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<ul><li><p>2016 COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS WORKING GROUP </p><p>SESSION 1 DEFINING SUCCESS </p><p>June 13 11:30 AM 1:00 PM </p><p>M106 107 </p><p>Expected Outcomes: </p><p> Introduce assets and capabilities of Working Group participants. </p><p> Highlight the common interests of participants represented in the Working Group and subtopics. </p><p> Identify a common understanding of each subtopic. </p><p> Identify barriers/issues the table would like to address. </p><p>Framing Questions: </p><p> How do you define success for the young people you serve/are interested in supporting? </p><p> Where does your subtopic fit on the path to a young persons success? </p><p> What barriers do young people face as it relates to your subtopic? </p><p> What barriers would your group like to address over the course of the Working Group sessions? </p><p>Proposed Agenda </p><p> Welcome &amp; overall Working Group framing </p><p> Opening remarks </p><p> Don Yu, Better Director Make Room Campaign, Civic Nation </p><p> Subtopic overview and transition </p><p> Table discussions </p><p> Report outs and next steps for Session 2 </p></li><li><p>SESSION 2 REMOVING BARRIERS </p><p>June 13 3:30 PM 5:30 PM </p><p>M106 107 </p><p> Expected Outcomes: </p><p> Continue to identify unaddressed challenges/barriers for young people within your subtopic area. </p><p> Generate ideas for solving unaddressed challenges and lingering obstacles to success. </p><p> Connect efforts and determine new areas of potential action. </p><p>Framing Questions: </p><p> What is the barrier/challenge that your group wants to tackle during the Working Group session? </p><p> Who are the necessary stakeholders required for successful implementation? How can this initiative incorporate on-ramps for others to contribute to its success? </p><p>Proposed Agenda </p><p> Room energizer and welcome back remarks </p><p> Recap and Session 2 introduction </p><p> Commitment to Action highlights </p><p> Table exercise and discussions </p><p> Report outs and next steps for Session 3 </p></li><li><p>SESSION 3 DESIGNING SOLUTIONS </p><p>June 14 12:30 PM 3:30 PM </p><p>M106 107 </p><p> Expected Outcomes: </p><p> Refine the key elements of the proposed solutions identified in previous sessions. </p><p> Develop an action plan for the next two months, identifying and outlining concrete next steps, and delegating responsibilities to continue momentum beyond CGI America. </p><p> Discuss as a full group the major themes that connect the subtopic discussions and identify additional opportunities for collaboration and partnership around emerging Commitments to </p><p>Action. </p><p>Framing Questions: </p><p> What immediate next steps are required to take these ideas from concept to reality? What resource and capacity commitments are participants willing to make (or consider making) to </p><p>advance the proposed Commitments to Action? </p><p> Who will manage and shepherd this initiative in the near-term? In the long-term? </p><p> What major tools, approaches, themes, and best practices emerged from table-level discussions that would be useful to other emerging Commitment ideas? </p><p>Proposed Agenda </p><p> Facilitated networking /Commitment to Action highlights </p><p> Table discussions </p><p> Solutions Pitch </p><p> Large group discussion </p><p> Connecting the dots and emerging themes across subtopics </p><p> Next steps and closing remarks </p></li><li><p>SELECT 2016 COMMITMENTS Click here for a complete list of past commitments </p><p>Scaling Career Fluency: Making Good on the Promise of College </p><p>Commitment by: The Opportunity Network </p><p>Partners: CauseLabs; Edwin Gould Foundation; Fund II Foundation; Leon Lowenstein Foundation; </p><p>Reach Higher, The White House; SweetRush </p><p>In 2016, The Opportunity Network (OppNet) committed to finding field-wide solutions to fill a national </p><p>gap in college success and career readiness by expanding the reach of its Career Fluency program from </p><p>serving 2,000 low-income, first-generation, college