>4 Chimneys Rd.</p><p>Shad</p><p>ow </p><p>Oak</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Oak </p><p> Glen </p><p>Dr.</p><p>Bluff </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Rock</p><p>y Pt</p><p>.</p><p>Scha</p><p>ffer </p><p>Dr.</p><p>P inavista</p><p>Dr.</p><p>Mountain View</p><p>Dr. </p><p>Oates La ne</p><p>Cascade</p><p> Dr.Sherman Dr.</p><p>Lake </p><p>Dr.Slate Wy</p><p>.</p><p>Gail D</p><p>r.</p><p>Ln.</p><p>Overlook</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Walter Dr.</p><p>Forest La</p><p>ke </p><p>Fra</p><p>nklin</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Eagles N</p><p>est</p><p>Ct.</p><p>Wand</p><p>a W</p><p>y.</p><p>Lake</p><p>View</p><p> D r.</p><p>Nest</p><p>wa</p><p>Ln.</p><p>Idyllbrook Dr.</p><p>Inspiration Ln.Double </p><p>View Dr.</p><p>Mea</p><p>dow</p><p> Middle Ridge Dr</p><p>Temecula D</p><p>r.</p><p>Cahuilla Dr.</p><p>Wrightw</p><p>ood </p><p> Dr.</p><p> W</p><p>rightw</p><p>ood </p><p> Dr.</p><p>Mario</p><p>n Rid</p><p>ge Rd.</p><p>(Old</p><p>B ann</p><p>ing </p><p>Idyllw</p><p>ild </p><p>Hig</p><p>hway</p><p>)Tr</p><p>uck </p><p>Tra</p><p>ilSa</p><p>n Ja</p><p>cinto</p><p>Dr.</p><p>Tr.</p><p> Rd.</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Pon</p><p>dero</p><p>sa </p><p>Dr.</p><p>Scen</p><p>ic Vi</p><p>ew D</p><p>r.</p><p>Tr.</p><p>Oak</p><p> Leaf Ln</p><p>.</p><p>Canyo</p><p>n </p><p>Trail D</p><p>r.B</p><p>Alpine</p><p>Wy.</p><p>Buck</p><p>horn</p><p> Wy.</p><p>To </p><p>Lake Fulm</p><p>or</p><p>A</p><p>1</p><p>Norwood Dr. </p><p>Red </p><p>H il l </p><p>Tr</p><p>uck </p><p> Trail</p><p>2</p><p>3</p><p>5</p><p>B</p><p>A</p><p>H</p><p>LEGEND</p><p>0 1/4 1/2 3/4</p><p>UNPAVED = USUALLY PASSABLE</p><p>PAVED STREETS = ALL WEATHER</p><p>HIGHWAY 243</p><p>Scale in Miles</p><p>MOUNTAIN DISASTER PREPAREDNESS DISASTER AID STATION BOUNDARIES</p></li><li><p>G HD E F</p><p>H</p><p>6</p><p>5</p><p>3</p><p>1</p><p> Wes</p><p>t Rid</p><p>ge</p><p> R</p><p>d .</p><p>Country </p><p>Club Dr</p><p>.</p><p>Cow</p><p> Bel</p><p>l A</p><p>lley</p><p>Springs</p><p>L i n ger ln.</p><p> Crest </p><p> Tahqu</p><p>itz View Dr.</p><p> Fern Dr. </p><p> He</p><p>mstreet</p><p>Hills</p><p>dale S</p><p>t.</p><p>Indian</p><p> Roc</p><p>k R</p><p>d.</p><p>Howlan</p><p>d Rd.</p><p>Encino Rd.</p><p>Azelea Dr</p><p>.</p><p> Sil ver Fir D r.</p><p> Do</p><p>ubl</p><p>e Tr</p><p>ee</p><p>Fost</p><p>er </p><p>Lake</p><p>Rd.</p><p>Rocky </p><p>Wy.</p><p>Jeffer</p><p>y Pine</p><p> Rd.</p><p>Dr.</p><p>Ceda</p><p>r Gle</p><p>n Dr</p><p>.</p><p>Foste</p><p>r Lak</p><p>e Rd</p><p>. Emer</p><p>ick R</p><p>d.</p><p>Bea</p><p>r Tra</p><p>p C</p><p>reek</p><p>Nature Center</p><p>Cre</p><p>ek </p><p> Idy</p><p>llwild</p><p> Cre</p><p>ek </p><p>IDYLLWILD COUNTY PARK</p><p>Lower </p><p>Pine C</p><p>rest Av</p><p>e.</p><p>Libr</p><p>ary</p><p>Camp Maranatha</p><p>San Jacinto State Park </p><p>Hdqtrs.