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  • From the Editor-In-Chief

    Dear Friends,

    Bolles is enjoying a glorious view from its current peak, and we hope you will enjoy the scenery with us! We are relishing what feels like a record number of recent successes this season including our Peak Perspective Speakers Series, which helped set the tone and terminology for the view we have today. You will see more about this pinnacle in the pages ahead. This view also includes many academic accolades and honors for our distinguished facultyas well as top honors for Head Football Coach Corky Rogers. In this issue of Bolles magazine, peak perspectives also come from several distinguished Bolles alumni who have taken their careers to new heights. The high points are numerous and exciting!

    We cannot thank our many parents and alumni enough for selecting Bolles and allowing us to prepare these extraordinary children for college and for life. Amazing things happen every day at Bolles, and you only truly believe it when you see it for yourself. We hope this edition of Bolles magazine does just that gives you a solid view of the All Things Possible approach our students are taking each and every day here. We are proud of our students, our alumni, our faculty and staff! We are proud to be Bolles!

    We are also elated to introduce the plan that will take us through our next five years Bolles 2020: A Look at our Future. The complete strategic plan is included within this magazine as a pull- out for you to peruse and see for yourself the course of our future. Enjoy and we hope you will be as amazed at the number of successes in one place as we are!

    Warm Wishes for a Happy New Year!

    Jan R. OlsonSenior Director/Communications & Marketing

    The Bolles School 2015-16 AdministrationDavid J. Farace President and Head of School

    Tyler J. Hodges Associate Head of School

    KC Cassell Chief Advancement Officer

    Nancy N. Greene Chief Finance and Operations Officer

    Lisa Kemph Chief Human Resources Officer

    Dr. Jennifer Lamkins Chief Technology Officer

    Scott G. Smith Dean of Admission & Financial Aid

    Bolles Magazine StaffJan R. Olson, APR Editor-in-Chief Senior Director/Communications & Marketing

    Susanna Barton Executive Editor Communications Associate

    John D. Curran Managing Editor Communications Associate

    Dana Bussiere Assistant Editor Communications Associate

    Geoffrey L. DeWitt Digital Photography Communications Associate

    Lindsey Skinner Eyrick 98 Advancement Associate

    Sandy Catanese Director/Parent Programs & Events

    Ryan Trevett 99 Director of The Bolles Fund

    Janet S. Frampton Advancement Services Manager Alumni Notes

    Quinn R. Barton Jr. 46 School Historian

    Contributing Photographers: Jeff Adams Official Bolles Photographer Kelly Messer Studio City


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