bound students in New York City to 100,000 students </p><p>nationwide. Over three years OppNet will expand its six-year Fellows program, replicating in new </p><p>geographic locations, scale its Career Fluency Consultancy to 90 schools and community-based </p><p>organizations nation-wide to amplify existing college access investments, and develop and launch a </p><p>digital Career Fluency Portal for educators and students to access OppNets best-in-class Career </p><p>Fluency curriculum. The three coordinated strategies accelerate college and career impact by connecting </p><p>entities across sectors and through direct service, field-wide capacity building, and virtual programming, </p><p>allowing OppNet to scale its data-driven impact across the nation. </p><p> Less Debt &amp; More Degrees </p><p>Commitment by: uAspire </p><p>Partners: ECMC; Edwin Gould Foundation; Lumina Foundation; MetLife; The Boston </p><p>Foundation/Success Boston </p><p>In 2016, uAspire committed to design and launch a policy and systems change engine that will harness its </p><p>college affordability expertise to influence K-12, Higher Education leaders, and state and federal agencies </p><p>through partnerships, trainings, and convenings. uAspire will create the Affordability Fellow Program and </p><p>train 200 fellows who will impact 25,000 youth in their partner organizations and build a uAspire Policy </p><p>Division that will Establish a Policy Team and Strategic Plan to drive systemic change that will decrease </p><p>student debt and increase degree completion for American youth. </p><p>#BeReal: Critical Mentoring for College Success </p><p>Commitment by: The Youth Mentoring Action Network; Summer Search </p><p>Partners: Amped Strategies; Campaign for Black Male Achievement; Mentor; National Cares </p><p>In 2016, the Youth Mentoring Action Network and Summer Search committed to developing and </p><p>supporting the concept of critical mentoring. Critical mentoring means integrating and interrogating </p><p>context so that mentoring adolescents is culturally relevant and creates a space for honesty, critical </p><p>consciousness and ultimately, transformation. YMAN, Summer Search and their partners will host a two-</p><p>day convening of key mentoring and youth development organizations to establishing working guidelines </p><p>for the practical implementation of critical mentoring in todays college/career readiness programming. </p><p>YMAN will identify and develop resources such as staff/volunteer training and curriculum materials to </p><p>scale its reach, develop a webinar which will be taken by over 200 mentoring professionals, and lead a </p><p>presentation at the annual MENTOR National Summit reaching an additional 100 professionals. </p><p>http://www.cgiamerica.org/commitmentsfile://///</p></li><li><p>College Persistence: Thriving Beyond College Acceptance </p><p>Commitment by: Student Sponsor Partners (SSP) </p><p>Partners: Bottom Line; The Ivy Key; UniFi Scholars </p><p>In 2016, SSP committed to adding a college persistence initiative to its College and Career Program, </p><p>supporting 693 high school seniors and improving their likelihood of college graduation. SSP will hire a </p><p>College Persistence Counselor to advise SSP seniors, partner with The Ivy Key to provide a six-week </p><p>customized college admissions course to SSP seniors, partner with UniFi Scholars to implement a </p><p>financial literacy curriculum, and also partner with the Bottom Line to provide college persistence support </p><p>to at-risk SSP high school graduates at 16 target colleges in New York. The program will focus on </p><p>academics, employability, financial aid, and life issues. </p><p>Developing Student-Ready Colleges </p><p>Commitment by: College Forward </p><p>Partners: Concordia University Texas; Greater Texas Foundation; Houston Endowment; Lone Star </p><p>College North Harris; Michael &amp; Susan Dell Foundation; Sul Ross State University; The Kresge </p><p>Foundation; The Meadows Foundation </p><p>In 2016 College Forward committed to scaling Success