</p><p>Hwy. 243</p><p>State Park</p><p>Johnson Rd.</p><p>Fire Station</p><p>Strawberry Creek Square</p><p>Post Office</p><p>Bank</p><p>Oakw</p><p>ood St.</p><p>Alderwo od St.No</p><p>rth C</p><p>ircle </p><p> Dr.</p><p>Monument</p><p>Adams Dr.</p><p>Fir</p><p>So. Circle Dr. John Muir Rd.</p><p>Scenic</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Tahq</p><p>uitz</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Hill</p><p> St.</p><p>Montgomery</p><p>Boul</p><p>der</p><p>Wallace W</p><p>ay</p><p>Lila</p><p>c D</p><p>r.</p><p>Tahquitz Pines</p><p>Iris Rd.</p><p>Daryl</p><p>l Rd.</p><p>Mcc</p><p>augh</p><p>ey </p><p>Dr.Pl.</p><p>Way</p><p>ne D</p><p>r.</p><p>Tahq</p><p>uitz </p><p>View</p><p> Dr.</p><p>North Ridge Dr.</p><p>Cree</p><p> Ln</p><p>.</p><p>Gre</p><p>en </p><p>Oak</p><p>s Ct</p><p>.</p><p>Cra</p><p>ghill</p><p> Dr.</p><p>PARK</p><p>Fallin</p><p>g Lea</p><p>f Dr.</p><p>Cre</p><p>st</p><p>Tahq</p><p>uitz</p><p> Rd.</p><p>Wood </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Lodg</p><p>e R</p><p>d.</p><p>Par</p><p>kvie</p><p>w T</p><p>ahqu</p><p>itz</p><p> Lod</p><p>ge</p><p> Pal</p><p>omar</p><p>Rim</p><p> Roc</p><p>k</p><p>Fer</p><p>n V</p><p>alle</p><p>y R</p><p>d.</p><p>Fern</p><p> Val</p><p>ley </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Scenic D</p><p>r. Circle V</p><p>iew Dr.</p><p>Rising</p><p> Glen </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Sha</p><p>dy V</p><p>iew</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Sun</p><p>set V</p><p>iew</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Silver Tip Ln.</p><p>Lily </p><p>Wy.</p><p>Dicken son Rd.</p><p>Circle Wy.</p><p>Sce</p><p>nic </p><p>Dr.</p><p>Mar</p><p>ion </p><p>Cre</p><p>ek</p><p>Aza</p><p>lea </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Pio</p><p>neer</p><p> Rd.</p><p>Uppe</p><p>r Rim</p><p> Roc</p><p>k Rd.</p><p>Dogwoo</p><p>d Rd.</p><p>Stra</p><p>wbe</p><p>rry</p><p>Tahqu</p><p>itz Cre</p><p>ek</p><p>Roble</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Fore</p><p>st Dr</p><p>.</p><p>Fern</p><p> Val</p><p>ley </p><p>Rd.</p><p>HUMBER PARK</p><p>MT. SAN JACINTO</p><p>WILDERNESS</p><p>Lake Ln.</p><p>Live Oak Ln.R</p><p>ainbow A</p><p>ve.</p><p>McM</p><p>ahon </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Cres</p><p>t Ln</p><p>.</p><p>Delano R</p><p>d.</p><p>4 Chimneys Rd.</p><p>To State Hwy. 74</p><p>RIVERSIDE COUNTY DISPOSAL AREA</p><p>Goldenrod Rd.</p><p>Cal</p><p>iforn</p><p>ia S</p><p>ceni</p><p>c H</p><p>ighw</p><p>ay 2</p><p>43</p><p>Hid</p><p>e A </p><p>Lane</p><p> Vie</p><p>w</p><p>Hopkins Dr.</p><p>May Valley Truck Trail</p><p>Deer Trail</p><p>Meadow</p><p>Live Oak St.</p><p>Gree</p><p>n A</p><p>ve.</p><p>Sadd</p><p>le </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Idyl</p><p>lwild</p><p> Sc</p><p>hool</p><p>Tang</p><p>lewoo</p><p>d Ln</p><p>.