Partnerships, a highly effective college success </p><p>program for underserved students. Partnering colleges will be provided with near-peer mentors who </p><p>deliver culturally relevant and individualized academic, financial, and socio-emotional guidance to </p><p>designated students. By the end of this commitment, College Forward will partner with nine colleges </p><p>from regionally diverse communities including rural, suburban, and urban institutions of higher </p><p>education and will directly impact 7,420 students. College Forward will also develop the tools, </p><p>trainings, and technology that will enable partner colleges to adopt and independently operate Success </p><p>Partnerships, while preserving student outcomes. Success Partnerships impact on student outcomes is </p><p>immediate, while the institutions ability to support underserved students is permanently improved. </p><p>Through this commitment, College Forward will accelerate the transition to a national higher education </p><p>system that is fully equipped to serve every student, regardless of economic or family background. </p><p>Storytelling: How College, Community, and Career Intersect </p><p>Commitment by: Story2 </p><p>Partners: Civic Nation; Opportunity Network; Students for Education Reform </p><p>In 2016, Story2 and its partners committed to supporting 10,000 16- to 24-year-olds in using storytelling </p><p>for the writing and speaking required to cross the bridge from high school to postsecondary education, </p><p>work, and service. Using in-person training and online practice including use of the Story2 online </p><p>platform Story2 will teach students how to plan, organize, and complete college essays, as well as to </p><p>build a portfolio of course, career, and community experiences by telling their stories out loud on video </p><p>and in writing. </p><p>College baco: Better Tools for College Access </p><p>Commitment by: College Abacus, and ECMC Initiative </p><p>Partners: ACT; College Summit; ECMC Foundation; Latino U; National College Access Network </p><p>In 2016, College Abacus, an ECMC Foundation initiative, committed to making its free college search </p><p>tool fully accessible in Spanish, making it easier for the tens of millions of Spanish-speaking U.S. </p><p>households to not only identify the best schools for their budgets but navigate the college search process </p><p>file://///</p></li><li><p>as a family unit. College Abacus will develop the Spanish-language tool College baco and its Pell </p><p>Grant-specific partner tool Pell baco to help bilingual Hispanic families seamlessly comparison shop for </p><p>affordable college options, allowing them to calculate their personalized financial aid estimates across </p><p>5,600 U.S. colleges and compare them in one, centralized format for college costs. Serving at least </p><p>10,000 students through its platform, College baco will break down the language and cost barriers that </p><p>too often deter Hispanic students from pursuing higher education. </p></li><li><p>PARTICIPANTS 2016 College and Career Readiness Working Group </p><p> Carol Barash </p><p>Founder and CEO </p><p>Story2 </p><p>carol.barash@story2.com </p><p> William Basl </p><p>Director, AmeriCorps State and National </p><p>Corporation for National and Community </p><p>Service </p><p> Beth Breger </p><p>Executive Director </p><p>Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America </p><p>(LEDA) </p><p>bethbreger@ledascholars.org </p><p> Marie Brown </p><p>Senior Advisor to the CEO </p><p>Thread </p><p>marie.brown@thread.org </p><p> Austin Buchan </p><p>Executive Director </p><p>College Forward </p><p>abuchan@collegeforward.org </p><p> Alex Castillo </p><p>FUSE Corps Executive Fellow </p><p>Los Angeles Public Library </p><p>gacastillo@yahoo.com </p><p> Emily Chong </p><p>VP, Strategy &amp; Partnerships </p><p>NationSwell </p><p>emilychong@nationswell.com </p><p> Leslie Cornfeld </p><p>Special Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of </p><p>Education </p><p>U.S. Department of Education </p><p>leslie.cornfeld@gmail.com </p><p>Philip Courtney </p><p>Chief Executive Officer </p><p>Urban Arts Partnership </p><p>philip@urbanarts.org </p><p> Brian Culbreth </p><p>Vice President, K12 Accounts </p><p>The Princeton Review </p><p>brian.culbreth@review.com </p><p> Aimee Eubanks Davis </p><p>Founder &amp; CEO </p><p>Braven </p><p>aimee@bebraven.org </p><p> Alison De Lucca </p><p>Executive Director </p><p>Southern California College Access Network </p><p>alison@socalcollegeaccess.org </p><p> Charlie Desmond </p><p>Inversant CEO </p><p>Inversant </p><p>c.desmond@inversant.org </p><p> Joe Dougherty </p><p>Partner </p><p>Dalberg </p><p>joe.dougherty@dalberg.com </p><p> Kiah Duggins </p><p>Chief of Staff, WSU Student Government </p><p>Association </p><p>The Princess Project </p><p>kdugg94@gmail.com </p><p> Cory Eyler </p><p>Senior Vice President, General Manager </p><p>ed2go, a Cengage Learning Company </p><p>cory.eyler@cengage.com </p></li><li><p>Tina Fernandez </p><p>Executive Director </p><p>Achieve Atlanta </p><p>tfernandez@achieveatlanta.org </p><p> Cornelius Tyrone Finley </p><p>Director, College and Career Readiness </p><p>Diploma Plus </p><p>cfinley@diplomaplus.net </p><p> Jennifer Friend </p><p>Chief Executive Officer </p><p>Project Hope Alliance </p><p>jennifer@projecthopealliance.org </p><p> Caroline Frye Burruss </p><p>Advisory Board, Partnerships </p><p>The Respect Institute </p><p>carofryeburr@gmail.com </p><p> Jae Gardner </p><p>Chief Executive Officer </p><p>The Ivy Key, Inc. </p><p>jae@theivykey.com </p><p> Noah Geisel </p><p>Founder &amp; Lead Ideation Partner </p><p>Verses Education, LLC </p><p>noah@verseseducation.com </p><p> Bob Giannino </p><p>Chief Executive Officer </p><p>uAspire </p><p>bob@uaspire.org </p><p> Sharun Goodwin </p><p>Deputy Commissioner </p><p>NYC Department of Probation </p><p>sgoodwin@probation.nyc.gov </p><p> Jessica D. Johnson </p><p>Executive Director </p><p>The Scholarship Academy, Inc. </p><p>jessica@scholarshipacademy.org </p><p>Virgil J. Jones, Jr. </p><p>Chief Executive Officer </p><p>Bottom Line, Inc. </p><p>vjones@bottomline.org </p><p> Laura Keane </p><p>Vice President, Innovation and Partnerships </p><p>uAspire </p><p>laura@uaspire.org </p><p> Sarah Kirschenbaum </p><p>Program Director, College Readiness &amp; </p><p>Retention </p><p>ECMC Foundation </p><p>skirschenbaum@ecmc.org </p><p> Traci Kirtley </p><p>Chief Program Officer </p><p>College Possible National </p><p>tkirtley@collegepossible.org </p><p> AiLun Ku </p><p>Chief Operating and Programs Officer </p><p>The Opportunity Network </p><p>ailun@opportunitynetwork.org </p><p> Sandra Lafleur </p><p>Vice President, Program </p><p>Summer Search </p><p>slafleur@summersearch.org </p><p> Elaine Larson </p><p>Manager, Instructional Design </p><p>National Geographic Society </p><p>elarson@ngs.org </p><p> Mike Larson </p><p>Program Manager, UBS NextGen Leaders </p><p>UBS </p><p>mike.larson@ubs.com </p><p> Brit Liggett </p><p>President </p><p>Show the Good </p><p>brit@showthegood.com </p></li><li><p>Vivian Louie </p><p>Program Officer </p><p>William T. Grant Foundation </p><p> Jenni Luke </p><p>Chief Executive Officer </p><p>Step Up </p><p>jenni@suwn.org </p><p> Ellen Magnis </p><p>Executive Director </p><p>Minds Matter </p><p>ellen.magnis@mindsmatter.org </p><p> Amrita Mahbubani </p><p>Co-founder </p><p>The EKTA Foundation </p><p>amrita@ektafoundationusa.org </p><p> Ashok Mahbubani </p><p>Founder and CEO </p><p>The EKTA Foundation </p><p>ashok@ektafoundationusa.org </p><p> Kyle Malone </p><p>Senior Manager, Parnterships </p><p>Grantmakers for Education </p><p>kmalone@edfunders.org </p><p> Michael Marriner </p><p>Co-founder </p><p>Roadtrip Nation </p><p>mwm@roadtripnation.com </p><p> Jim McCorkell </p><p>Founder &amp; CEO </p><p>College Possible </p><p>Jim@CollegePossible.org </p><p> Aaron Miner </p><p>Director, Service Year Expansion </p><p>NYC Service, Office of the Mayor </p><p>AMiner@cityhall.nyc.gov </p><p>Asim Mishra </p><p>Chief of Staff </p><p>Corporation for National and Community </p><p>Service </p><p>amishra@cns.gov </p><p> Tiffany Morgan </p><p>Corporate, Foundation an...</p></li></ul>