</p><p>Memory </p><p>Ln.</p><p>Trails End</p><p>Elk Ln.Shannon Ln.</p><p>Straw</p><p>berry</p><p>Lily</p><p>Idyllwild Pines</p><p>Straw</p><p>berry</p><p> Valley</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Village</p><p> View D</p><p>r.</p><p>Ridge </p><p>Crest</p><p>Pine</p><p> Dell</p><p>Dr.</p><p>Riverside County Playground Rd.</p><p>Lookout Rd.</p><p>Reed Ln.</p><p>Cree</p><p>k</p><p>To South Ridge Hiking Trail</p><p>Los Angeles</p><p>Newport Beach</p><p>Long Beach</p><p>Pomona</p><p>San Juan Capistrano</p><p>Oceanside</p><p>Riverside</p><p>Corona</p><p>Escondido</p><p>San Diego</p><p>Temecula</p><p>Banning</p><p>Hemet</p><p>IDYLLWILD</p><p>Palm SpringsIndio</p><p>Palm Desert</p><p>MAIN ROADS To </p><p>Mile-High IDYLLWILD</p><p>Sherman Dr.</p><p>Big </p><p>Pine </p><p>St.</p><p>Cairn</p><p>Hill</p><p>Rd F</p><p>oster</p><p> Lake</p><p> Rd.</p><p>De</p><p>er </p><p>Sprin</p><p>g s </p><p>Hik</p><p>i ng </p><p>Tra</p><p>il</p><p> Po</p><p>int o</p><p>f </p><p>Ro</p><p>cks </p><p>Dr</p><p>.</p><p>Fer</p><p>nleaf </p><p>Dr.</p><p>Man</p><p>za nita</p><p> Dr. Rockdale</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Ro</p><p>ckda</p><p>le Sp</p><p>ur</p><p>Jameson Dr</p><p>.</p><p>Maranatha</p><p>Dr. U.</p><p>S. Fo</p><p>rest </p><p>Servi</p><p>ce </p><p>Rang</p><p>er </p><p>Statio</p><p>n</p><p>Pine</p><p>Cr</p><p>est A</p><p>ve.</p><p> Village Center Dr.</p><p>Tollga</p><p>te Rd.</p><p>Marian View Dr.</p><p>South</p><p>Circle</p><p>Dr.</p><p>St.</p><p>Riv</p><p>er D</p><p>r.</p><p>Dr.</p><p>Wildwood Dr. B</p><p>ould</p><p>er D</p><p>r.Marian View</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Crest Dr.</p><p> S</p><p>tro</p><p>ng</p><p> Dr. Cas</p><p>sler</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Saunders M</p><p>eadow Rd.</p><p>Sa u n de r</p><p>s </p><p>Rd.</p><p>Valley View Dr.</p><p>Tahquitz View Dr.</p><p>Ceda</p><p>r Av</p><p>e.</p><p>HIL</p><p>L </p><p> RD</p><p>.</p><p>Forest</p><p>Granite </p><p>Meadowlark R</p><p>d.</p><p>Saunders</p><p> Mea</p><p>dow Rd.</p><p>Bluegrass C</p><p>t.</p><p>Robin</p><p> D</p><p>r.</p><p>Chickade</p><p>e wy.</p><p>Fore</p><p>st K</p><p>noll D</p><p>r.</p><p>Sen</p><p>eca </p><p>Dr.</p><p>Gle</p><p>n R</p><p>d.</p><p>Rd.</p><p>Rd.</p><p>Rd.</p><p>Rd.</p><p>Cougar Rd.</p><p>Rim</p><p> Roc</p><p>k Rd.</p><p>Chipmunk Dr.</p><p>Upp</p><p>er P</p><p>ine </p><p>Ave.</p><p> Hu mb</p><p>er </p><p>Rd</p><p>.</p><p>Fore</p><p>st</p><p> Hav</p><p>en Dr</p><p>.</p><p>FosterLakeRes.</p><p>Er</p><p>ni e</p><p> Ma</p><p>xw</p><p>el</p><p>l S</p><p>ce</p><p>ni</p><p>c T</p><p>ra</p><p>il</p><p>Cedar St.</p><p>D E G</p><p>Ridgeview</p><p>ParkLane</p><p>Spruce Ave. Lilac Ln.</p><p>FairwayDr.</p><p>Pine</p><p> Dr.</p><p>Macteck</p><p>lewood</p><p>San Jacinto Rd.</p><p>GranitePl.</p><p>Bick nell Ln.</p><p>Clo</p><p>sed </p><p>to </p><p>pu</p><p>blic</p><p>4</p><p>F</p><p>2</p><p>F</p><p>E</p><p>D</p><p>B</p><p>C</p><p>G</p><p>LEGEND</p><p>A. PINE COVE WATER DISTRICT OFFICEB. MOUNTAIN RESOURCE CENTERC. ST. HUGHS EPISCOPAL CHURCHD. TOWN HALLE. ASTROCAMPF. LATTER-DAY SAINTS CHURCHG. MOUNTAIN CENTERH. IDYLLWILD ARTS ACADEMY MountainDisasterPreparednessisanonprofitorganizationof trained volunteers who serve the communities of Pine Cove, Idyllwild and Mountain Center. We have no paid personnel and rely on public tax-deductible contributions for our operations and equipping our 7 Neighbor-hood Collection Points, which are strategically located through-out the community. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD COL-LECTION POINT IS? If severe damage to your home/work-place, or need for medical care, go to your nearest NCP.</p><p>MOUNTAINDISASTER PREPAREDNESS</p><p>Disaster Aid Stations Overlay</p><p>ASTROCAMP</p><p>Town C</p><p>rier &amp; </p><p>Visitors Center</p><p>Library</p><p>MOUNTAINCENTER</p></li><li><p>Living in Idyllwild 4Essentials to know Utility hookup: Electricity is with Edison, 1-800-655-4555 or Anza Electric Cooperative (Garner Valley) (951) 763-4333. Propane is available through several vendors: AC Propane, (951) 769-0227; AmeriGas, (951) 296-3118; Diamond Valley Propane, (951) 654-6104; Ferrellgas, 659-4085; Mutual Propane, 1-888-926-8574; SoCal Propane, (951) 791-8686; and Suburban Propane 659-3568. Water service depends on where you live: Fern Valley residents call Fern Valley Water District, 659-2200; Idyllwild residents call Idyllwild Water District, 659-2143; Pine Cove residents call Pine Cove Water District, 659-2675; Garner Valley and Lake Hemet customers call Lake Hemet Municipal Water District, 658-3241; Twin Pines/Poppet Flats residents call High Valleys Water District, (951) 849-2612 and Pinyon Pines residents call (760) 349-3261 or (951) 468-4054..</p><p>How do I get mail? Idyllwild, Pine Cove and Mountain Center residents receive mail in post office boxes only. To get a box, take a utility bill or something that shows your local residence address to your nearest post office. Idyllwild Post Office is located in the Strawberry Creek Plaza off Village Center Drive. Pine Cove residents receive mail at the Idyllwild Post Office. The Mountain Center Post Office is at the intersection of highways 243 and 74. If you live in Garner Valley, you can get mail delivered by postal route. Visit the Mountain Center Post Office for more information. DHL, FedEx and UPS both deliver and pick up on the Hill. Their phone numbers are: DHL, 1-800-225-5345, FedEx, 1-800-463-3339 and UPS, 1-800-742-5877.</p><p>Trash: Private businesses and CC&amp;R, 1-800-755-8112, will haul your trash. Most people haul their own to the Idyllwild Transfer Station (The Dump) on Saunders Meado